NASTY TUNED L5P DURAMAX ON FORCES! *CLEANEST LIFTED DURAMAX* https://www.minimaxxtuner.comFancy i like it, we didn’t have 5p. He said we could test, drive it so yeah guys before we get started with today’s video. I want to try something new in the comment section below. I want you guys to type in which state you’re from i just just kind of curious to see where everybody is from, let’s go ahead and do that and then we’ll get started with today’s video heck yeah boost all the parts from here we’re gon na be Taking the loi today for those of you guys that don’t know i am actually in the process of selling my denali, i know it’s gon na, be it’s gon na be a bittersweet moment for a lot of us, but i think it’s time, uh done a lot With that truck done a lot with that truck and i planned on doing a bigger, lift, wheels and tires and all that, but i feel like you guys, want to see something different. So i want to do an l5p build and with that l5p build i’ll make that thing bigger so that one’s going to be on a 12 inch, lift mcgoy’s, lift we’re going to do 26 by 16 or 24 24×16 and then 40 40 inch tires so yeah.
Overall, that truck is just gon na, be a massive truck. That’S what i want. That’S also why i bought this denali and didn’t jack this truck up too high, because i wanted this to be like your get in just go: get milk kind of kind of vehicle. You know what i mean like more practical. I wanted to have a big gigantic lifted, truck for just like on weekends or going to shows and stuff like that.
dpf delete kits
So that is the goal right now. I’Ve got a couple people who might be interested in the denali, but for those of you guys that do want to know i am asking 39 000 for it and if you want all the details, dm me on instagram, but please only dm me if you’re serious Uh, don’t dm me if you’re just curious about certain stuff, there’s a whole playlist dedicated to the build and the reason why i say that is because i’ve gotten over 100 messages and i’ve replied about 50 of them, and yet i’ve only gotten two serious replies out Of that i mean my time is very important too, and every everyone’s time is valuable, and i just want you guys to respect that. I can’t waste a lot of time talking to people who aren’t serious about buying a truck. That’S just not cool. So message me.
If you’re serious, the reason why i brought up selling the denali is well, i already found an l5p that i, like so we’re gon na go check it out yeah. So if you hold your hand out right there, that’s with nothing there and if you look at the b2 meter. So this is just the normal cs. Film tell a little difference, nothing crazy and then you go to the xr film, which has up to 88 heat projection, oh wow and then and then to xr plus wait, there’s more where’s that slot whoa dude. So you see this right yeah!
It’S going to show colors whenever hit heat hits it now watch this oh wow, and just to show you let’s let this cool down for a second we’ll. Even do it with ces just to show you so that’s what i’ve got on my doors, yeah, let it cool down all right. So, oh wow, you can see it’s starting to heat up. Yeah! Take this down.
Certainly it’s definitely a big difference. It almost instantly heats up, though, but you still have about a 30 to 40 percent heat rejection there yeah, because it’s definitely you can tell the difference in the truck before i can pull it after. I got it and then xr so it finally starts to heat up right there about 10 11 seconds or so and then takes on flips. I can literally sit on here all day long and it will not heat it up. That’S crazy!
dpf delete kits
I think yeah! You got me sold on the xr plus, let’s see they get so like all my doors, they could add like a sheet of um ceramic on there. Like i don’t know what the light still got. Look i’m still holding up and it’s not collecting any heat whatsoever. Do people put that on their sunroof, that’s smart, and then we also have clear film.
This is just 80 xlr, but just to show you if you hold your hand out again so, even though it’s 100 percent clear, you still get airbnb heat coming through the windows on the v2 meter, with xr plus starting at one a and drops it down almost To none yeah, you got a black truck, so yeah dude, my truck gets hot man like i had a drink the other day, the other day with ice in it completely done. My truck was sitting all day has not moved and you just got in it. Yeah yeah, that’s cool! What’S it like in the summer time just stay close, it’s still a little warm because the body of the vehicle yeah, which is that ac on it, takes about 30 seconds like the icebox yeah. All the way down is done.
His door edges are not done yet we’re gon na do are eventually gon na. Do this hold down there from down there and down? Oh, that’s cool yeah! That’S to protect it from like rock chips and stuff yeah all right now up here. We did this full fenders.
