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Should You Get Rid Of Your 6.7 Powerstroke?

Should You Get Rid Of Your 6.7 Powerstroke https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
what’s up everybody Welcome to hammer down Motorsports today we are out in the 2022 Platinum, 6.7 liter Power Stroke and let me start the video off saying. I absolutely love this truck and I don’t want you guys to think that I don’t just because of the title of the video, but there is some things we’re going to discuss today, so let’s get into it alright, so if you guys don’t know Taylor Ray, he Is another YouTuber much larger Channel than mine and I do enjoy his content. This is no dig on him whatsoever. It’S just kind of me adding to the conversation of the situation that he had with his 2020 Power Stroke.
If you guys don’t know, he has, or had a 2020 dually power stroke that he used to tow his race trailer for his drift car and all that and he did have the dreaded cp4 failure which we’ve talked about on this channel before and it’s an issue That these trucks have had, if you have bad diesel or you have water in your fuel or anything like that. Cb4 pump can go out and cause all kinds of trouble for us and, if you guys have been following Along on my channel, you know that we did the cp4 disaster prevention kit from SNS, which we’ve got a few thousand miles on without a hiccup. Everything has been great and if my cp4 pump by ever any kind of situation arises, which I take all the preventative measures, we’ll just collect all that nastiness in that filter and we just replace one line, CB4 pump and we’re good. We don’t have to replace all our injectors and tank and lines and all that stuff which Taylor Ray found out. He had to do in his truck, which luckily his was under warranty.
So he was good to go with that, but that whole situation just kind of scared him. I guess out of that situation with having the warranty on the truck and – and he didn’t – I guess – from what I took from the video – didn’t really care about or didn’t want to have that warranty situation, because then you can’t work on it and it wasn’t what He thought it would be, and he didn’t know that the cp4 pump was an issue for those trucks, and you know he really loved the truck. But just you know probably this whole thing just he didn’t want to do it anymore. Obviously he got rid of the truck, but there is some things that can be done. Obviously, disaster prevention kit, which in the video he explained he said that you would void your warranty completely from what I took from that and that I don’t believe to be true.
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Hazard ahead got ta, love it, but if you put a disaster prevention kit on your truck, it doesn’t void your warranty for your entire truck like if there is an issue with the disaster prevention kit say you put it on something. You did wrong and it caused a failure and then the Dealer’s not going to warranty, and obviously you added that on aftermarket. That’S it’s on you, so you can’t say that that’s going to avoid the entire warranty of the truck say if my speaker goes out in my driver’s door, but I got a disaster prevention kit. They don’t have to warranty it. That’S not the case.
If this is like the biggest question that I think any of us YouTubers for automotive get asked is, is this gon na avoid my warranty? Well, yes, and no! Yes, if you install it incorrectly or you had a failure due to that specific thing, so I have a fuel issue because of my disaster. Protection kit warranty isn’t going to cover that because I added it so there’s that but bumpy bumpy roads, we’re in a super duty, bear with me. It’S summertime construction and the Raptor takes these bumps a whole lot better than the big F-350.
But so my transmission goes out, and this is something that Taylor Ray did say in his video he’s. Like you know, if I put a disaster prevention kit on to avoid this issue, my transmission goes out, it’s not going to be covered. I don’t believe that to be true quote me on that, because dealers could get Shifty, but I don’t believe they’re allowed to do that and there’s a sticker under your hood. That explains a little white sticker out of the hood that talks about aftermarket stuff and warranty, and all that so my transmission goes out. I have a disaster prevention kit, even if my truck was deleted, even if I had you know maybe high performance mods like if I, if I have my pushing maximum horsepower and I blow a transmission, then they could probably say well.
