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(137) My 2018 5.0 f150 build rundown and info 00-02-10 https://www.minimaxxtuner.comHere again with another video, I guess I guess I’m going to do a little truck video showing everybody like everything. I’Ve got on to the truck so far, all the info on it everything I’ve done since I’ve had it trying to get used to this YouTube thing. Not much on it, but it’s worth a shot. I guess I from Jackson,  Tennessee, so I’m out in the boonies. I guess you can say I ain’t never been up here.

Don’T know where this goes looks like a old abandoned Bridge goes over the interstate I thought it’d be a good place to get parked to uh, show youall the truck over inter state right. Here I got the dog with me too, so I guess I can show you the her uh parking on here. Probably ain’t going to be a good idea. Y’All probably won’t be able to hear me as good. If I do it up here, so guess I’ll probably park somewhere, I don’t oh dead end going into someone’s property hell.

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I don’t know where this road goes, but I guess I can follow it. We’Ll see where it goes. I guess looks like it goes beside the interstate hell. If I know it’s definitely Dusty, though this thing’s about to be dirty as crap, even though it already dirty it’s about to be even dirtier than before. Well, just drove all the way down the road to figure out that that’s private property back.

There probably took me 10 minutes to get down here, because I don’t like rock ships and I’m trying to go kind of slow, even though his tires still throw them anyway. So I guess I got to go all the way back to where I just was, and I guess I’ll end up doing it down there, where that sign is a decent spot for now we’re still kind of by the interstate, so probably going to hear a lot Of vehicles – but I don’t know – maybe it won’t be that bad this is my dog Maddie. I’Ve had her for about comeing up on three and a half years, she’s a golden retriever. I don’t really show her a whole whole lot. Every now, and then I put her in my videos but yeah um, all right.

(137) My 2018 5.0 f150 build rundown and info 00-02-10 https://www.minimaxxtuner.comSo, let’s get into the truck. This truck is a 2018 F-150 Lariat Platinum. It’S like a special Lariat cuz got everything that the platinums have, but it’s a Lariat truck, so they’re kind of rare apparently didn’t really know that. But apparently they are. It’S just base white, Oxford, white, color uh.

I got the truck when it was just on a leveling kit still had blocks in, and everything had no color match had no lift, no clears uh, hardly any tent um. No exhaust I mean it was, is pretty much bone stock stock. Besides, it had some wheels on it and I’m probably about to get rid of these wheels eventually and get some 37 either reps or some 35 wides 24x 14, or I really want some grabs some 37s or 38s, because I’m going to turn my lift back up. But I haven’t found a good set yet so I don’t know, but as of right now, it’s just sitting at 6 in a few weeks ago on Tik Tok, everybody seen it how it was. It was this with a 3in level on top, but my angles was real bad, so I had to take the level off and uh hold on Maddie.

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I had to take the level off and um. I got to get aftermarket uppers and I got to get the 6in lifted struts to make it ride even better because it rides good now, but I want it to ride even better than it does now. So I’m going to have to do that, but yeah sitting back at 6 in it was 9 in in the front, but it rode hor horrible. So I had to get rid of that for now. It’Ll be back like that again and I think I’m going to throw some 4in blocks in the back, maybe or I might do some bags or who knows, I might do drop shackles.

I don’t know yet. I haven’t really made up my mind. The front of the truck I got clears that I got on Amazon. Everybody always ask me where I get these clear got these clears from. They was on Amazon, they was like 480 bucks or something like that, and I got those with the last fit turn signal.(137) My 2018 5.0 f150 build rundown and info 00-02-10 https://www.minimaxxtuner.comSwitchbacks in there shout out last fit cuz best headlight bulbs. You can get and best floor mats. You can get to be honest with you uh. This is not a color matched emblem. This is just vinyl.

Uh got it for like 20 bucks for front and rear. I’M probably going to end up painting this black piece around it. Eventually, uh color match front end pieces, fog, lights, bumper caps license plate. I got two license plates on there: one’s a white cotton one and I got this one on there now I don’t know if I’m going to keep it or not, don’t know exactly. I thought about a white bumper, but at the same time I don’t know cuz.

egr delete kit

I, like the Chrome, um, just got the 6-in Rough Country and it’s not going to stay like this for now, but the spindles and the lower control arms after I get the uppers and the new Springs I’m going to get those powdercoated Reds so cuz. I don’t really want much white Under the truck, since the whole truck is already white, I’m going to get those powder coated red with the cross member and it should all flowing together, cuz going to have red uppers, and I’m probably going to do the inside of The lifted struts white, but the spring part I’m going to do those uh, the candy apple red killer. Uh got a bullet antenna, I’m about to get the windshield tint done. Sometime this week, I’m hoping I finally found a guy that I can get to do it dark as I wanted to get as dark as I wanted to go. Um it had a 3-in level.

