New Mini Duramax = Crazy MPG // 2024 GMC 1500 AT4X Review

New Mini Duramax = Crazy MPG // 2024 GMC 1500 AT4X Review
https://www.minimaxxtuner.comHello people of the world watching Truck reviews on the internet. Welcome to this the 2024 GMC Sierra 15008 t4x AEV. I think that is a record for the most acronyms in the title of a vehicle anyway to get up in the air. We’Re a nerd on the tech. Spec see how it is constructed and take a good look at this new Mini Duramax Diesel and then go test it Offroad, [, Music ].

I know this is only A500, but this is making me nervous. Having this thing on the lift, it’s huge steel. Well, it’s got a matching spare. You have no idea how rare it is to actually see this. On a new truck, I chose mild aluminized steel for the exhaust.

That’S strange, it’s got these weird indentations of little inlets in the end of the tail. As far as toe capacity goes because it has the a off-road suspension, it’s limited to 8,700 lb off-road suspension means you got to sacrifice something where you can’t have your boat and eat it too. Out back the Sierra at 4X AEV utilizes, a semi-elliptical variable rate two-stage multi-leaf, your end with a solid axle underneath that leaf pack is a 2-in lift block. Inside this pumpkin you get an Ecker with a 3.42 final drive ratio and it’s protected by a foam finger.
2003-2007 Powerstroke 6.0L EGR Upgrade Kit (93100)3 dpf delete kit https://www.minimaxxtuner.comProoof boron steel, skid plate, it’s even a little steel bash bar for the ABS wiring, it’s paired with a set of multimatic dssv remote res Reservoir, dampers aluminium. One piece drive shaft, another boron steel skid plate for the fuel tank. This fifth generation GMC Sierra 1500. Despite being loaded up with steel, skid plates and bumpers, and a diesel engine actually only weighs 5890 lb, the exhaust system on this rig is interesting. It’S stainless all the way up, furiosa to the rear axle where it changes midpipe to mild aluminize.
New Mini Duramax = Crazy MPG // 2024 GMC 1500 AT4X Review
https://www.minimaxxtuner.comIt’S just welded right. There in the middle and it measures is in at approximately 75 mm in diameter, which is 3in SAE. As far as transmission goes. This rig comes standard with the hydromatic 10 l80 torque converter based traditional 10-speed. It is rated for a maximum torque input rating of 8800 newm, which is approximately 590 lb feet of torque and mated behind.

It is an autot trck, two-speed transfer case for the four-wheel drive system. All that drivetrain is protected by a massive boron steel cheese grader. You grade the Earth with this thing: engine oil filter, easy access for maintenance, aluminium oil, pan a oil cooler block mounted the side of the bell housing up front: the at 4X Sierra utilizes, a partially steel and aluminium independent front suspension, aluminium Knuckles, again paired with those Multimatic dssv coilover dampers. Now, while this does not come with a front anti-sway bar disconnect, it does come with a front e Locker up front as well that front anti- sway bar measures in at rather beefy 33 mm in diameter. More massive thick boron, steel, cheese, grater plates the little license plate bracket that has the AV logo on it.
dpf delete kits https://www.minimaxxtuner.comThat’S also the cover for the winch accent, cuz, it’s a win capable bumper, all right, it’s time for the breaking test, nothing behind me ready set commence. Okay, it’s actually pretty short stopping distance for the size of the truck. It was smooth a little bit of nose dive. My water bottle just melee the dashboard good brakes actually good brakes. That braking was just made possible thanks to a four piston caliper and a 330 mm or 13-in front rotor the wheels.

They are a 18x 8 1/2 diecast alloy Sala. This is actually engraved into it. In contrast, painted it’s a little hoop around the valve stem kind of protects it and they’re wrapped. In a set of 27570 Goodyear Wrangler territory, Mud terrain tires LED fog lights. What is this woo?
New Mini Duramax = Crazy MPG // 2024 GMC 1500 AT4X Review
https://www.minimaxxtuner.comIt’S a little out Outlet. Oh, I bet you it’s for a winch controller, that’s the thickest hairy cardboard, I’ve ever seen said no human, ever steel, tubular Rock Rails. To protect your pinch welds. It’S got a durable chip guard coating under the paint right here out back. You have a single piston floating caliper, with a larger 13.

in or 345 mm rotor, the wheel and tire same size as you get up front in the name of science. It is now time to give it the beans, but first bolstering assessment. There’S there’s not really any bolstering to these seats. The seats are Dual Zone heated button back or just back as well as ventilated single zone and those seats do have AEV embroidered in them, as well as a little plastic tag that says at4 X. The steering wheels also heated as far as Drive modes go.
h&s mini maxx tuner https://www.minimaxxtuner.comI can go from normal to sport, the other two are for off-road and for optimal launch capabilities. I can also select this into four Auto, but I think it’ll be more fun to do it in too high. As far as traction control goes, I do have a little upfitter switch over here in the center that I can disable that and uh. Let’S see what this thing can do, give it a little assistance. Let it eat ready, go okay, yep!