Should You Get Rid Of Your 6.7 Powerstroke https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
You are pushing way more power than this transmission was meant to hold so that it can probably avoid your warranty. I could see that happening, but if I’m running stock horsepower Emissions on – and I have a disaster prevention kit – there’s no way that they’re going to avoid my warranty for that. So, there’s that, and also like any of the Interior stuff, all that they really have to make a solid case that I caused the failure by what I put on my truck so just to kind of get that out of the way sweet TRX up here by The way we’re not going to get into that subject, I was about to go down the rabbit hole but anyways, so I have no regrets buying the power stroke, the six seven. This thing is amazing: it has awesome power and if you do the things that you need to do to prevent these issues from happening with the CB4, you can drive it for many many miles, no issues, because that’s a prevention kit, definitely a must-have for this, because, If you end up putting bad diesel in it can take that pump out, and then you can have problems or you can go to a DCR swap, which is what they have from SNS now as well, which eliminates the cp4 pump completely. And then you don’t have the issues that it carries, so you can have a very reliable truck with no worries of any of those things happening to you, so you can put a prevention kit on you can replace the pump.
Yes, all those things are not from Ford, so you’re taking that upon yourself and if you’re stuck on the warranty and going to the dealer for everything. Maybe that isn’t the route for you, but I for me this truck. I don’t see it going anywhere. I really would like to keep this truck for a very long time and for now we’re running the cp4 pump running with the disaster prevention kit. I use additive every fill up.
I use highly trafficked stations like ones that use a lot of diesels, so it’s always being refilled refreshed, it’s not sitting in the tanks for a long time and getting dirty. All that you know, and just you want. You want all those things with your diesel engines. You don’t want water collecting in the diesel and all that if it sits for a long time – and I always drain my water separator. So we keep that all in check and we give our CB4 pump the best chance ever at survival.
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So we’re going to talk a couple things, I’m just gon na say the three bad things about the power stroke, the bad side of these trucks and every vehicle has it. I mean CB4 pumps, weren’t, just using power strokes. They were used in all the trucks. They were used in the Duramax they’re, using in the Cummins all that they had issues too. Someone went away from them.
Some of them still have them. It’S just it’s just a thing. So it’s not like you can just say. Oh Ford did this and whatever that’s not, that’s not what we’re talking about here. It’S a Bosch pump, it’s not built by Ford, but this truck the only issues.
I’Ve really had I’ve had a couple little rattles here and there, like we’ve, talked about my glove box and actually just kind of really evenly closed it and like pretty firmly, and today it’s not rattling. So that’s a good thing, a couple little rattles here. I have a little rattle in my driver’s door as well just kind of little annoyances, nothing, nothing too major. I mean I, I that’s just something that I complain about you know being that it is as expensive as it is some of the installation. I guess at the factory they could spend an extra second or two just to make sure things are maybe a little bit more sound deadening and all that.
Should You Get Rid Of Your 6.7 Powerstroke https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
So, there’s that to consider I do have a couple of issues with just the fit and finish of the panels on these trucks, especially the aluminum ones. After having the Raptor and this truck, I’ve noticed in the stampings there’s just there’s waves in them, and it’s just kind of the how it is it’s just build, quality things the things they could improve on, but there’s really no fix for it necessarily and I’ll put The paint in with that one as well, this truck, does have a fair amount of orange peel on it, and it would probably require significant paint correction to get it really really perfect, but I mean it’s factory paint, it’s kind of how it is it’s been hit Or miss with all the manufacturers that I’ve gotten vehicles from some of them have good paint. Some of them have terrible paint. I’Ve had terrible Chevy paints. I’Ve had terrible Ram paints as well.
So it’s just kind of you got ta. I didn’t have a choice with this truck. This was the only one that I could have gotten at the time that I got it and it just was what it was and I’m still very satisfied with it. But there is some fit and finish issues so number one CB4 pump number two fit and finish just kind of little rattles here and there and all of that – and I would have to say the third thing. What would be the third thing and the third thing?
Well, I mean this is a tough one for me, because there is some things that you need to know about: buying a diesel. I’Ve talked about this in previous videos. There is added maintenance. There is added initial cost. There’S all those things.
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The EPA really puts a lot of restriction on these trucks, so you have that whole decision to make I’m just gon na say. This is something that I can’t really complain about, but it is what you’re signing up for with a diesel. You can just run it stock run your dvf fluid. You can just stick to the rules you’re going to end up with  oily deposits in your engine because of the crankcase ventilation. If you do not vent that to atmosphere or vent it into your exhaust or we’ve talked about that as well, if you don’t get rid of that oily soot, that coats, your intake and your all that and then your EGR puts more nastiness into Your engine and then it all just kind of collects over time and ends up choking off your engine.
