These Three 2024 Ram Cummins Diesels Look AND Cost the SAME, But Which One Is the BEST?

These Three 2024 Ram Cummins Diesels Look AND Cost the SAME, But Which One Is the BEST?
https://www.minimaxxtuner.comHere we have three Ram heavy duty: trucks that look almost identical, at least from the front yeah. Yes, but they’re very different in this video. What I would like to do is I want to show you guys the difference between a 2500 Ram, 3500 and 4500, but there’s something else in interesting. That’S right! All of these are within a couple thousand of each other, so, basically speaking for the same amount of money, you can get any one of these so which, which heaved truck do you buy?
Let’S start with a 2500. Well, we’re very familiar with a truck like this right because we own a 2500 Big Horn right it’s a different year, but essentially the same vehicle. I mean there’s very little difference, although this big horn has some goodies that ours doesn’t yeah, we’ll show you all of that in a couple of minutes minutes, but this is a 24 actually. All three of these trucks are 20 24s, and this video would not be possible without our friends at Johnson autoplaza here in Brighton, Colorado um. This video would not be possible because it’s hard for us to get these trucks Al together.
Yes, indeed, and so what we want to do is do a little walk around first of the 2500 show you basically what’s changed, which isn’t a whole lot, but I did notice one thing: Andre yeah, look at this yeah new mirrors, yeah, very happy about that. I yeah I didn’t like the older mirrors. I know you did but but um I love the new style. You have the light here: they’re power, extendable power, folding uh. There is a there’s, a light yeah, so you have additional light and, of course, convex mirror and the flat mirror um.
So they have new mirrors, that’s nice. They have new tech, but this is actually all three of them are Crew Cabs. This is still the the C they’ve had for many years right, um, and this is a standard bed, so shorter bed. So this is a 6′ 4, which is exactly the same as our bed. Am I correct exactly okay, but there is a longer bed.
You can get you can and we’ll show you that next time, because here actually this is a good view. If you look at it in profile, you could see that one ton truck sticking out a little bit yeah it’s interesting uh by the way Andre. I noticed the tail lights are very different between the 2500 and 3500 yeah and it has to do with optional equipment right. This is a fancier light. Actually, we had something similar on our Ram RX that we used to have because it has blind spot monitoring.
You know radar system uh and it’s pretty fancy. I see yeah this one looks a little bit more Plain, Jane but we’ll get to this in a sec yeah. So all three of them are equipped with a common turbo diesel. Ah, so, for about the same amount of money, should we tell them how much? Oh you want to do the pricing now yeah?
These Three 2024 Ram Cummins Diesels Look AND Cost the SAME, But Which One Is the BEST?
Well, because we need to set the playing field they’re, all roughly near $ 80,000, which is painful to say it is painful to say but um and we’ll get back. We have to pick our favorites right, yeah um! You get a lot of capability for that money too. You do, but you get 20,000 lb of Towing yeah uh with this 2500 uh. Let’S look at the payload and let’s look at the engine because that’s makes a big difference too.
Let’S have a look. 2122 Nathan. It’S only 2100 lb, that’s not great! No! I want more but take a peek inside guys.
Oh, is it because it’s got luxurious stuff. It’S! It’S got a lot of luxuries. Look a nice soft steering wheel! Oh yeah, a giant screen, I’m still not 100 %!
Sure how I feel about this big screen – I really don’t mind it being about that big, but it does the job by the way a lot of the controls are actually in the screen, so you have to kind of get used to that yeah and we’ll take It for a drive and because they drive very differently these three trucks. Hey. I want to address a quick thing um, because this is not our truck and this is going to be sold to a customer, we’re not removing the Plastics or anything that are on the seats. So if you guys are bothered by it, I apologize but there’s a good reason for it. We should pop the hood yeah and we’re also not peeling plastic off the screens, because a new customer wants to do that.