You see how it looks over right here see how the edge this whole fender’s doing. Oh all, right now, his whole hood is done, but we wrapped it under what about his uh bumper? All that’s done. You can tell right there right here on these phone lines. You just got ta.
dpf delete kits
Finally, i mean you got ta look at them. This is just all this is done. Anything that’s painted is done. We can do headlights, his headlights are done hold on you’re missing. The part we can even do these in ppf – oh yeah – oh so, rocks won’t bust them.
Have you done so now my phone’s safe from rocks? I don’t get ppf, that’s right here. There’S no pvp! No we’re not going to bash anybody, but the guy that used to own this truck today. Oh you get my face in there yeah thanks appreciate that yeah no, but this is a mini kit.
This is where it’s partially wrapped. I mean you got a mini kit, a half kit, and then you have the full kit, which is obviously the full fender, but anything that’s painted you’re gon na you’re gon na that’s. A bad example of this is a bad example of ppf. This is a horrible example of pbs. Now look at this lining and look at this one over here it doesn’t match, does not match at all.
All the way around, he cut he hand cut the ppf. So, but you know what it’s covering me: no yeah. The reason why i haven’t stripped it is because i don’t have time to yet, but it’s still coverage in a certain extent, We haven’t seen any of our work, come back clean it and have that you don’t have that issue. You won’t have that issue if you can properly clean it well when they say clean it, you got to like actually wash your truck and clean it right now.
mini maxx V2
You can’t half-ass wash your truck right, that’s what it uh yeah your door. Cups are done um, so how much would let’s say like the door panels and the front of the vehicle cost on your truck uh yeah. We’Re like this truck, for example, like 400 
That’S not bad, like, let’s say, like everything below the the little trend, so there’s different they’re like on different trucks. It’S different things. It pretty much goes to the body lines, body lanes, okay, i i want to mainly do oh that’ll, protect it from door.
Dings too. Oh heck yeah, it’s a lifetime transport within the warranty too. So if you ever sell the vehicle, then it goes to the next owner. You want to give us a rundown on your truck, though, because that’s kind of why i’m here this is this – is pretty much like cool we’ve had some fun no, but this is pretty much like what i want to buy next, so we have a five inch Zone, lift kind of control, arms, cognito, tie rods, kind of kind of hitman isla arm on it. It’S got a super steer.
It’S fox 2.0 is all the way around it. 24 by 12 american force idols on 35 1250 furies. I did a bumper spacer on here. There’S full paint match it all the way around, so the fender flares, the mirrors are done, the grill bezel is done.
h&s mini maxx tuner
I did a couple other small pieces and then the headlights thereby fast headlights. We did the clear piece in there and then we did a projector retrofit inside of there. The fog lights are the more motors with they’re painted chrome so past that i mean just a couple small touches for doing. What do you mean retrofit the headlights? So the original projector inside of there, if you look at them from the factory yeah they’re, really blurry and there’s not a lot of light output from there.
Oh so you have higher light output now. So it’s a mori meta projector. I can’t remember exactly which model it is, but he completely took the projector out of it whenever he opened the headlights up okay and put a new one in there, and then it’s got the morimoto hids in there. Oh and also the switchbacks are they’re leds. So nice, clear, oh sweet, so same thing: [, Music, ], oh nice, same thing with the mirrors too so you’re.
Have you noticed that they’re brighter now, like your projectors? So that’s exactly what i want to do too, because i want to keep this stock headlight, but i wanted to increase the output and i was going to the 1500 headlights on it. Yeah everybody’s feeling, good. I like these better to be honest over here and i didn’t paint them or anything. These are just the oem.
Oh, that looks good where’d you get it from online. I just bought it from on the forums for like 500 bucks, and we got a bed cover on here. I can’t remember what brand it is. What is it? It’S a ultra flex, just normal anderson hitch on there past that i mean full deleting tune on it.
Yeah i’d say: there’s something special about this l5p, that’s different than a lot of the l5 ps. That’S yeah, lot more room. It’S got the down pipe on everything too s: b, intake, , heck, yeah and then inside it’s pretty much stock. Besides, just the cts center console mount monitor. Ah, i love this truck.
Thank you. There you go yeah. I love that interior. This is what i want. This is what i’m looking for pass that nothing else really much done.
Just xr, plus we’ll expel, xr, plus all the way around we have 15 over the factory which reads 5, 15 up front and then xr plus 45 on the whole front windshield and two five percent temperatures on it. Oh look at that. God sounds good. dude. I love the way that sounds, oh yeah, the turbo on these are like way louder than any other dirt.