Before now it’s on a 6-in lift. I had a 3-in level on top of this, but, like I said, I need the new uppers for that to work work. I got Chrome caps on the mirrors, color match the mirrors myself. I did all the color match on this truck on my own uh chrome door handles I’m about to get Chrome window trim. The bed rails are black for right now, but I’m about to color match those, and I haven’t really got around to it, because I’m thinking of going for a chrome, wws toolbox with the rails on top and I’m going throw my white cooler on it and I’m Going to try to get a white dog box or a black dog box to go on top of that, I think it look real good with the color match.

(137) My 2018 5.0 f150 build rundown and info 00-02-10 https://www.minimaxxtuner.comBed rails. I feel like I’d, look real good, but I’m about to redo all my stickers on my back glass and as soon as I get home after this video, I’m probably about to take my go lot off for a little bit and uh. Just leave it off. For a little bit, I’ve had it on the truck for, like 8 months kind of wanted off for a while, if I ever end up getting a toolbox, I’ll put it back on or if someone wants to buy it, they hit me up, but color matched. My third brake light completely uh might end up going with a clear one later on always asked me about these tail lights.

I just masked them off where all the red is, and I got adhesion promoter. Dupli color sprayed a few coats of that on there. Let it dry real good, no primer. I didn’t use no primer that stuff’s technically primer and then I hit it with uh my paint code. Let that dry real good with a few coats.

dpf delete pipe

Then I clear coated it with some 2K clear pulled. The paint on I mean pulled the masking tape off as clean as I could. It messed up in the corners a little bit, but it’s pretty it’s pretty decent. Looking for now, I’m going to get fully I’m going to try to buy a good set of them and paint them on the inside, but I haven’t got around to it. Yet this is just temporary, I kind of like it.

Everybody always ask what I did paint match bumper pad this had to get done two times, because I got rear ended a few months ago by my buddy, it ruined my tailgate and my bumper and I painted the bumper on my own the first time. But this second time the body shop painted it uh. This is also vinyl wrap on this for emblem. This one looks better than the front one does, because it’s got the Chrome instead of the black uh color match tailgate handle. I did that myself.(137) My 2018 5.0 f150 build rundown and info 00-02-10 https://www.minimaxxtuner.comI got everybody. Always ask about this license. Plate cover it’s uh Kate’s Customs, on Tik Tok or you can just look up her website. It’S Cas, Kate’s Customs. She sells these in all types of colors.

I bought it a long time ago, they’re only like 15 bucks. I thought it was pretty nice color matched uh tag lights, but even though they do got water in them. Cuz I like $ 10 on Amazon uh 5 in draw pitch. It was a lot cleaner than this. I was going to end up polishing it and uh back when it snowed.

200,000 MILE REVIEW OF MY 2017 F250 6.7 POWERSTROKE!3434

I was pulling people out and I didn’t know that someone hooked a chain to it and it scratched the crap out of it. I was like a $ 250 hitch, so I’m pretty mad about that. But I mean it is what it is. It’S a trailer hitch. It’S going to get messed up, color match sensors, uh, candy apple, red powder, coated, hitch, hitch, pins um.

I have no blocks in the rear as of right now no blocks in the rear, uh Quadro wheel, light express wheel lights, make sure you get 17s. If you have a F-150 cuz, I got 15s in the front didn’t want to fit. I had to make them fit fours and fives G13. I have 2in adapters for F-150 5 % on the back windows, 15 % on the front windows. These always stay on because I had to do that.

(137) My 2018 5.0 f150 build rundown and info 00-02-10

Light switch small where you put a pen in them to keep them where they stay on. On the little thing, you can look that up on YouTube the go light back 89 months ago, color matched it. I don’t know how much I got in that, but it’s just the Amazon go. Live everybody always ask about that. Go light too uh.

This is just trudel catback, all the way back to 5 in tips for exhaust. Yes, I still have cats and yes, this truck is insanely loud. I am going to get a a custom diff cover eventually, but not yet don’t know what I want to go with, for that it’ll probably be when I end up doing the whole rear end over cuz, I’m going to end up selling these tails and getting some And painting them on the inside myself, doing these bed rails and getting a toolbox and I’m going to change my decals all on the back. I think I’m going to go for a different color, the interior. I painted door handles vents radio thing all the vents over there.

The door handles back door handles. I painted the whole center console uh painted this, but I wrapped it in electrical tape. Cuz, I hold my hand here a lot and I didn’t want it to freaking ruin the paint, because my hands sweat a lot. If you can’t tell when get my hands black and crap working, I come in here and I touch this steering wheel cover the steering wheel. Cover is black on the top.