That’S it’s there’s a satisfaction about that. That is UN yeah, but there’s a big difference in engines. So even though they’re all 6.7 L cumin turbo diesels, they’re a huge difference between power levels and capabilities. There is indeed it’s War by the way it’s below freezing and there’s a pretty good wind kicking in.
So we are slightly Frozen. We weren’t quite prepared for this weather, uh yeah cuz. I it’s March. I thought it was Springtime. Well, the other day it was uh 65 and it’s not right now.
These Three 2024 Ram Cummins Diesels Look AND Cost the SAME, But Which One Is the BEST?
Okay, anyway, let’s go on so this is not a high output engine. So all 2500 trucks with ram are equipped with this engine. It’S a 370 horse and 800 50 lb feet of torque and it’s made it to sixspeed automatic all of them now and it’s a 68 RF. This is the designator for the transmission, which is actually built by stellantis. You know it’s within their house right, gotcha um.
So just so you guys know there is at least with the 2500 a uh Hemi that is still available. I believe they’re still making it yeah. They haven’t killed all the hemmies, yet that’s the the big one, the 6.4 yeah uh, and that one comes with an eight speeed automatic transmission. So a little bit of a difference there, okay, so so before we drive, I want to show you guys.
One more thing: that’s in the back: okay, let’s, let’s walk to the back, really quick! This truck is equipped like many others. We’Ve had with a coil rear spring; yes um, our truck we owned Al. I just had got stickers you, okay! Ah I’m!
Okay, I’m! Okay! That’S very important because it’s it’s more a little! It’S a little bit softer yeah! The payload is a little bit lower that yeah um and more comfortable.
So I want to drive this back to back and see what the differences are. Yeah because look here that one yeah this is wearing this is a one ton single rear wheel and it’s got leaves there’s a stack of four um, so the ride will be quite a bit different between them all right. Well, let’s get to it. Let’S go well! My friend, we know that this truck quite well or a truck like this yeah I mean, although it it’s a little bit of a Twilight Zone thing because we’re so used to it.
Yet we sit in this one. It’S like wait a minute. It feels a lot nicer, isn’t it it does feel nicer. There’S there’s things going on here. So for one thing we have this giant screen yeah um, which, as I said before, I’m not a big fan of giant screens, but this one’s okay um.
These Three 2024 Ram Cummins Diesels Look AND Cost the SAME, But Which One Is the BEST?
This also has a updated, upgraded stereo system with an Alpine yeah um. I don’t know what else I guess the seats. A lot of everything else is kind of the same I mean the mirrors are different. We already pointed that out. This is so much more expensive than the truck we bought, though so, when we bought our truck 2 years ago, we paid for a big horn with a sport package, much like this right $ 68,000.
So, but we didn’t have some of the night. You know more Tech yeah in this one, yes, but is it $ 112,000 more in terms of what it’s worth? I don’t think so, yeah that that’s that’s a hell of a thing. It’S already a crazy price of $ 67,000, but regardless of that, okay, we could go on a prod price all day. We agree with you guys.
You know, prices are out of control, but this truck we’re used to it’s a good drive. You could drive this one daily without much of a problem yeah and also it does not have a super long bed, which means you could park it in your driveway. Maybe not your garage, but your driveway easily. You could take it to Costco or a big box store and you could park it or even Sam’s Club, I’m just saying sorry, I’m a little bit Costco Centric here! That’S right!
It’S all my so another thing, though this has the re rear. Coil springs yeah. That is a big difference too. The ride is completely different than the other two, and it’s very similar to the truck we own yeah and, like you said it could be. A wonderful daily driver that will pull.
Trailers, like there’s like a trailer is, is not even behind you right. We’Ve had that experience very capable uh. We put 26,000 M on our truck in the last 2 years Problem free, just nice, yeah yeah um. Now, with that all being said, this is not quite a blank canvas. You can get a lesser version of this right.
