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2012 F350 with H&S Tuner - 99,000 mile review and update!

2012 F350 with H&S Tuner - 99,000 mile review and update! https://www.minimaxxtuner.comAll right, I’d like to do a little update on my 2012 f-350 with a 6.7 liter turbo diesel, and the review is an update on my minimax, which I installed in 2014, with approximately thirty six and a half thousand miles on the truck today, I’m sitting at Ninety nine thousand three hundred thirty five, so you know, spend a few years of running the minimax, which I typically utilize on the stock mode once in a while I’ll, kick it up a notch. You know again, you can click it up, that’s toe mode Street and then performance which again incremental increases, horsepower and torque to the rear, tires based on the stage or mode that you’re in. I love the shift on the fly aspect of this tuner and you can also customize the menu you can go in or you can change what’s showing on the screen, and you know it’s just been a great tuner. For me, trucks ran extremely well with it.
I am not using the HMS transmission tuning, I’m using my stock transmission file on it, but yeah I’ve been very happy with it. I did use the delete for the EGR I actually block off plates. I didn’t do the full delete, so I eliminated the crossover tube with the plates and that has seemed to work well, you know. Sometimes people talk about. You know you’re gon na get a big mileage bump by putting a tuner on.
2012 F350 with H&S Tuner - 99,000 mile review and update! https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
I can tell you, I track every fill-up number of gallons number of miles and I plot it out in Excel, and my lifetime average on the vehicle is sixteen point one miles per gallon. Now sometimes you know you get on a flat straight stretch with no headwind or side wind and yeah. You can drive 50 60 70 miles in that condition. You know doing 60 65 miles an hour and you’ll see 23. You know even 24 miles per gallon on the I call it delay ohmmeter here, but and I and I no doubt it would be a pretty good mileage.
But you know when you put on you, know five six seven hundred miles on a tank of fuel. You know typically you’re not seeing that with 22 23 24 miles per gallon, the best I’ve ever done it for a full tank is seven hundred miles and 35 gallons. Now that was you know some high-speed driving on interstates up through the mountains of West Virginia down. In the flats of North Carolina in the South Carolina, but in general you know just give you an idea, 16 point one’s what I got I did see. You know point three point: four mile per gallon improvement from the time I was deleted, but yeah it’s just.
h&s mini maxx tuner https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
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I’M not seeing those big gains that people claim and for me I’d have to see the receipts in order to really trust it. I’D like to see the number of gallons number miles driven, but yeah H & S minimax has been nice unit. For me, I put the Donaldson muffler on and I run the stock resonator with the stock tailpipe and I don’t know if you can hear this trucks pretty quiet and you may have picked up on the whistle. There is a nice exhaust note whistle which is really what I like: I’m not into blowing smoke rolling coal having a big loud truck, but I do like a little whistle and it is kind of nice when you want to pass to kick it up. A couple notches on the tuner and drop the hammer and thing takes off like a rocket sure I don’t have you know I didn’t put a different turbo on I’ve.
Not you know, you know done a whole bunch of things. People do when they want. You know five six, seven hundred horsepower out of their truck, but you know I don’t doubt that you know at the rear tires I’m getting over. You know four hundred and thirty, you know horsepower and you know probably pushing over 950 foot-pounds of torque and you can feel it. You know first.
2012 F350 with H&S Tuner - 99,000 mile review and update! https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
Second, third gear, you know did a little roll of tires right off of it, but you know again, that’s not really. Why I did it? I was getting a lot of Drive till exhaust cleaning has done notes, because my commute is very short to work and I do have every oil change. I send out my oil for analysis at Blackstone, labs and they’ve said everything has looked great. You know one of the risks with the current the emissions strategies is getting fuelled diluted into your oil, and I’ve not had that problem, especially since I removed the emissions strategy on the vehicle so again very happy with each Ness.
No, you can’t purchase them anymore, at least enough from each and s from what I understand, but it’s been a great unit for me. Hopefully, this helps you out thanks a lot.

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