So if I hold down here a lot, I didn’t want to ruin the paint. So I put something over it: people always ask about that. Uh just got a little tree hanging cuz. Why not uh these mats got these last fit mat sent to me by last fit and I’ve been meeing to make a video of, but I keep forgetting about it. These mats, I had Weather Tech mats in here before these.

(137) My 2018 5.0 f150 build rundown and info 00-02-10

These mats are so much better than the weather tech mats. They don’t catch your feet when you’re trying to jump out of the truck they ain’t too big and bulky. They don’t Smack against your door. When you shut your door they’re way easier to clean way. More flexible, I mean I like them way more and they’re like not as round right there for the F-150s, where the gas pedal is.

This is my wheel. Light switch uh, steering wheel cover came from local boy, Outfitters uh, I have no seat covers, but I want to get some brown seat covers or something cuz. I don’t want my seat to rip um. Like I said I painted the these two vents on the truck. The same color as the front lift and the rear hitch receiver cuz.

That’S the outside color combo, I’m going for uh! This truck is got. This does have the sunroof. I am going to do a Starlight headliner soon, I’m waiting for it to get warmer today is really warm, but it hasn’t really been this warm here lately. So I’m waiting for it to get real warm to do this, so I can go around with no headliner.

For a few days, it’s going to take me a while uh tin strip with a few stickers, but I’m probably about to have to get rid of these stickers because I’m about to get this whole windshield tinted in 15 %. Hopefully, this week sometime, because I’m tired of it not being tinted um, what else my girlfriend’s name’s over there I’ve had that on there. I think that’s one of the first things I ever did this truck put her name on the dash over there. The back also also this last fit rear mat for these F-150s is perfect. Like look at this fitment perfect around all the gaps.

Look at this perfect under there perfect back there perfect under here, look how it goes so clean through here my freaking Weather Tech. It hangs up right here and you would catch your feet on it. Every time you tried to get out these things are so perfect. You forget they’re there. Most of the time like I can’t I couldn’t be more happier with these mats like they have really really really been great so far, and I’ve only had them in here for like 2 weeks but world’s better than weather techs.

I love WeatherTech, but for the money. These are like quite a bit cheaper and, in my opinion, they’re, better uh ask for the doors and the sound for the audio and everything thing I got D 6.5 ds18s in the front and the rear doesn’t hardly have any base. I did have 48s back here, but I ended up trading my 48 for the that lift kit, and I was running my buddy’s 18 for a little while, but it’ll be all right, I’m about to get some subs back. I just don’t know what I want to go with.

I don’t know if I want to go with 2 10. If I want to go with 41, if I want to go 48s again, I don’t really know for sure I’m going to figure something out. I just don’t know what I want to go with as of right now, but I painted this also so gray, darker gray cuz. I didn’t really like the light light gray color these trucks have on the interior at the beginning, this door does squeak. I don’t know why this door squeaks, but I’ve been trying to figure out why it does it for the longest time I tried to put WD40 on it.

It still does it. So I don’t know: what’s up at this door, but other side, girlfriend’s name the painted vents painted door, handle um painted center console. I don’t know if I want to keep this red to be honest with you. I might end up going with some ones off of Amazon that are like that black wood, color cuz. I think it might just look a little bit better for an interior.

I don’t know if I like the red on the interior, that much everybody tells me they like it. I just don’t know how much of a fan I am of it. I mean it stands out. I don’t know, I probably just need y’all’s opinions. To be honest, I got all topes of air fresheners up there.

I got to get rid of those for real, but um other than that I mean that’s the interior. It’S got the heated and cooled seats. These seats do massage it’s aarat that has massage seats. I said it, nobody believes it, but it’s true uh, so I mean this thing is technically a platinum or a Lariat, limited Lariat Platinum. Whatever you want to call it.

It’S the fully loaded Lariat, I mean it’s got everything that the other trucks have minus the different color seats and the different color interior. I mean it’s fully loaded, there’s the Tik Tok, that’s what I usually do my videos and stuff on. If you want to go check that out, but uh, I don’t remember where I got the bullet antenna from, but I’ve had this thing on here forever this sticker’s about to go. I don’t know I don’t know what I was thinking when I put that on there, but yeah Flawless whip sticker. I think that was the very first sticker I ever put on the truck.

I really like that sticker. I think I’m going to keep it for a while. It’S how the truck sits from a distance I’ll be so ready to get that windshield. Tinted did y’all, hear the truck. That was a few exhaust clips of the truck like I said these tires.

Whe, grab rocks bad all right I’ll, get back to yall. When I get back to the house, all right made it back to the house had to take her in. We had her get something to drink. She was getting pretty hot. She had to have some wind on her going down the road uh yeah.

This is the F-150. I’M sure I missed a few things earlier, but I don’t know if I think of anything else, I’ll put it in the description. I think I pretty much told everything. It’S done to pretty close at least

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