The Surprising Consequences of Tuning Your L5P Duramax Without Deleting

The Surprising Consequences of Tuning Your L5P Duramax Without Deleting
https://www.minimaxxtuner.comForeign, that was our good buddy Matt, with a 2020 l5p Duramax. You can find them on Instagram. It is forgot for Country his drug is unique because it is a 2020 Duramax and don’t let the exhaust fool you guys, because, as you guys just heard or not heard the turbo spool, you don’t really hear anything compared to my five inch. Exhaust Matt is running admissions compliant tuning plus bank’s 5-inch exhaust, so it mimics the trucks that have four to five inch straight pipe. Banks claim there’s about what 15 to 30 horsepower gains from that exhaust.
However, from you know what we’ve experienced in real life, uh, with Matt’s truck being on 40s nine inch, lift and off-road bumper. We really couldn’t tell the difference, however, if you’re on stock application, apparently on the dyno, it does show the extra 30 horsepower or 15 horsepower. Well, I’m here to tell you guys if you’re, if you ever lift a truck, it’s not going to make a difference, but most people do it for the looks. I don’t want to dive too deep into that exhaust tip, but I know people are going to be asking in the comments below why his exhaust looks like it’s a five inch straight pipe, but it doesn’t make any sound. That’S because it’s not a true five and straight pipe, it’s just a DPF back exhaust.
Let’S go ahead and talk about emissions compliant tuning. There are two missions compliant tuning for l5p Duramax. One is when you fly your ECM and then the other option is an inline tuner, such as the bank steeringer The Edge Pulsar. There are some modules like the stealth module and, to be honest with you guys, the stealth module. I had it when I bought my truck.
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It did slightly increase the throttle response from what I could tell, but the price point was about 400 bucks and I would never pay that much, maybe 150 bucks I still wouldn’t buy that module. To be honest, only reason why I had it was because it came with the truck, but other than that. I don’t think it’s worth it and that’s just my honest opinion and then there is the bank staringer. I don’t think the Derringer is really worth it either, because in order for you to notice a difference, you have to pair the Derringer with the pedal Commander. Also, another thing I don’t like is: when you buy the Derringer, you have to buy the pots separately.
The Surprising Consequences of Tuning Your L5P Duramax Without Deleting
I learned that the hard way because I ordered a derringer – it just came with the device – no way to mount it that to me kind of sucked, because it’s like extra 30 bucks that you got to spend for the Pulsar. It is optional for you to buy The Edge cts3 and, in my opinion, that is a better out, because I personally feel like when you’re driving an l5p with the Pulsar, you feel like it’s actually tuned. You actually feel the difference. Throttle response is way better. The ability to take control of your truck and customize is really nice.
I like the cts3 monitor. However, I had issues when it first came out with it freezing the best way to solve that is contact Edge, and they will send you an upload file updated and that should fix all the bugs that you have. None of the products are perfect by any means. So everyone’s got its own pros and cons, and everyone’s going to favor one product over the other. My personal favorite inline tuner, is The Edge Pulsar.
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Now those are also referred to as box Tunes or can tunes, and what that means is it’s it’s a generic tune. It doesn’t actually flash your ECM. It just Alters the signal going into your ECM to change like your air to fuel ratio other than that it really really doesn’t fully map the truck. It doesn’t have the capability to fully calibrate everything. Sometimes it will produce more soot and in return it may clog up your DPF quicker than your fully flashed ECM tuning.
So let’s go ahead and talk about that. Let’S talk about the fully flashed ECM tuning. Personally, there are two companies that I would recommend it would be: PPI or Duramax. Tuners Matt has Duramax tuners and I am a dealer for Duramax tuner. So if you guys need anything from Duramax tuners.
The Surprising Consequences of Tuning Your L5P Duramax Without Deleting
om, any tunes, turbos or anything like that, a six-speed conversion, let me know best way to reach me – is usually Instagram or email. So the l5ps are different. Animal traditionally from lb7 all the way to lmm you would use. What’S called an auto, Cal and EFI live to flash Tunes. Autocal is a device that you plug up to your OBD2 port to flash.