There is there’s a Tradesman Tradesman um. You could subtract a lot of these options right. Well, if you get rid of the diesel you’re going to save thousands, oh you will at least save 10 grand yeah like3 or $ 9,500 immediately for the Hemi. So if you’re not Towing trailers on a regular basis, maybe the Hemi is the way to go for you well. For me, it would be because I would get this with the Tradesman and then with a power wagon package.
These Three 2024 Ram Cummins Diesels Look AND Cost the SAME, But Which One Is the BEST?
Mc sorry, I I I I I knew you were going there yeah, but that, but but that package combined without having to get all the goodies. You still have the lockers front and rear. You have the disconnectable sway bar and the winch, the bumper in the front. Uh the be your suspension for offroading, but then again you lose a lot of capability, nowhere near the towing capability or hauling capability of this truck yeah, but this truck really drives almost like a 1500 right. I mean there’s not a lot of difference, yeah it.
It feels solid and um and comfy yeah and nice and comfy yeah. It’S going to be different with the other trucks, let’s accelerate onto the highway and see you know how it goes. This is not the high output. No, this one has what 800 foot pound of torque 8 850 850 F bu of CH the the merge lane is very short, yeah I’d, say that’s less than 100 ft, no yeah! That’S why power is necessary, and this comment is wonderful and of course it has four high four low.
It’S got a brake controller exhaust brake Toole mode. All the standard features for a heavy duty, truck beautiful yeah. I would agree, but I want to mention it in this: video GM and Ford have redesigned their trucks pretty heavily and RAM has not yet no, but that’s there’s caveat what did you recently here that this year near the end of 2024, we will see significant news And I asked more tell me more RAM right and they would not, of course, not cuz. It’S future product right. So, but something is coming later this year, well, which we expect, but in addition, they’re not going to give you a lot of information because they just launched the new 1500 right and that’s.
Why distract exactly you’re distracting from the main thing, which is there’s a new 1500 out there and yes, there’s a heavy duty? That’S coming and it’s coming soon. But why spoil you know what they’re already are producing and there’s an awful lot of people out there? Who will buy a 2500 and they really could get away with buying a 1500? You know what I mean totally and there’s one thing: that’s bothering me about this one is that payload, you know 2100 lb of payload.
You know some hafton trucks have that much yeah. That’S that’s an issue. Do you think it’s the coil springs? It’S a combination of that and RAM continues to hold their line, um on 10,000lb gross vehicle weight rating on this truck right and Ford and and Chevy and GM have bumped up some of their ratings on their 20 500s uh and thus allowing more payload so Ram. Still refusing to do this and that’s why the payload is kind of low, so this is a higher level issue.
This is something that’s coming from Ram command from the top brass yeah, and it probably has to do with certification and money. You have to pay for that um, but still, nonetheless, money you have to pay for that. The stantis is paying millions and millions and millions of dollars every year, just for flunking their Cafe numbers I mean come on. Let me make a turn here: okay, okay, do you think I can make this sure? Okay, let me make as much space as possible.
These Three 2024 Ram Cummins Diesels Look AND Cost the SAME, But Which One Is the BEST?
I’M turning! I’M in two wheel drive, barely look at that. You got it sure you had about you about 6. I was. I was really sweating all right, so, let’s, let’s get into the next uh, let’s see the next truck all right.
Next on the list is the one ton H it’s a 3,500, it’s a yeah, 3500 and also the front end looks a little bit different because I mean in that 3/4 ton. The front end was painted kind of body color in black, and this is chromed out. Yeah it is, it’s got a lot of chrome so, but very similar design. You know you can see. The toe points are about the same.
The bumpers are the same, except Chrome versus paint um. Do you want to pop the hood cuz there’s something else underneath here that we need to talk about so 3500s. You can get a high output engine still same displacement, yeah, but now 420 horsepower, ah and 1,00 and 50 pbet of torque over 1,000 lb feet of torque. Do you remember uh at the Chicago Auto Show many years ago, when they announced that you and I were freaking out, yeah R was first to 1000. They were first and everybody was just like going crazy and of course, now they’re, the least, but it was like six days later and Ford’s like aha, you know what I mean so so here’s the deal, the transmission, is also different.