So it’s one of those things that you really can’t avoid just the way the systems are designed over time. It’S just yeah. It’S unfortunate that you have to go to other measures, possibly if you are inclined to do so, and if it’s legal, where you live, you can maybe lose some weight in places where those things don’t happen anymore and honestly, there is places in the world where they Do build a 6.7 liter diesel without any EPA restriction, stuff built onto it, then you don’t have those issues. You don’t have the unreliability with the def system.
You don’t have the all the junk building up in your intake and clogging everything up, and all of that you also don’t have to buy DEF fluid in a big plastic jug with a cardboard box around it. You know if they’re trying to save the environment like it’s just kind of ridiculous in my mind, but I guess that’s what they want to do and that’s what they are doing and there’s really just just kind of a a thorn in the butt of everybody that Buys a diesel truck, you buy Chevy, you buy a Ford, you buy any of these vehicles, you’re gon na deal with the emissions stuff and the third thing yeah. I don’t like about the diesel trucks of today is all that there is things you can do about it. If it’s legal to do so, where you are, and you can make things you can make these into amazing Vehicles, you can get rid of the CB4. You can do all that, it’s just it is involved and after you spend 100 Grand on a truck, probably and waited forever for it and even tried to find one in general.
Should You Get Rid Of Your 6.7 Powerstroke https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
That can be too much for some people, but I’m gon na be honest. If you buy the Gasser and you drove the diesel, you would hate that Gasser. So if you drive a Gasser, don’t drive a diesel you’re you’re, not gon na you’re, not gon na. Like your truck anymore, these things are beasts they’re, so fast, there’s so much power. I absolutely love driving this truck and mine is full Emissions on and it still rips.
Like absolutely awesome – and I can’t say enough good things about this truck, but there is some some things to consider and maybe you’re in the position where you don’t want to have to take those risks and that’s okay too, but you just got ta know what you’re Getting into when you’re buying a Ford Super Duty or any new diesel truck in 2022 2023, anything past 2, I believe 2008 is when they started, and things have just been getting more and more restricted as time went on. So if you got into that situation and your truck is now been repaired by the dealer under warranty, you did the eleven thousand dollar repair. You have brand new injectors brand new cp4 brand new fuel tank. All that has been changed out. All your filter systems everything’s brand new.
Would you keep the truck? Would you take that risk of anything happening in the future? I mean. Ideally, if you have a good technician at the Ford dealership, everything’s going to be covered as far as their workmanship, you can run that truck for probably a very long time. I know people that have trucks that have not had failures and they are running over 150.
000 miles, there’s been people, I don’t know have run way more than that and it’s just would you keep it? Would you just kind of be done with it? I know emotionally, sometimes people get very strong about a vehicle and when it lets them down they’re, just like I’m done with it, I want rid of it. I just want just take it away. I don’t want to see it ever again.
I want to start fresh with something new and that’s. I can understand that. I understand some people’s thinking that way. For me, if that truck was still a very good option – and I was in a good interest rate or I had it paid off – and I was I still have warranty – would I want to go out into today’s market and try to find something else? Something else new something else used.
I’D probably stick with a truck that I know, and if I light that truck, I would have stuck with it, because everything should have been repaired. Doing should have been good to go. I would have put my additives in made sure I was running clean diesel make sure I was draining my water separator all those things, and you probably run that truck for a very very long time. I think I don’t know the situation exactly what happened? What caused the failure, whether it’s a bad pump or not, but it was a 2020 truck 2020 – was a very uh shaky year for a lot of things with manufacturing, so could have played a part in that my 22.
I mean I’ve done everything that I can to to make it last and if something does happen, I think my fairly well protected. So if you made it to this point in the video Drop cp4 in the comments section or whatever you like to say, we can talk about this subject there, but with that being said, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up, if you do the channel hit that subscribe button and as always, keep that hammer down, hey 

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