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Delete and Tune Pros and Cons You Be the Judge!

Delete and Tune Pros and Cons You Be the Judge! https://www.minimaxxtuner.comWhat is going on guys welcome back, we’re finally gon na get to creating this video and doing this. Video and we’re gon na be talking about the topic, both bleeding and tuning your truck. Now I think that there’s some pretty beneficial information that I can put out there for you guys if deleting and tuning is something that you’re looking to do, or maybe you’ve already done it, and it just isn’t something that or you know, maybe there’s something you haven’t Thought about that we can discuss today so disclaimer right off the bat. I don’t think that I know everything about this, but there is some pretty beneficial information.
I think I have that. I can again address to you guys, help you guys out and yeah. Let’S get right to it first things: first, why do people even delete their trucks in the first place, so you’re gon na go and you’re gon na spend 40 50 thousand dollars on your brand-new truck from the dealership? Why are you can spend even more money to remove components and to remove hardware that has been put on your truck for a purpose straight from the factory? So while there are a couple reasons, a couple good reasons why people would go ahead and delete their trucks, some of the most common is, in theory, these emissions components and these emissions systems like the EGR system, your particulate filter on both diesel cars and trucks, because There are some diesel cars out there who use the pretty much the same type of hardware.
These emission systems and theory are great things. They definitely cut down on emissions, outputs and pollution, but they are relatively new to these diesel vehicles. So when you think about that, a lot of the Kings and a lot of the faults haven’t really been perfected, especially on these diesel trucks. So, while it’s not common for these systems to experience failures or repairs, they are common enough that they do dictate people removing them, removing them altogether and just straight pipe in their truck and blocking off your your intakes. Underneath the hood for the exhaust gas recirculation system, I’m not saying that your diesel truck is an inevitable time bomb where your emissions hardware is gon na crap out on you.
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But it is common enough and there are some common issue that arise so for these people who have the money to stray pipe and delete their trucks. It’S just more beneficial to just get rid of it altogether, not have to worry about your check engine light going off or not have to worry about. You know your particulate filter, clogging up because all of those repairs and all of those services, if you do not know how to do them yourself, can be very, very, very, very costly. In fact, sometimes they would probably even cost you more to replace some of those components. If you don’t do it yourself, then it would cost for you to just straight piper truck tune, your truck all together.
So again, these these emission systems are great things when they work and they do work. Don’T get me wrong. They do work but, like I said they have common enough faults that it is beneficial to just cut them out all together straight pipe. Your truck – and you know there are some pros to doing so, also, which is something that we’ll get into next. I also want to mention that straight pipe in your truck and tuning, it is pretty cool, while that isn’t a big reason.
Why and it shouldn’t be your number one reason why, obviously you know if you have your big diesel truck, you want it to sound, really cool and yeah, it’s cool. If anybody says that it’s not cool and they’ve done it they’re lying, so don’t listen! So before we get into your actual pros, e-reading experience when doing this, I want to talk about one of the reasons, one of the most common reasons that causes these particulate and these EGR systems to fail, and that is daily driving your truck now. Okay, don’t take that the wrong way you can daily driver truck. I daily drive my truck, but what I’m talking about is, if you have a very short commute to work to the store to school, wherever it is that you’re going and you’re not giving your truck enough time to register that it needs to clean the filter.
Delete and Tune Pros and Cons You Be the Judge! https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
Your filter is going to get clogs. It’S gon na get clogged. It’S gon na get clogged if your truck ever enters the regeneration process and you shut it off. It’S just gon na clog, your filter, so there’s nothing wrong with daily driving your vehicle. I do it, but you know, let’s be honest, so these diesel trucks, these big trucks, are design.
You know to pull weight to pull trailers. You know over long distances long drives. So, if you’re not giving your truck that time to clean itself that time to clean and service the filter on its own, it’s going to clog up. That’S just the way. That’S just the way it works again.
There’S nothing wrong with driving your truck to the store. Every day this is my all-around Cadillac sports, car or whatever, but that’s just that’s just the way. It’S designed it’s inevitable. If your truck does not get the chance to clean itself because you’re not taking along their Drive, it’s just gon na build up and over time and over time and over time, your filters is gon na get clogged you’re gon na get a light. And again, if you don’t know how to fix that or clean it yourself, you’re gon na spend probably close to a thousand at least taking into the dealership to have it done.
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So, let’s talk about a couple of pros now. Obviously, if you delete your truck you’re gon na get rid of the possibility of your particulate filter, failing your EGR equipment, failing because it does fail, sometimes it is underneath the hood so by getting rid of all that crap you’re cutting down on the possibilities for those Things to happen, so that’s a pretty good con right there in itself. The second significant one is your increase in gas mileage. Now I was a bit skeptical when I read that you will receive a increase in gas mileage. I thought you know how much could you really get by doing this?
