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More Problems With The $27,000 6.7L Powerstroke! REGRET’S IT’S BAD

Do you have ten thousand dollars in the bank account actually in a separate bank account just so you can fix your truck dude. That’S what I tell everybody like you go on Facebook, and you see these kids, who are like I just looking at diesels for my first truck. Do you have 10 grand in your savings account, and do you have a job that pays more than 50 Grand a year yeah and it’s like? Can you afford the truck payment plus right the repairs? Monthly?
Oh boy! That’S that’s! Definitely our problem. I got some oil here that doesn’t appear to be an oil pan link yeah, we’ll we’ll figure it out later. That’S got it.
We got to bring the truck back down, but it’s hitting your drive shaft and it’s spinning and it’s just kicking all over the side. But it’s a good rust, preventative I’d, say foreign, so we’re back with another awesome episode with the Ford power, stroke: 2011, 6.7 liter. So the last video we did on this truck it had excessive Blow by he paid 27 000. For this truck – and I was asking you guys in the comments – is that a good deal or not?
When we popped the hood, we saw a lot of excessive blow-by coming out of the oil uh cat. When you pull the oil cap, you’ll see it coming out of the crankcase and it didn’t look good, especially for it being a rebuilt motor. We did some more digging and we realized that it was a crankcase ventilation. We’Ll talk more about that, but we even have more issues with this truck, which we are going to put on the Hoist and show you I’m not exactly sure. Actually before we get started Nick go ahead and pop the hood start, the truck.
Let’S check that that uh ventilation and see if it got any better, it’s actually going to be worse than last time because the hose fell off in a customer’s driveway. There is wide open, so it’s venting right into the engine bay, so you’ll see it and it probably smells good huh. Oh, it smells amazing yeah, it’s good for your health, so hers like a kitten yeah. It runs. I’M gon na pull that oil cap yeah you’re right.
More Problems With The $27,000 6.7L Powerstroke! REGRET’S IT’S BAD
It’S not going to be here, but new Rings, new Pistons new everything. So I was very thankful to the to the fellows in the comments there uh just kind of explaining what goes on with these six sevens. With the crankcase tunnelation, that was very comforting, it was it’s normal, it is. It is it’s very normal for these apparently so, especially with the reroute system, so I got some hose in the back and we’re just going to Route it all the way to the back of the truck right. It’S not coming up under the cab.
That’S one of the worst things about that is, if it’s vented into the engine bay or right under the cab, if you’re, not, if you don’t have the recirculate going on on your on your fan, literally, those Vapors come right into the cab and it stinks either Way we’re getting too much into this. Let’S go ahead and take it on a test. Drive he’s got some really concerning issues he’s going to drive it to Chicago. The only thing that happens is uh when you’re pulling out into the road from an intersection under throttle. Turning hard, the steering wheel sticks the steering itself kind of sticks to one side or the other okay.
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So if you’re under throttle that time, of course, so right now steering is perfectly straight: it steers great right. I guess let’s wait until we get up to the center section, we’ll see if it does you’re saying when it turns it actually like stays in one spot for a little bit. So it feels like it sticks to that side. When you try to bring it back to Center okay, then it pulls really hard to the side that you were just turning and the steering wheel is off yeah. I don’t know 15 degrees, something like that.
It’S not getting back in the same direction right right and then you have to correct it by going the opposite direction. But then, if you do the same thing on the other, it does it both ways. So the assumption is U-joints are sticking U-joints, so it could be a needle bearings. Yes, so, and as far as I know, these are the original 252 400 mile U-joints. Possibly so you got a quarter million miles in this truck on the on the chassis.
More Problems With The $27,000 6.7L Powerstroke! REGRET’S IT’S BAD https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
Yes, so I have no idea if those original there they can’t be original at this mileage. Let me know in the comments guys have you seen U-joints last that long, I think so I don’t know it seems like it’s like intermittent Full Throttle. So it’s because it’s because you’re here come on man. Well, you need to go under throttle like that. Or can you just turn normally nope?
It will not do it if I’m turning gently. So it’s almost like when you turn the steering wheel, it’s binding it a little bit, not binding it, but it’s uh you’re going fast. Maybe it’s only when the internals are hot. I don’t know video over right. Why are you here front end problems?
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I know all about it. You know I’m a different guy, so I mean this is not I’ve got less front end problems than you do. Oh man. Yes, I should do it right now, you’re pulling in the driveway. No, you can feel it when you’re trying when you’re trying to come back to Center, you can feel it getting stuck.