Yeah um and you can kind of tell immediately because the dipstick for the transmission fluid is on the driver’s side and it says um asrc s, it’s upside down. There you go um, so you can buy. You could get a couple different Transmissions, but underneath the hood of this one – I I’m hoping I can do this correctly – is a iing yeah. So it’s a little bit more heavy heavier Duty transmission, it’s handling, more power and more torque coming out of this engine. So if you are interested in pulling heavier loads – or maybe you just love the power right – that’s why you would choose this over the other one.
Well, let’s see how much this can actually pull and carry over that one. I’M curious about the yeah. The payload will should be quite a bit different. 4,000. 173 dude, it’s almost 4,200, so it’s basically double.
This is double yeah and it’s also the long bed. Yes yeah. So this thing carries like a minia yeah and it’s probably a little bit more than 20,000 lb of towing capability, but it’s about the same on Towing, but because it’s a longer bed um, it’s an 8ft bed right and this one is equipped sorry for this um. If you look down in here, it has a goose neck as well so, and the longer bed allows you to put also a fifth wheel attachment without having to without hitting the back glass of the or the back of the cab yeah. And I can see where all the the uh lines plug in right there right, where your hand is – and I think it’s a better location than where it is on our model – am I correct which right there by the tailgate yeah?
These Three 2024 Ram Cummins Diesels Look AND Cost the SAME, But Which One Is the BEST?
That’S not great. This is a better location, I would agree um, but there is a drawback to this and that’s inside okay. Well, it’s a little bit more simple. It’S also a big horn yeah, but I mean look at this Andre, so I remember stubby. We miss it desperately by the way um.
This has has the same screen. Yeah. Look at that this, my cell phone myell, it’s smaller than my cell phone. Yes um! It still has what it needs.
I think a backup cam in there which might work um, but the bottom line is that that is a really small screen for a vehicle that costs nearly 80 grand. That is where the trade-off is. I think, in this particular case, not as much um. I don’t think these seats are heated either, but you do have you know these comfortable clo? Yes, and I love having this.
Yes, this is great um with this little extra storage here. This is much more of a work truck in that respect, but it still has. I mean the amazing amount of uh payload, but, interestingly enough, they’re, both big horns, the 2500 and this one yeah and that’s, what’s kind of driving me a little bit. Nutty is the fact that this one is the interior just seems to be like three steps below that one, but if you’re pulling let’s say you bought, you buy bu this truck as a vacation vehicle, and you want that to carry that big fif wheel, camper behind You I would choose this one, because payload is greater. Yes, more capability, yeah and longer bed yeah.
I agree with you 100 %. We should probably take this for a ride. Let’S do it both the 2500 and the 3500 have a lot of other configurations. You can get a two-o version of each. You can get a mega cab, the giant, bigger big cab, the bigger than crew giant one.
There is something, though, that you can’t get what we talked about it earlier, how uh you can get the Power Wagon configuration on the transman right. You can’t get a power wagon configuration on the 3500. No, you can’t, which is different than Ford Ford, will allow you to get the trimmer on pretty much anything if I yeah 350 or 250 and the various trim levels as well. Exactly so, that’s something to keep in mind if you want something this heavy duty, but but yeah, but let’s face it. The Tremor is a slightly lesser package than the Power Wagon package.
These Three 2024 Ram Cummins Diesels Look AND Cost the SAME, But Which One Is the BEST?
I’M not going to disagree, I’m not disagreeing um, but at the same time you still would be able to go up a level in terms of capacity and still get an off-road capable vehicle now granted. This one does have four-wheel drive, it does, but it has a push button once again like the 2500 and this one uh but other well. We showed the small screen already right, um and the cloth seats, and you know what there’s nothing wrong with these seats. I don’t have a problem: they’re comfy, I don’t have a problem with these seats at all. It’S interesting because there’s some people out there who are just like no, no leather or nothing.