I’Ve seen it on a couple forums that I follow. Some Google searches other youtubers, saying yeah. If you delete your truck you’re going to increase your gas mileage, so until I did it myself and experienced it myself, I was skeptical, but you will gain an increase in gas mileage. Now it’s it’s not gon na, be like 10 20 miles per gallon increase. It’S about 3 or 4, at least that’s what I’m experiencing, but any increase in gas mileage is definitely a great thing, considering the the rising cost of diesel, so between city and highway driving – and I do mostly city driving, I’m still averaging about 20 21, sometimes 22 Miles per gallon and comparing that, against my 18, the 19 miles per gallon that I had before doing this, I definitely saw an increase in gas mileage and with every great Pro there are definitely some cons, and if I’m gon na be honest with you, there are Some substantial cons to doing this to your truck.
Now you have to be tasteful and you have to decide for yourself. If doing this is worth the cons, because you’re always going to be placing yourself at risk. If you remove your emissions hardware from your truck now, my truck here in Missouri, it’s registered here in Missouri – I live here in Missouri – is not a legal truck any more here than it is in any other state. The only difference is out here in Missouri out in the Midwest. You know your cops are different.
Delete and Tune Pros and Cons You Be the Judge! https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
Your people are different they’re, not looking to bus people with their deleted trucks in California. On the other hand, you’re gon na be putting yourself at even more risk. In my opinion, now the other difference is here in Missouri. They don’t require emissions inspection. Whenever you register your truck California forget it.
This truck could never be registered in California. In fact, this truck cannot be registered in most states and counties. So that’s something that you really really need to consider is, like I said, my truck is not more legal here than anywhere else, but where I live, you know it’s just it’s one of those things that people don’t really mind so long as you’re, not driving like A fool blowing. You know rolling coal all over the place, making a big scene if you’re cool, if you drive responsibly, if you’re, respectful to other drivers on the road most places, you’re, probably not gon na, have a problem, and that includes California. I would think, but you’re going to be placing yourself at that risk and I’m telling you it is very, very, very costly risk.
I think it’s $ 2,500 fine in any state and you need to vacate the state immediately if your vehicle is not registered there. I’Ve never had that issue. I’Ve heard some horror stories of people driving through California with trailers liking a fifth wheel, something where they’re just you know: recreational camping or driving, but because they have those inspections for emissions components out those weigh stations. They were fines, ticketed and sold. Well, sorry, you got to leave the state, so you’re always going to be placing yourself at a risk, but you know you need to calculate that risk depending on where you live and to kind of come off.
Of that point registering your vehicle, so you need to have a game plan to have your truck registered again out here in Missouri. They don’t look for emissions in Kansas. I believe they don’t look for emissions. So if you have a friend, if you have an address that you can use pick a place where they do not require emissions inspections for your early registration. For me, I register my truck two years at a time.
So if I ever leave Missouri, my truck will still be registered here for two years and I’m always willing to drive back here once a year or once every two years she has to register my truck. So those are just things that you need to think about. Is you’re gon na have a tough time registering your vehicle in most places, so another big con that you need to consider is your warranty. Obviously, if you remove your Commission’s components from underneath your truck and then under the hood and going to void your warranty in my opinion, I do not think that doing that is worth voiding your bumper to bumper warranty just because if something goes wrong during those those During that you know those years or that mileage spectrum, something goes wrong. You were not liable for any of the cost to repair that truck Ram will take care of it.
So I personally would not do it if your truck was still under its warranty period, but that’s up for you to decide. My truck was well over its warranty period. When I decided to do this, so I really didn’t have that to think about or consider. But yes, your warranty, it’s gon na go bye-bye so think about that. Some things to think about these would probably be on the con spectrum of things to think about, and the first one is your resale potential.
Delete and Tune Pros and Cons You Be the Judge! https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
Now I personally don’t plan on resale in this truck, but that’s what I said about you know the previous two trucks that I had. I didn’t plan on selling those either and look at look at where we are now out here in Missouri selling. These kinds of trucks is probably not gon na be difficult for most dealerships. If I was to trade this in – and it’s probably not gon na – be hard to sell, you know to Cody or Ryan out on the farm, just because you know they’re they’re hard out here for these kind of truck. Let’S just be honest: now in your more liberal cities and your more liberal states, if you were to take this truck to a ram dealership, I can promise you that they’re not going to give you the full value or you’re, not gon na see any of that Money back the money that you put in to buy your tuner, your straight pipe kit and everything that it costs you to remove our EGR equipment, because, technically speaking, this truck is incomplete.