The tunes onto your factory, ECM lmls, which started in 2011, gave you two options. You can use your tradition, autocal or you can use an auto agent from easylink. You have two methods of loading, tunes and flashing. Your ECM every year. Gm makes it harder and harder to unlock ecms.
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When the L5 piece first came out, there was not a way to tune these trucks, probably suck for a lot of people who bought a Duramax in 2017, thinking that they could just tune the truck and delete it, and I believe it took about a year to Almost two years for HP tuners to figure out a way to make it work all the way up until last month, which were in September of 2022, you couldn’t flash your factory ECM and now Edge came up with an EVO which is emission compliant. You can use a Evo Flash, the factory ECM and bypass the security. Evo is the first tuner out there on the market that can load Tunes onto the factory ECM. But besides that, traditionally only option you have or had was to send off your factory ECM to HP tuners. They could unlock it, upgrade it and send and that back to you and then you can now load Tunes onto that modified ECM.
So if you have an l5p and you’ve been and you’ve been trying to kind of tune, your truck, you are going to be hearing people talking about modified, ECM and HP tuners, and let me get this straight HP. Tuners does not write Tunes. I don’t know how many times I hear people talk about how they run HP, tuners Tunes they don’t they don’t write Tunes they allow. They create a platform for tuners to use to load Tunes onto these vehicles. So I’m gon na say this again.
The Surprising Consequences of Tuning Your L5P Duramax Without Deleting
Hp tuners does not write Tunes: okay, they’re the platform so tuners out there like motor Ops and Duramax tuners PPI those guys right Tunes. They use HP, tuners platform to be able to load their Tunes onto these trucks. If you have another vehicle, send your factory ECM off to HP tuners and do the upgrade option so that when it comes back to you, it’s still your ECM, and that means you don’t have to do a mobilizer relearn, no crank relearn. If you buy a modified ECM, that’s not originally from your truck. You will have to do immobilizer relearn to get remote start back, and you also have to do crank relearn if you have a 17 to 19.
o. That is the tuning process of these l5p Duramaxes emissions. Have gotten a lot better over the years, although I’m still not a fan of emissions at all? Just because I’ve heard of horror stories of because I’m on the Duramax forms, like 2020 plus Duramax forms and I’ve heard for cases where death heater goes out and because we had the pandemic, the coronavirus. We have a shortage with parts so that feeder goes out on a brand new 2020.
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You got ta wait four or five months, sometimes even you know closer to a year waiting for that admissions part to come in. So that way, your truck can run again, whereas if you delete it, you wouldn’t have any of that issue. Epa is really cracking down. They are in certain areas in New Jersey. If you’re selling a vehicle that’s been deleted, they will come find you and they’re.
Shutting down dealers and Tuners they’re, just going after everybody who is the tuning industry, because they’re really trying to force this electric vehicle agenda, which I am not a huge fan of tuning, especially deleting, is getting sketchier and sketchier. So, if you’re having a hard time finding somebody that will delete your FIP, that’s because it’s not worth it for a shop to delete somebody’s lyp and make 800, but then, if they get caught they’re going to be fined over 250 000 to multi-million dollars. It’S almost like, if you’re trying to tune your truck nowadays not like a drug deal, you kind of to know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody to be able to get your truck deleted because you know shops aren’t going to do it. Shops aren’t openly advertising that they’ll. Do it because it’s not worth it.
The Surprising Consequences of Tuning Your L5P Duramax Without Deleting
You know I’m still not a huge fan of emissions, but they are getting better, especially with the l5ps. They were built with emissions in mind, so the EGR and everything is hate to say it. But it does run really efficiently and EGR is really no longer a problem for these l5ps. All the problems that we run into are deaf eaters and stuff like that, so we have emissions compliant tuners such as Corey Willis out there putting a lot of research and development to make to tuning these vehicles with emissions in mind and Corey’s even actually made several Posts – and he is very confident that he can tune these emissions compliant vehicles to make just as much power as deleted Vehicles, because in the past you deleted diesels to get more power because missions were very restricting trying to get power previously, if you wanted power, you Just deleted your truck, because Corey got in a lot of legal troubles over the years with the EPA and stuff like that which really made him focus on the compliance side. He’S put in a lot of work to figure the emission system out.
