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6.4 Powerstroke 5 Inch STRAIGHT PIPE Exhaust! - H&S Mini Maxx (6.4 CH 2)

6.4 Powerstroke 5 Inch STRAIGHT PIPE Exhaust! - H&S Mini Maxx (6.4 CH 2) https://www.minimaxxtuner.comDo it again, what’s going on guys, welcome back to FS 2’s today, we’ll be starting chapter 2 of the sixth-floor build and chapter 2 is gon na be covering deletes, and by deletes I’m not talking about full deletes, I’m actually gon na be keeping that horizontal EGR. In there, for the time being not trying to make a three hour long, video on you guys, but the good thing is, is that our HMS minimax race tuner that will be running actually disables the EGR. So you know we can get around to that whenever we can get around to that, but we will be removing the DPF and everything else underneath that stock exhaust we’ll be replacing it with a five inch down pipe back diamonite performance exhaust, it’s gon na sound a Lot cleaner, a lot deeper; no, no muffler, it’s just a straight pipe. All the way through this truck honestly has been long overdue for deletes, so I’m really excited just to get all that out of the way plus, I think it’s gon na make a nice nice noise nice sound instead of sounding all grandpa’s. You know.
h&s mini maxx tuner https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
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Alright, let’s check some of this stuff out diamond high performance, the world’s toughest diesel exhaust with a bunch of old trucks, [ Music ]. What is all that this interesting bunch of shredded cardboard? Here’S the piece that goes to the downpipe. Okay, all right. Today’S the day featuring my boy, let’s see we’re gon na start out with the tuner kind of got it set up right here, a lot of people ask or wonder if you should do the tuner before the exhaust or the exhaust before the tuner.
6.4 Powerstroke 5 Inch STRAIGHT PIPE Exhaust! - H&S Mini Maxx (6.4 CH 2) https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
I always do the tuner first, and that is because, if there were to be any problems or malfunctions with the tuner or anything else like that, that goes wrong at least you’re. At least your sauce is still on, so your truck can move afterwards and you don’t have to throw all that crap back on. That’S what we’ll be doing. First, a okay! So starting with the menu we’re gon na go to install download.
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I got to make sure that the key is turned in to the off position all right now menu, and then we have to verify that it’s a 8th, 2010 Ford, 6 for power stroke. So as long as that’s correct, I can hit yes and then it’s just verifying that I’m the owner of the vehicle. So I could hit yes or agree unless I stole it and now I’m supposed to turn the key to the run position to continue. But do not turn the truck on is. What’S telling me all right now, it’s asking me if it has automatic transmission.
6.4 Powerstroke 5 Inch STRAIGHT PIPE Exhaust! - H&S Mini Maxx (6.4 CH 2) https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
So yes, it’s also asking me if I want to adjust the speed limiter to the tire size, I don’t have any bigger tires or anything yet so I’m gon na go with no and then it’s asking me if I want to have a speed limiter. I know it’s wondering if the mission system is still on the vehicle. It is right now, but it won’t be so no and then we get into what kind of tuning. So we have options as easy, which would be stock, 60, 120 or 175 mild, which would be stock, 80, 160 or 250 or HD 300, which I mean. I think that means heavy duty.
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I don’t know which is 50, 125, 225 or 300, and with this I figured I’m just gon na run it on the highest. I mean I’m not gon na constantly be on the 300 horsepower tune, but I figure I can run it down to stock or 50. So I’m just gon na go ahead and pick the top one and now select do you want to adjust low boost? Fueling, yes or no. This will affect all power levels.
6.4 Powerstroke 5 Inch STRAIGHT PIPE Exhaust! - H&S Mini Maxx (6.4 CH 2) https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
Now, let’s just go with no. For now and now it’s gon na sit here. It’S gon na load the engine file, all right, and now it’s building the file. That’S why it’s telling me this actually ends up taking, maybe 10-15 minutes. I just sped it up for you guys and now we sit and wait while it’s downloading the tune.
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This tune is basically just allowing me to remove the DPF and all the other components in the exhaust without the truck freaking out and possibly going into limp mode or really just not working properly. It’S kind of all, I’m using this far at the moment. Alright. Now that’s complete and asked me: do you want to adjust transmission settings yes or no? For now, I’m also gon na hit.
6.4 Powerstroke 5 Inch STRAIGHT PIPE Exhaust! - H&S Mini Maxx (6.4 CH 2) https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
Now on that now it’s telling me that it’s copying the trans file to the memory. This is basically just a whole bunch of loading screens. Building file alright and we’re just about done all right now has about a 15 16. Second countdown, three two one now says download is complete. It says, please start your engine now, please reset to exit this screen.
Alright, the tunes installed yeah we’re Gucci, I’m not gon na start it up yet wait till it’s all cleared out way to the straight pipes on then start it up should be good now, for the fun part, taking everything off yeah just bring the down pipe back. So we don’t have to take off the down pipe from the turbo, so yeah just start from the piping in work our way yeah and if we have to we’ll go back and forth  nature’s magic juice, design destruction was an ass yeah, okay, the exhaust is off after a lot of struggles honestly out in three different pieces. I think I found a better tip for your truck yo. All right. It’S all laid out ready, get slapped on.
6.4 Powerstroke 5 Inch STRAIGHT PIPE Exhaust! - H&S Mini Maxx (6.4 CH 2) https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
There will be a lot quicker job, then, unless you started check local laws concerning exhaust modifications, no put the stock one back on. I can’t do this. So, what’s on there just about these strange Tina out, tightening some clamps five inch down pipe back into a six-inch tip about to start it up see how it sounds:  holy dude holy Do it again, I’m headed out now, I’m gon na find me a road that I can do some video, so it may have taken a little bit longer than expected. We had to make a few cuts here and there you know I had to readjust a few things in order for it to sit right.
All in all, it’s pretty easy job sure makes a hell of a difference in the sound that that’s it end of the video guys make sure you stay tuned for Chapter three. I got something that I think you guys are really gon na, like  I’Ve been waiting for this day,

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