It’S missing the Cadillac converter, it’s missing the particulate filter, it’s missing the EGR cooler and valve all of that stuff. So your dealership knows that and they know that your truck, even without it is fine. They know your truck probably runs better without that, but because it’s incomplete you’re, giving them more fuel to their fire to come down on price or trade in price of what they’re gon na give you. So that’s just something that you have to know and understand is even though my truck is fine and it runs fine, if not better. It’S still and complete.
You know from the way that I left the factory and you know that dealership may be hesitant to purchase your vehicle or that night. That might be one of their tactics. There’S really nothing! You can do about that because they’re not wrong. Your truck is incomplete.
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So again you just got to think about that. If you don’t plan on selling your truck like, I don’t you’re, probably okay, but things happen so yeah we’re gon na talk about this in the next video, because I think it’s something that we need to discuss, and that is your modifications on your truck and getting That money back, because there are modifications that you can do where you will get that money back and there’s some and there’s there’s more modifications that you can do where you will get none of that money back, and I think that this is one of them like. I said we’ll talk about that in another video. Another thing you need to think about – and this is one of those things where I say say as do as I say not as I do is, if you decide to resell any of your Commission’s components, there is a market for the particulate filters for the catalytic Converters or some of the ER equipment and the biggest market are for people who purchase these things in bulk and take them to refineries where they melt with. Were they cut them out?
They melt them, they melt down all the precious metals and they pretty much recycle them. So people were gon na be buying. These are gon na, be purchasing them involved, so they can go, get them recycled and get the money for the precious metals. So there is a market for selling these, but in my opinion, despite the fact that I sold mine I’ll be honest, I sold the stuff that I had for a couple hundred bucks. I do not think it’s worth it because if again, you run into a registration issue, if you run into a ticketing issue, if you move you’re having a tough time registering your vehicle, you have your stock equipment to put back on your truck because purchasing a new Filter a new cat, even the new, a new downpipe, the downpipe, it’s just the [ __ ] pipe.
Excuse me it’s just a pipe, but that down pipe is freakin outrageously expensive, so spending the money to buy back all that stuff is not worth a couple hundred dollars that you’re gon na make from selling your stuff to somebody else. So you need to think about that. Do you want to sell it? Is it worth the money and sometimes it can be because there is obviously a market for these for these these filters and these these catalytic converters? So people want them, so you need to make sure that you’re getting the money that they’re worth okay.
Delete and Tune Pros and Cons You Be the Judge! https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
So, if you’re getting the full value of what it’s worth – and you know by all means, go, you know, get five six, seven hundred bucks for all your equipment, put it on your truck on something else, but do not take the first 100 200 dollars. That’S thrown at you because they know that your stuff is worth more. That’S why they want to buy it from you. Nobody would be wanting to buy any of this stuff from you if it wasn’t worth so think about it, don’t be in a rush to sell it. If you decide to sell it and make sure you’re getting what it’s worth see.
I think those are some of the most important things to consider again. I think I don’t think that those are the only things, but that’s one of the things that I’ve really thought about, and I thought would be beneficial to share with you guys so again. If this is something you’re planning on doing yeah, more food for thought or if you’ve already done it, you have some other things to think about. I don’t know so we’re. Actually.
This is why I’m up so really on this Saturday morning, when I should be sleeping in right, sleep is precious we’re actually gon na be driving down to Kansas City. On this afternoon, we’re gon na go take care of my father’s truck he’s having some particulate filter issues, his check engine light. Doesn’T you know can’t decide if it wants to stay on or off so we’re gon na go we’re gon na get rid of all that crap for them we’re gon na hook them up and we’re gon na get his truck squared away I’ll show you got some Clips of the finished product, it’s gon na look pretty cool. It is a power stroke, so you know don’t give them too much crap. I got ta, give him crap cuz.
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He drives a Ford, but it’s gon na be pretty cool, so we’re gon na go. Take care of that and yeah. Thank you guys for watching. I appreciate your guys’s support thumbs up if you liked it subscribe, hit the notification button, I’m in the middle of a move right now. So that’s why it’s been a little while, since I can put some more content out, I’m gon na be moving to the great state of Utah here, pretty soon so more videos to come.
I’Ve done a lot to my truck since the last video. You can you obviously notice that on the intro but yeah there’s some other great things. I don’t want to talk about. Some other awesome additions to the truck that I want to share with you guys. So that way you guys are well prepared.
If you guys decide to take on the same modifications, so thank you guys again I’ll see you guys later.
Delete and Tune Pros and Cons You Be the Judge! https://www.minimaxxtuner.com

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