Maxes, that’s sick! Dude! I’M freaking sold i’m getting me an l5p wow tune and delete it. So then we’re gon na race, oh we’re gon na race, all right, heck, yeah dude! That truck sounds so good.
I don’t even know if i would put a bigger turbo in it. If i bought that truck. Just listen to that, though, i don’t think i’ll need a bigger turbo yeah but see listen to the whistles yeah, not the whistle. How cool is true. I like it, we didn’t have 5p.
He said we can test, drive it so yeah. I don’t think he realizes what uh what he just got himself into. What he doesn’t realize is he thinks i’m going to bring it back, but well i mean you did leave. Oh, i got the key here. I can just give him the key.
You gave him the keys, didn’t you here i’ll just give him my key, because i’ve got one two mine too, both of our keys there we go both keys here, hey we got to give you at least something here, something for your problems. You just dropped your keys to your new truck man. Give them your keys too. Oh! No!No! No! I will get one. Oh yeah, yeah! You get two keys with this one.
You got the key for the red truck and the key to the dodge. I don’t want to break down. Oh okay, okay, just making sure all right we’re just gon na go for a round test test. Drive what tune. Is it i’ll?
Ask him hey what chin is it on? What tune is it uh? It’S on the 160 160 
Okay: okay, oh my god holy crap. What the frick man i don’t know now! This might sound better than the retro holy smokes that yo.
This is a stock turbo and i’m honestly super impressed the way it sounds just on a stock turbo tune and deleted. Nothing else, nothing more dang all right. This has got me wanting an l5p now really bad yeah. It makes me do every time i hear one like okay. I love the sound of my v8 yeah but dude the sound of like diesel trucks in general, like the cummins in this.
That’S just holy smokes. This thing dude this thing is and you’re not even getting on it too nope like i’m, not going to get on somebody else’s truck yeah, and i always say that and then like. If they give me permission though, then i will i actually drove that thing see. He’S afraid, where do i sign the papers? Because if i drive it, if i take it on the road you’re not getting on his back, look take it down.
There turn traction off, come on he’s afraid to he. I’M the only person who fulfills things in life. He knows that make sure you turn track stroll out there, because all it wants to do is spin and it’ll cut out right there there. It is all right, the squiggly button. This is the fun button like down that hill right there there’s a roundabout next thing.
You know jw goes to jail, take it right, we’re going to go back, make it left at the field, go down the hill yep and then you’ll be able to get on it. Something, oh trust me. I know i’ve got wide wheels on the dirt road. It’S awful so this thing drives so good make a left, homeboy, there’s yeah coming up man. I need to take this thing for one rip.
Is the gofund button on? Do you see little squiggly lines, trash control on control? There we go dude these wheels, i’m gon na want one real, bad and you’ve already wanted one real bad yeah, but this is like taking me to the next level of really wanting one like i wanted one, but now it’s like all right, don’t let it get Away from you now i don’t know if you can handle all this power, i don’t know we’ll find out uh. I got ta probably stop right here, because there’s nobody behind us i’d, probably stop right here and then launch it. If you want to or just get on it wouldn’t say launch it keep in mind, this truck is on a five inch, lift at 35 yeah, it scoots and it scoots like it’s.
A stock suspension signing the papers when you buy mine or when you take my truck, you get a key to the red truck and you get a key to the ramp. So it’s a win-win situation because see i got the key to both yeah two boat anchors. Right well, hey i got the key in here. I can go hop in it right now. Dude this thing’s, a beast appreciate it.
You should actually god i told you to well, it’s not my truck. He gave you permission gives you full permission. You saw how me and stephen drive this trip, keep in mind what i just said: yeah me and stephen driving this truck. Why don’t you go uh? Why don’t you take well here?
Let me take it right there, because i’ve never driven, never done that. Another duramax! Other than his me and steven have gotten up to about 158 on i-20. In this truck i was pissed ass. Drunk telling him keep on going, stephen doesn’t have any care in the world i’ll show jade everybody how to really drive it.
We’Ll do that whenever i get when i get one by the end, i’ll have my cummins man and then i’ll be faster than you sure, because i’m gon na get one next month. You think so i’m gon na get one next month. As soon as my denali sells hold on, i bet you this. If you don’t sell it next month. Well, we’ll do like a 50 bet, if you don’t sell it by the end of next month december 31st.