That was a little spicy. This is a good sounding engine. That’S good [ Applause ]! That was fun, but I got to do it again in four Auto and see how this thing gets out of the hole go. Okay, oh, that got out of the hole little bit of a dip when it grabs second gear.
New Mini Duramax = Crazy MPG // 2024 GMC 1500 AT4X Review
https://www.minimaxxtuner.comThat’S good! That’S already good yeah! It gets that a hole pretty hard actually in four Auto, it’s reasonably quick, good pop wow. That’S a light hood! That’S neat hood struts yeah!

What a pretty Grill it’s a good color combo, underneath the hood of this 2024 GMC Sierra 1500 a4x. It comes standard with this 3 l, dual overhead cam turbocharged diesel Street 6 – that produces 305 horsepower at 3750 RPM and 495 lbet of torque at500 RPM. And if you don’t want the diesel, you can opt for the naturally aspirated 6.2 L gasoline V8. Digging in a little bit deeper on this new baby Duramax common rail diesel, it is 2993 CC’s, with an 84 by 90 mm BN, stroke of 15 to1 compression ratio does have a forge steel, crankshaft, Forge steel, connecting rods and steel, Pistons P Pistons, that’s a new One and for this being a straight six, dual overhead cam, four BS per cylinder.
mini maxx V2 https://www.minimaxxtuner.comI thought it would be a lot bigger in this engine bay. It does protrude under the wiper cow just just a bit, but not that bad. Oh wait! I actually take those words back the charge. Pipe is a plastic pancake up on above the bell housing area, that is a that’d, be horrendous.

To try to get to. You see the turbo hanging off the side of that engine right here where the exhaust meold is cast into the head. Downpipe is rotted through the front interesting enough, and then it does have a watered air charge. Cooler sitting up on top of the valve cover. There’S also oil pump belt back here.
New Mini Duramax = Crazy MPG // 2024 GMC 1500 AT4X Review
https://www.minimaxxtuner.comIt’S a cab off service rather than engine out service, much easier to pull a cab, and it’s got a 200,000 M service interval on that oil pump belt, but yeah, that’s technology, for you can’t have a robot need it too. I don’t know what that means time for the off-roading test. Now I have a brand new area with a ton of trails out here, in contrast to my old off-road reviews, that area is no longer available. I can’t do any more off-road reviews there, and this area has a lot more highly technical Trails than that first spot did so. I got to learn this place.

Cuz there’s way more difficult Trails. Here, I’m going to go down this now, it’s a long, wheel-based truck. So my breakover angle will be an issue with this thing. I do have over 11 in of ground clearance, though for off-road modes. I guess you could use sport as well as off-road and terrain.
egr delete kit https://www.minimaxxtuner.comAh, the camera turned off on me when I reached above a certain speed. I want to keep those up. I don’t really like that. Oh my God, that is a monster of a hill. I don’t think this thing can do it, though cuz the breakover angle at the top, it’s so steep.

I do have this same issue with this one too. This is super steep select this to lock front and rear diffs, which you must be in four low for that front. Locker, I’m going to put it into four low. I doubt I need it, but it’s a new place. The pedal is super sensitive in terrain mode.
New Mini Duramax = Crazy MPG // 2024 GMC 1500 AT4X Review
https://www.minimaxxtuner.comI, like that, oh TWY Beast: do you your job? This thing is a machine just climb, oh and it didn’t even scrape too breakover angle. Wasn’T an issue I’m going to go back down, keeping it in terrain mode, trail cam! So you can see. I got all kinds of different cameras I can cycle through.

A lot of these will be good for towing. What about this? Guy? That’S super handy. You can look at the trailer when you’re backing up is super helpful right now, no issue with the breakover all right and then let off the throttle.

I got to scout out some of these other areas with my own vehicle. First I’ll, do it with the Bronco. Since it’s a short wheelbase that first H was a little too easy for this, so this one’s quite a bit steeper. It should challenge the breakover angle at the top, I think, but soft soft sand, although I probably don’t need it. I feel spoiled right now that I got a front diff lock, so I’m keeping front rear, diffs locked it’s in terrain mode.

I can see my Telemetry on the heads up display, even though it’s daytime, so I can see what my degrees is once I start getting on this thing. 7. 8. 12. 14.15. 21. 24, low traction warning light. Coming on. Oh I challenged it.
New Mini Duramax = Crazy MPG // 2024 GMC 1500 AT4X Review
https://www.minimaxxtuner.comI’M at a 26, 27 27 Dee incline. I mean that’s quite a steep incline. I actually challenged this thing. Oh it’s soft! That’S super s!

It’S like just sand! Yeah! I like this hell Cline. This is a real challenging one. I actually got to hit this with a little bit of speed cuz.

It is seriously just sand. I’M climbing a sand wall, see if I can do it. Tiny bit of speed come on truck. It will not do it ooo. This is sketch.

