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Taking the Cummins for a drive!

Taking the Cummins for a drive! https://www.minimaxxtuner.comOkay, just going to do a little video here, I let some people here. What deleted Commons sounds like with the 4-inch turbo back exhaust no muffler. If nothing, not just Pike, I put it on the performance hoon. Just because that’s when it sounds the best and I’m going to drive through a wooded area, I don’t know I’ll pretty much just let the truck through the talk and though all the windows are down right now. So on a ghost trailer.
Now I’m going to be telling a camper tonight actually, instead of readjusting my mirrors all the time, I’m just keeping them up. So, as you can see, windows they’re all down – and here we go right there you drive around on a day like today,. I get on a little bit: . I don’t. I mean the mic is really good on this camera, but it just doesn’t do any justice.
Taking the Cummins for a drive! https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
You have to hear the person, it sounds so good. I hope there’s not too much. Wind noise. There they’re one more bunch up here, I’ll. Let you see the speedometer . Sorry, if it’s shaky, I really need to get a camera mounts on the all right coming up here, pretty flat: OSU 30, I’m just letting the engine brake slow me down exhaust brake! Sorry what a nice thing anyway! So then you can see here because I have the boost gauge up right now, physically on HMS minimax tuner. So the peak boost was 36 psi.
h&s mini maxx tuner https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
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I cut a went more. I believe it was 42 42 on the performance tune. I didn’t floor it right here on our coolants. Just fine 195 degrees intake temperature. 89.
Taking the Cummins for a drive! https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
91. I still have the grid heater on it. I do live in northern Wisconsin. I don’t think I’m going to get rid of it, see here outside air, tab, 72 degrees and a half tank of fuel, one hundred forty five thousand miles the thing runs great and I’m getting ready to pull my camper round trip about. Six seven hundred miles depends if I make any stops anywhere off the beaten path.
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Wow, this thing’s been great mister oil changes, fuel filter changes, keep up with that and it’s going to treat you good, pretty basic truck, otherwise they’re. Just two wheel drive, which I love. I love having the two wheel drive for towing. I really don’t need the four wheel. It would have been kind of nice to have – I guess just in case, but I Drive around in the winter, with seven sand bags in the truck debt and I’ve got 285 on it right now: Tara, grappler, g2 they’re great, I haven’t had a problem pretty normal Local cloth gloves interior navigation system not much else to it, but I like that.
Taking the Cummins for a drive! https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
I do have the bench seat which we wanted, because we have four kids. The six of us can pile up in here. Tell the camper go wherever we want seat back here fold. Lip or down I’ll keep drive until the video stops, recording it just stops at ten minutes so enjoy thanks for watching by the way, I’m kind of new at this.

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