If it’s not sold my denali yeah well, i can’t really help who buys it doesn’t matter. You said, you’ll have it sold by next month: 50: bucks man. I bet you 50 bucks all right shake on it. 50 bucks 50 bucks if he doesn’t have that truck sold by december 31st by the end of 2020 by the end of 2020, all right december 31st as soon as it clocks over and it’s all because of this freaking truck. Let me get this truck, so this man can make 50 bucks i may or may not ship.
My pants, let me see it, i don’t know. I’Ve been in i’ve been at holden’s truck before doing rags is that more than i do this thing is stout yeah. This is a little bit faster than how he made you think he got up to maybe 55, maybe oh yeah, that was that was definitely only up to about 45 
No, that was, i was just kidding. I was only standing in speed limits like 35, oh man, for the video speed limits here. This is mexico.Bro! That’S right! We just saw a mexican homeless man. Did we no there’s a white guy? Oh, you just have an ice cream.You should have a nice hat. Oh okay, that’s crazy! Mexico, yo! We were scooting sideways. Yes, sir makes me miss myself, dang dude!
That’S why those uh gander mountain meats used to be so fun, because everybody used to haul ass up that head yeah, that little that little turn and everything there, man it’s just so fun, especially when you’re going up the hill, because you’re trouble. Yes, the steps were down. I don’t know now you might like this video yeah there you have it guys. That is that l5p is pretty much exactly what i want for my next truck. I want to get an o5p.
I definitely don’t want to get a white one. I don’t want to get a black one, so right now, i’m thinking about getting a silver one or that blue. That blue is going to be extremely hard to find um. But that’s why i stopped by here. It’S always fun hanging out with the guys that trap tinting, but i knew that jared had a blue one and he recently just got that lift wheels and tires put on.
So i really wanted to come check it out in person. I got ta say i i wanted to do a 12 inch, lift and 40s, but now i’m kind of wondering if i should do like a similar setup, that he’s got just do wider wheels and tires. So i don’t know, let me know in the comments below what you guys think. Maybe i should do that setup or just do a big obnoxious truck again and also be tuned to delete it. So i think big obnoxious, bro yeah, i mean i i’ve got my mind.
Set up yeah see my bills. I got my mind set up, denali is for sale and i’m gon na buy an l5p denali, so stay tuned, guys another build coming up and don’t forget about mark’s 2020, build that we are documenting on this channel so make sure to go check those videos out. If you haven’t already but i’ll see you guys next time, peace. Basically, this truck’s got clear layer of protection. Expel, it’s called what expel.
I thought it was called ppe or whatever. Oh that’s, they were talking about the material, but it’s called expel, expel yeah. So they got that you know. I think this is what i want to do on the next truck on the l5p, because on my denali there are some rock chips that you do notice and obviously i’m going to go wide again. Maybe i should do that on the loi as well and i got rock chips and stuff.
Oh it’s a brand new truck and you got rock chips. Don’T you have a big one here somewhere on the other side on the other side? Yeah? So it’s. I think it’s a scratch: it’s a scratch.
Yeah the dirt, hides it yeah. I think he had a big one yeah. I don’t know exactly. I think it’s like right here somewhere, but yeah yeah, but i got ta get something on on a brand new truck, so that would hurt me that would hurt my feelings a little bit. So i think i’m gon na bring it over here, get the whole front.
Wrapped and then the sides wrapped, and that should be good. Let me hit, we even put it on my phone, oh yeah, just to show you like, you can’t even see it on there. It’S so clear you can see like the bubbles from the cleaning solution and we did like a tent stuff. On the back of my my new phone yeah, we were just having a blast over here, just chilling and just trying out stuff yeah, it’s better than my other screen protector, because this is self-healing so like yeah. If something scratches it yeah.
If you put it in your pocket with coins and stuff yeah, it’ll it’ll scratch, but then it’ll it’ll self-heal it’ll. Basically it’s like almost like a foam type material, so like it’ll just pop back out. Yes, if anybody lives in a gus set but wants a screen protector put on, i guess you could stop by or actually message them and see what they can do. Yes, send them a dm on instagram or facebook or call them and see what they can do, because they may not be able to do it with every phone, but on the newer ones they might. You.

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