Now I will say this: if you have a dog or a kid, both of which are really messy. Having leather seats is great, because it’s a little bit easier clean up if they do something horrible, like explode, which I’ve had happen. Yeah cloth seats like what I own in my vehicle. You have cloth on yours too right I do but see both our kids are old enough, not to explode for the most part right, although my daughter did spill a iced coffee in my car, but the dog. If your dog sheds that’s another issue, it is it it does not help to have cloth seats with that either.
So there are reasons why you know leather seats pay off and frankly they smell better and and look better. I think, but but if you’re, working or you’re going long distance and you don’t have an exploding kid or animal, then you’re fine, you know what as we’re putting a mile under our belt here uh. This is, does not feel that choppy to me this feels. Okay. Does have a longer wheelbase yeah, so the the Big Stretch actually compensates for the harder suspension right and also this has a 17-in wheel with a little bit more sidewall.
So, there’s a lot more rubber, that’s compressing and everything else yeah and that truck we just drove the 2500, had a 20-in wheel with a lower profile. Tire, in fact, that wheel, entire setup is exactly what ours came with yeah, exactly you, I probably would do away with that. I mean I know the 20s look, nice and blacked out and all this stuff. Well, you and I both Offroad yeah for one thing and that’s why we put 37s on our truck. You know to have proper tires yeah.
I would agree um this to me is a better candidate for that type of upgrade and in addition granted this is stripped down by comparison. It doesn’t have the heated seats and it is about 78 Grand. So it’s a little bit lower on price. It’S a little bit lower on price, but you are getting a vehicle that is much more of a work truck and oh, yes, sir, feel that 1,000 LBT of this thing is an animal. It’S got a lot of power, yes, yeah.
This thing will really move and it’s been proven. We’Ve driven these before. We know how powerful they are yeah, but the are you noticing a little bit of chatter. Now there there’s some chatter Happening Here: well we’re on a really uneven Street, and so that’s definitely feeding into it. I’M not surprised, but I will tell you this the last time I drove a heavy duty Chevrolet now that was, I believe, a 2500.
These Three 2024 Ram Cummins Diesels Look AND Cost the SAME, But Which One Is the BEST?
The last one. We had right, I thought it rode better than both Rams. Well, they have independent front suspension in the GM that probably makes a big difference, um all right, let’s pull on under the highway so and then we’ll do a turnaround test as well to see exactly how this Compares g a long wheel base. I wonder: that’s not going to help us that could help no, but the ride is not terrible. Yes, there was a bit more chatter right, but there’s a fire going up there yeah I can smell it’s, it’s not the truck.
It’S! No! It’S a wood fire. It’S it’s down over there yeah um a little bit more chatter in the suspension, but as soon as you load it up right if you’re thrwing a trailer, if you have a camper in the back, it will smooth out even out and both of those trucks. You know the 2500 and this one should right about the same, I would agree.
I would say that the 2500 will still handle better, that coil spring suspension does help with handling especially the multi-link system that they have in the back. Yes, yes, and in addition to the fact that it’s a shorter wheel base, yes just going to handle better just period. However, I will say that so far, this thing has proven to be just fine, we’ve driven many of these before and they have all shown brightly as far as I’m concerned. In addition, I really like having the ability to bring six people along having this Center seat to me is a real bonus and not I wish you would have this as a standard feature on more 1500 trucks. Yeah, it’s still 78 Grand – I mean it’s, but but it’s the cheapest of these three, which yeah so or the least expensive.
I should say not the cheapest once again you’re paying for that engine yeah and the transmission, the heavier trans, the Eng transm, the power Dain yeah, all right. Let’S do a quick turnar around here and I’ll I’ll probably won’t make it. I mean this no you’re not going to make it. This is a longer whe B. I will bet some real money on that.