Could I have made it over the top had I aired down the tires and hit it with even more speed, possibly, but the point is to test and challenge the truck, not see how hard I can yeat. The thing this place is way more deceiving than it looks on camera. None of this stuff looks serious on camera, but this is this area is super challenging turn turning radius on such a long wheel base. That’S the The Dilemma of this truck. I wish you could get this seam off-road package on the single cab cuz.
New Mini Duramax = Crazy MPG // 2024 GMC 1500 AT4X Review
https://www.minimaxxtuner.comYou can get a single cab short bed and a single cab long bed in the Sierra, but not with anything good option wise. Let’S go up this way well, this is super rough. We test out the suspension, I mean considering I’m driving over Boulders right now, yeah actually pretty smooth. I don’t know why this is black, but, okay, it’s got dual cameras right here button. Oh, I actually got to pull it.

Ooh origami! You can’t tell me that doesn’t look like a pirate holding a sword right now, climbing the back of his GMC Captain Jack, Sparrow and Bert Gummer approve of this truck yeah, that’s sweet. I got a little kicker boom box built into it and it illuminates super bright. Like it, you can even see it in the daytime a little tab on the pole, so you can slide it down. You can fold the seats up in this thing for stowing 40 lb bags of cat food or whatever else you want, and the little bin underneath is soft and carpeted.

Usually that’s just cheap shitty plastic, but nice. The seats are heated not ventilated, though USB USBC got. My little vents back here, some cup holders – you can steal, B pillars are lined and suede. Also the headliner there’s this weird Bubble Up above me. It gives you tons of head room map pocket.

I got to keep tuck in my skirt, so you don’t look at my fat rolls button to press it’s a nice seat too. Oh yeah, it’s got the little storage compartments. Cuz, it’s a GM! I don’t you! I don’t know what you could put in there.
New Mini Duramax = Crazy MPG // 2024 GMC 1500 AT4X Review
https://www.minimaxxtuner.comMaybe like some snacks, but is that that’s actually metal another one metal for the Bose stereo all right. That stereo is incredible. That is so good, so much base and it’s clear too. No wonder it sound, so good! Look at the size of the door, speaker area, that is not a pickup truck.

That’S a SUV built-in trailer break controller. You can adjust it right here. Ah, that’s what that baffle was underneath the truck exhaust brake. The infotainment screen is appropriately size for the truck. It’S not gy and over the top, it’s super easy to use.

Do you open soft nope that just flings open? Are you wood, grein or metal grain? I can’t tell USB USBC a little slot to charge your phone as well there’s a fairly deep storage compartment with a bunch of charge. Ports in there power fold mirrors the gauge cluster is full digital and you can change individual elements to display whatever you want, as well as the bottom row. Deep all- weather mats in here has all those Magic camerab based rearview mirrors a little bit of highspeed test out these multimatic DSS vs.

I love the sound of a straight six espe, a straight 6 Diesel, and this thing revs fairly high too. Just over 5 grand on the tack. These multimatic DSS BS do great off rude yeah, it’s just buttery smooth. Those are some pretty big dips couldn’t even really feel it. In this thing, the downside of this truck is going to be the fact that it is fairly long for off-road, but does have good ground clearance 11 plus in and then also the fact that it’s got these Rock sliders protecting your pinch, welds in tons of steel Skid plates underneath so you can just send it, and the underside of your truck, you know, is protected.
New Mini Duramax = Crazy MPG // 2024 GMC 1500 AT4X Review
https://www.minimaxxtuner.comThe massive upside to this thing is I’m in love with this engine, the fuel economy, on it on road astonishing, not even trying mixed around town driving and a little bit off-road. I was averaging almost 26 and if you do mostly Highway, you could probably easily average over 30 m per gallon with this truck, which is just incredible. Considering it’s on mud terrains, the price is super expensive and inflation doesn’t help right now, but this is straight up a luxury vehicle and it feels like you’re in a luxury vehicle on the Interiors. Also, I want to fault this thing for the fact that the color choices are abysmal, it’s red or blue, and then a bunch of shades of black to white with stuff in between definitely have to say GM does a good job at making likable Vehicles. This is an extremely likeable vehicle, it does have a lot of character to it, and I appreciated that aspect of this thing.

It’S now time to give this rig some score, starting with the bean score. The assessment of the feeling you get in your gut when you give it the diesel beans and it’s getting a rating of next is the cookies score. The assessment of value and this super ultral loaded, specked out diesel rig in the mid 80s gets a rating of next. Is the wrench score? The assessment of ease of Maintenance and it’s getting a rating of next?

Is the meatball score the assessment of off-road capabilities? And it’s getting a rating of and lastly, as a penguin score the assessment of how much I personally like a vehicle, and it gets a rating of I knew that was going to happen out of all the ultra off-road trucks in this price C ategory on the Market, I think this would be my choice simply because of the fact that it has a diesel and it’s more of a militaristic rig than it is a play toy thing. I I don’t know, I’m a fan of it so anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this review I’ll, see you soon with another bye.

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