Let’S just go ahead and get it in the garage get it on the hallway I’ll bet you when we pull those U-joints, we’ll actually be able to feel some play. Well, let’s see, let’s see we’re gon na go ahead and pull these U-joints now yep Safety. First, yeah see how much far forward this is. Oh, don’t just stop. Stop!
More Problems With The $27,000 6.7L Powerstroke! REGRET’S IT’S BAD
Stop! Stop yeah great um yeah we’re gon na we’re gon na be safe about this can’t forget those Jacks we lower the truck. Of course. Actually that’s happened once before, believe it or not. That was scary yeah.
It happened to me once yeah. I was lowering my truck and I forgot that I had the jack on the very back of the truck. Oh, it was scary yeah, you see it. No, that’s not that you’re doing. Is it.
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That’S the seal. Yeah, it’s the seal, uh, you joint, it feels blown, so the U-joint isn’t moving too much. Actually, it’s the seal straight axle yeah. This is where it’s at man, but it does seem like they come with their own set of problems. Let me know in the comments, if you own a Ford uh, F250 plus, and you guys had any issues.
Let me know in the comments. What is some of the problematic issues with these front ends, so we forgot the grease gun. We at least need that. Oh Safety: First with your driving hear that turbo, oh. For me it does sound good.
More Problems With The $27,000 6.7L Powerstroke! REGRET’S IT’S BAD
Doesn’T it oh yeah? This is the uh. Everybody already knows this, but for some of you guys, just stopping in this is the RDS 64 millimeter, nine blade turbo. They just came out not too long ago and they’re they’re a hoop to say the least. They definitely it was loud.
Well, the truck moves, it’s a lot faster than it used to be. People say that the 60, the best counting Turbo out there, maybe that’s for a stock truck, but it does have the best-selling turbo. I do the 03 turbos, maybe on a stock truck, but this thing yeah. This thing moves, oh yeah, well, even like when I get on the turbo that surge that surge noise isn’t the best, but it sounds good when it oh it didn’t do it that time, but it’s a Friday morning, I don’t care yeah need my Engine light everybody’s at work, so we’re back in the garage he’s getting uh the hose for the ventilation. I don’t that’s a one inch.
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That’S all you can find, but it’ll be fine dude. I can’t believe you’re up there. Look at this. I got it on eBay for uh sixty dollars, eBay, Jacks, yeah, okay, all right! Just don’t jump, don’t jump!Dude, don’t jump, don’t do it. Don’T even do it? Oh boy! That’S that’s! Definitely our problem!

That’S why the seal is so blown out yeah. It’S moving! A lot oh, that sucks, so these do have to get replaced. Oh yeah, it’s it’s crazy that you did that because we were rattling around. We didn’t really notice anything, but I guess if you’re going up and down, I guess what you have to do is move the actual axle shaft itself, the shaft up and down oh actually side to side.
More Problems With The $27,000 6.7L Powerstroke! REGRET’S IT’S BAD
Do that again yeah. I guess it would be side to side and up and down look at how much that’s moving the U-joints toast. Unfortunately, we can’t yeah, no, unfortunately, that one’s bad too, not as bad, it’s not as bad, but there’s definitely play in it side to side up and down, not as bad as that side, though, all right, so we have our seals. This is going to be the outer seal from my understanding, which we’re going to go ahead and and uh we’re gon na pull off the old one put the new one on, and then we have. This is the inner seal, it’s Napa part and it’s powered by.
I act like I know what I’m doing over here on this bird. Oh, it’s full of dirt. It does not sound like a baby rattle right, yep, that’s off sweet IE! Here we go look at your brake Shield, he’s in good shape man! That’S a winner!
Yeah! It’S like suctioned in there. Oh, my God, boom! Oh before we do anything. I want to Mark orientation somehow because I don’t want to put it in the wrong direction so like it came out like this right.
So maybe, if we wan na draw a line or something foreign s on the back there, this is way different than a Chevy for sure way. More beefier and uh that Steel’s done ski in there, which we’re gon na have to replace oh yeah. You guys can see this is where he’s getting his play right there look at that. That’S so much up and down, not here or here so much, but right here put two on the side. Two of the four sides are just toast.
More Problems With The $27,000 6.7L Powerstroke! REGRET’S IT’S BAD
I can only imagine what that sounds like it doesn’t sound again, really, no, I’m not going to beat these off and then we’ll uh get the seal off. Oh, maybe we should get the seal off. First, let’s grab your hair Hammer. Yeah yeah, I think better work. There it goes found that one out and then we’ll do these love the sunglasses.