I will bet $ 50 out of Roman’s wallet you’re not going to okay you’re not going to make this you. Let me let me try okay, so I’m going to go this way, I’m going to get as much space as I could right, mhm, and I think I was identically here yep and now I’m going to turn and you’ll miss that one but you’re not going to Miss this one: oh yeah, you you’re, like 5 ft further okay than you were before yeah. It’S, not a total Apples to Apples. Comparison! No me it’s it’s, but it shows the bed right how it’s different this is.
You know the payoff of a long bed. Is that you get, you know, can hold more stuff, obviously, but the negative is you lose maneuverability and like even in this parking lot, you have to really think through your turns and square them all off and that’s why I’m not talking right much right now, cuz, I’M really focused on what I’m doing yeah all right dude. Well, let’s look at the bigger truck the 4500, all right, all right, my friend now it’s time for the big boy, boys yeah! This thing is is much beef. Your truck, I got to tell you yeah.
These Three 2024 Ram Cummins Diesels Look AND Cost the SAME, But Which One Is the BEST?
So something visually is different too, because we’ve looked at the two uh other front ends, and here, if you can point over here, it’s got really wide fenders the front. Fenders are wider, yeah and the whole front end stands up higher as well yeah. Does it look like the the toe front? Tow hooks are also much beefier. Yes, look at the amount of steam, there is here Macho Macho, and actually this is what I like about RAM and um Ford is doing.
Something similar. Is that when you step up to higher classes of truck, they still have kind of the common look and also they’re, not gigantic semi- trucks? You know they’re, like 2 feet up in the air right yeah. I would agree. I like the way, the hood slops too, from the driving position of these trucks.
It makes it a little bit easier to identify where your bumper may be, in some cases, some trucks. It just goes off and it you it’s really difficult to tell. But the price is identical: keep in mind! Yes, even with compared to that 2500 dude. It’S missing something!
What there’s no bed wait! What no bed! Okay! I knew that. I knew that, of course, so that that’s where the you know the we have to put something on here in order to make this thing useful, but it’s a blank canvas Nathan where you could put anything you could put a nice flat bed here.
You could put a pickup truck bed, you could put a camper back here. You can do any number of things. I’M not disagreeing, I’m just kind of reminding you of the uh big difference here now. Uh also beefier Springs different axle. I mean this.
This is a very different vehicle that respect much heavier so remember the Four Leaves we saw on the one ton truck: let’s count. 1. 2. 3. 4.5. 6. 7. 8. 9.10. 11. Is that possible? It’S possible it yeah Andre. It is also different fuel tank.
These Three 2024 Ram Cummins Diesels Look AND Cost the SAME, But Which One Is the BEST?
So you see where the fuel door is on that truck yeah it’s and the tank is kind of uh a little bit skiner and mounted lengthwise than that truck yeah. This has a midship tank here in the back um and also, I believe you can get a version of this truck, maybe a little bit longer with dual tanks as well, so you can carry more fuel and a different orientation a little bit. So, first of all, what are we talking about in terms of of power, and what are we talking about in terms of payload and all that yeah? Let’S look cuz, that’s a very different thing with this: let’s look? U underneath the Hood by the way, the reason why the wider Fender is because the front XEL is wider by the way 10 lugs, not eight, and this should allow it to turn better and during our drive, we’ll try to check it.
We’Ll try to make a turn and see if it, if it’s indeed better than the other two. That sounds like a really good idea. Let’S pop it, I wanted to point out something by the way if you’re curious, this is still a four-wheel drive, but, unlike uh certain trucks, this one has a big old lever that you pop it in a four-wheel drive a second. So this is a different class of truck right. So as soon as you step above 3500s, these are considered.
You know: commercial grade, trucks, 4500s and 5500s, so the engines are rated differently yeah. None of them have EPA numbers by the way, which is why we do what we do yeah, which is why we test trucks and we put them on the ey Gauntlet. What stuff is throwing test and then we 100 MPG Loops power rating is different. About 360 horsepower and 800 lb feet of torque, so it has less torque than the other two trucks, but it’s rated differently. Once again, it’s uh.