So now he is saying that you know you can make just as much power on these l5ps with emissions compliant. I can actually kind of agree because I’ve driven Matt’s truck and mass driven, my truck he’s, got the compliant tune and I don’t have the compliant tune. To be honest with you guys the power difference, I really can’t tell like his truck makes just as much power as mine. Even though he’s got 40s and he’s running off-road bumpers, his truck is heavier. He his truck, I would say, makes just as much power and if we did, if we raced, I feel like, I would barely beat him just because of how good his Tunes are and how impressive these emissions compliant tuning has come.
When I drive Matt’s truck, it’s actually really funny, because you know all my trucks have straight pipe exhaust, so you hear the turbo spool and you hear the exhaust. So the more you step on it the louder the exhaust gets but match truck you step on the pedal truck’s going really fast, but you don’t hear anything except the tire and a little bit of the engine noise. So it’s really weird because I’m expecting to hear the turbo spool and the exhaust, but then again I don’t hear anything but the truck’s going really fast. So it really like messes with your mind and it kind of like it really tricked my brain the first time. I drove that truck because I’m like this is going really fast, but I should hear something so it was kind of drippy and from our personal experience with the emissions compliant tuning, we actually did Drive 2 200 miles all the way from Vegas to South Carolina.
Slash Georgia, with Matt’s truck with the 40, with the 40-foot gooseneck behind it, which it was empty, but it was still a 40-foot Goose night with that weighed about seven thousand pounds and it was running Duramax, tuners and Mission compliant tuning and that truck ran absolutely amazing And that was a really good trip for us to kind of test out the the tuning we noticed: less Regens, uh, less def consumption and a little bit better fuel mileage as well. Better fuel mileage comes from having less region so yeah. Overall, we were very impressed. I mean truck Brooke handled it really. Well, you know it had plenty of power to pull the gooseneck that it needed to.
The Surprising Consequences of Tuning Your L5P Duramax Without Deleting
While you know supporting the weight of the truck with off-road bumpers and 40-inch tires yeah, I mean that was a show truck. We took it to SEMA, but on the way back, your our toe Pig had some issues, so we had to use the show truck to pull uh to to drive back but yeah overall, like we were really impressed with the emissions compliant tuning, because the power was The power was definitely there when we needed it, but not only that like less def consumption and less regen is definitely what most people want if they get more power and it equals to more Def and more regen. Sometimes that would be a huge deal breaker, but in this case it was a win-win situation. You get more power and less the EF, so yeah win-win situation for for anybody wanting to tune between these trucks. Let’S go and talk about pricing of two different compliant tuning Edge Pulsar with the cts-3 and the bank Stander with the pedal monster they’re roughly about let’s say a thousand to twelve hundred bucks for to get your truck tuned.
Now, if you want fully flashed emissions compliant tuning from Duramax, tuners and PPI, upgrading your ECM is about 600 bucks and then, if you want to do the dsp5 or if you want to do the switch on the Fly Tunes, that’s roughly about 1300 bucks. I also have to buy credits and the mpvi2 from HP. Tuners credits are roughly about 400 bucks and pvi 2 is about 300. I think so. Let’S go ahead and say: 700 bucks, plus the tunes you’re looking at three thousand dollars, plus upgrading your ECM so you’re.
Looking at 3 600 bucks at the end of the day, it all comes down to your preference. I honestly think you know my dad has a pulsar on his 2021 Duramax and Matt has Duramax tuners ECM flashed tuning on his 2020 Duramax and I’ve seen both pros and cons, and I feel like for most of you guys out there that just want a little Bit more power for your Duramax, but don’t want to delete it. Pulsar is a really good option, but if you want to get the most out of your 2020 Duramax while staying legal ECM flash option is the way to go. That’S if you want the most out of your truck but yeah at the end of the day. It’S all preference.
Let me know in the comments below I’m sure, I’m gon na have a lot of questions regarding this topic, and then we can maybe do a follow-up. Video and maybe do um like a where maybe we can line up a pulsar versus a Duramax tuners tuned l5p into a Race, So yeah. If you guys want to see that give this video a thumbs up, let’s get it to 2 000 likes, and I will make that race happen. So thank you guys so much for watching I’ll see you guys next time, peace, 

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