Basically, engine certification versus chassis, certification, different life cycles right Duty Cycles, but look, it’s still has the heavy duty transmission. The I okay, the I is, underneath it because it will be carrying heavier loads. So detuned slightly is one thing you could say perhaps for longevity yeah is that kind of where you’re heading over there? Basically, but also the testing Cycles, are a little bit different. So so it’s not totally Apples to Apples um.
So to speak. Let’S look inside before we drive. It sounds like a good idea, also payload right, oh yeah, yeah, payload and towing in by the way the dueles, the 3500 dueles are capable of Towing about 37,000 lb uh Nathan. It doesn’t have a payload number. You know why?
Because there’s there’s no bed, there’s no bed yeah. So this is the other thing with a 45 or 5500. They generally do not come with anything back here, yeah, so the manufacturer Ram doesn’t know the weight of the truck, because there’s nothing here right. So you could put in an aluminum bed if you wanted too and and save some, but here let me show you this sticker. The gross vehicle weight rating is 16,000 okay, so on the one tons dueles it’s 14,000, so this is 2,000 lb over that.
These Three 2024 Ram Cummins Diesels Look AND Cost the SAME, But Which One Is the BEST?
So can we assume that this could hold 6,000 lb without a problem yeah? I think so. I think this chassis, I mean I’m eyeballing this truck right, so it could be a little bit over 9,000 lbs as it sits. So, like you said at least 6,000 lb of once again, a ton more than the other one right, but that makes sense. Given the fact that how the axle set up and the suspension set up and everything else – and do you want to show the uh shifter yeah shifter for the four-wheel drive – is on the floor, it’s proper yo yeah.
I I much prefer a mechanical uh, four-wheel, drive system over, say, flipping a switch or turning a knob. I I know that nowadays they work much better. They used to not be so great, but I still would I like feeling that it actually is working, and it’s very Macho too it’s that too, which of course, matters very Macho. You know what else is macho, what getting out of the cold wind getting into this thing and taking it around. I.
I really think we should. Let’S do it yeah all right, dude, I’m excited um. This is a big boy truck. I love big trucks. Yeah yeah.
I cannot lie and it’s a proper duel, so you have to really thread the needle in this parking lot. But I mean this is the platform people would use for motor homes for trade trucks, yeah, there’s a big motor home right there, big old flat beds for Hot Shots? Little. You know little cranes, big bucket trucks, bucket trucks, uh all that stuff mhm dude. I already can tell that my steering wheel moves further.
I can tell that I can turn a little bit better, so rem’s been they’ve had these classes of truck for a while mhm Ford has had 450 550s and then Ford introduced the 600s, which is a slightly heavier version of their Superduty mhm and then GM several Years ago, they teamed up with International on their 45 55 6500 trucks, but that’s a different chassis alog together right as far as their heavy trucks. Oh it’s a very different ride. Can you tell oh yeah glad we don’t have full bladders? Well, I counted 11. 11.
Oh, I think my my Inns are moving. Ladies and gentlemen, the Andre spof School of acting, no I’m serious. My interns are moving. This is definitely something so before you guys start freaking out. I’M like.
Oh, my God, it’s like you’re, the Cabbage cart. It has no bed yeah, there’s no there’s nothing, there’s no weight in the back whatsoever, so it’s built to hold a lot of weight. We’Re guessing the minimum that this would probably be affected would be 6,000 lb, maybe a little bit more. I’M thinking more, but so well, let’s step into it. Okay, oh there’s a little bit of power there.
These Three 2024 Ram Cummins Diesels Look AND Cost the SAME, But Which One Is the BEST?
Well, the output on this is the least of the three yeah it is, but it doesn’t quite feel like it’s lacking. I mean 800 lb feet of jeez, probably because it’s sprung like a Formula 1 car. Yes, we’re immediately feeling the effects of moving quickly, okay, but but I love the blank canvas of this yeah like because there are a lot of new companies. You know Australians really Pioneer the treay bed concept. You know where they’re really fancy beds those aluminum beds for, and they have drawers and they have water tanks in them, and I I would want something like that on this, like a proper treay bed with you know additional equipment on it and maybe a flat portion Where I can put a camper um – and I can do all that stuff – I I hear you um.
I would love to put a big old box on this thing and have it fully self-contained. Have it weigh about 5,000 extra pounds, so maybe throw extra lead for ballast, so we don’t die while we’re driving. But you know this is this is exactly what that type of platform is for, or you can haul extremely heavy things with this and, as you saying bucket vehicle, it could be anything and you said it hot shot, yep yeah you could. You could also do a hot shot thing with this. We should probably explain what that is in case: okay, okay, Hot Shot, driving, it’s basically um, either short distance or sometimes not even short distance, but special deliveries.
So, like a lot of hot shot, drivers carry camper like trailers, delivering from the factory to the dealer right or to the customer boats you can carry. You know those double-decker small trailers with full of cars, full of cars, yes or delivering like oil fill supplies, or something like that. That’S kind of a specific job, basically Hot Shot driving. This truck could have a small bed and a goose neck hitch, and then it will be great right, yeah. Well, that’s, but that that’s exactly what this truck is built for yeah all right.
I I cannot wait, go to the parking lot and show you. I’M excited, though, show you the turning radius. The tur radius should be interesting that, and once again you maintain that’s why the wheels the the front end axle is wider in the front. I know that’s just a lovely feel, that’s where the fire is coming from. Oh the fire was over there yeah.
I think it’s just a controlled burn. Okay, oh yeah! The the farmer is actually controlling it. Okay, let me accelerate onto the highway ooh there’s a little bit of punch. There’S some punch there.
It gets up and goes, but there’s nothing in it. No, yes, I know guys wearing it, but we we should Ike this, maybe or something like this. Well, if you’re going to Ike this, you got to put something on it: oh absolutely not empty! No, no! No!
Well! No! We have to put a giant big trailer behind it and um ik it, because we could take a Ford, F450 and well it’ll be harder to get a GM 4500, because it’s a different class of vehicle yeah, you said, have to meddle with the international, essentially yeah. So but it could be a fun comparison, all right. Let’S see how its Big Brother performs.
You can only go so close to the curb because you got dues yeah. I cannot go too much closer, a few more okay, so I think that’s about, even if he let me let me crank it by the way. This is a a pretty long truck, so this is probably as long as you made it. This is probably as long as an 8ft bed yeah, I would say so so you are as maneuverable in this as the 2500. Basically, maybe there maybe an 1 in different or what, but it’s pretty damn close in terms of that turning radius yeah.
So, despite the fact that you are a du and longer because of that front end setup, you are much more maneuverable than 3500. I think that’s worth a lot of dollars, I mean that’s, that’s important to me. I get it all right, let’s pick our favorites, so if you did have 80 grand and you really needed a heavy duty truck which one this one this one this one, because its payload is excellent. It still has the driveability like a 2500. It’S not that much different and at the same time you know me.
I I like doing rving I, like being able to you, know, put a camper in something. This is exactly the truck. I would want to do that because it won’t strain with a nice size. Camper in the back and towing all right, I I agree with everything you said, but I choose this boy uh. Do you know why you don’t have a bed?
I don’t care I’ll, build my own bed. Oh there it is uh, but I love the way this Maneuvers, it’s really a lot more maneuverable. You could cut that front axle and also for bigger trailers like we do a lot of goose, neck trailer, towing, maneuvering, that in tight spaces. I love this and uh. I don’t care that it doesn’t have as much torque right yeah.
I still love this truck yeah this this 3500 is an animal um. One more thing, though, to mention, I think that secretly you want to be a hot shot and that’s the truck to start with. Well, I do have a CDL, oh there. It is all right. Let us know what you think, which truck would you pick and uh?
Did we get something wrong? Let us  know. 

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