I actually lost my eye protection. I don’t know where it went there. We go that one’s seized in they’re, pretty good, though if we got to get that one out. If I can still get it out, smoked they’re supposedly supposed to be needle bearings in there yeah they’re, not they’re, flat, bearings they’re flat bearings. Those Are Gon na Roll, really good.
So yeah go ahead and found this one off put the new one on and then we’ll go ahead and get this axle back on there all right. So I was able to get the seal out, and this sucks right here check this out. Look at that. I mean here’s the new seal, so I went ahead and just put a bunch of axle grease on there. I ran to a little bit of an issue, though so, basically, when I put it here right, we got to press it in.
So that’s the important part. It’S got to get pressed in um. The driver that we have this big old grill right here will not obviously go all the way in to press it in because this is for the outer seal or the inner outer seal if you will um. So how do I get that in there? I don’t have like I need something this circumference right here that I can put in there and just tap it in. I don’t have that tool. Oh Duramax piston no way hold on hold on. Let’S see here here come on over here it matches just perfectly look at that, maybe maybe a little bigger. I don’t know it’s like.
More Problems With The $27,000 6.7L Powerstroke! REGRET’S IT’S BAD
 We even have a little area back here. We can tap her in Duramax pissing fixing Ford stuff U-joints installed. We’Re going to slide that in and then go ahead and get that seal pressed in by the way I was joking about that seal in there piston. I actually did get it in correctly. So moving right along, we were able to get the hub off of this side.
This is the driver’s side right here. We got the passenger side already done. We’Re gon na go ahead and finish this up off camera and then we’ll go ahead and take it on a nice little test drive and I’m pretty sure everything will be okay. What do you think so? The other side seems nice and tight.
You said already done: no, not yet no, it actually took us a while a long time honestly that took probably took us like four hours. Let’S not talk about it, but let’s just keep moving. You guys can see. There’S no play at all we’re good, we’re all set up nothing! It’S all good!
Now the big Ford stupid duty is ready to ride okay, so we’re at like day two right now. We did not film the reaction because we had to leave or something or it was yeah yeah you had to take off. We ran out of time that job was pretty extensive, it didn’t mean it may have not looked like that in the camera, but it really was. Oh, it took a long. I did we were fighting those U-joints really bad, at least on the past.
More Problems With The $27,000 6.7L Powerstroke! REGRET’S IT’S BAD
I hope I never have to do that. Ever again, you went Hog Wild with the Sledge yeah. I don’t know if that was on the video but anyways. So let’s, let’s talk about this really quick, um you’ve been on the job. I know that what you do for a living – you use this truck for your livelihood, yeah um about a thousand miles a week.
So actually, since I left here, I think I’ve put about 400 miles on it. Actually, oh wow, that was quick. Oh, you remember with uh the last test drive we did where I was trying to tell you how it actually wasn’t working right, how it was binding up in the steering. It hadn’t done that done that since and it’s I don’t know it’s perfect, it’s perfect! No issue perfect, no issues at all no binding shouldn’t be no everything’s, all nice and tight.
So you showed that earlier in your garage, you saw the couple spots of oil in there. I did an underbody wash well, I got under it the next day and sure enough. There’S still some oil we’re gon na have to put it back up in the air to figure out where that oil is coming from, but there’s nothing in the valley. There’S a little bit of residue back in there from where the CCV tube is coming out of the uh the head there. But I don’t know it’s leaking oil.
It is leaking a little bit of oil. Nano man you wish, you would have went back and just not have bought the truck. Oh, no, I should have got a Duramax. You should get at Cummins. A Cummins would have been fun yeah, but the rest of the truck.It’S terrible with those things. Yeah. I’Ve got no beef against Duramaxes. I don’t like the Interiors of the Cummins, but there’s nothing wrong with the Duramax all right. Let’S trade, her in let’s go to the dealership: let’s do it before they catch that leak.
More Problems With The $27,000 6.7L Powerstroke! REGRET’S IT’S BAD
Let’S go guys we’re gon na. Take it on a little rip for um having that s 300, I don’t know what it is s369 or whatever you have underneath there um it’s nice and quiet and subtle. I mean it shouldn’t really whistle too much, but when the engine is warm, when it’s a little cold that it’s not allowed, it Barks A little bit when you start it off. So this thing drives perfectly straight down the road and it wasn’t before it was it’s. I’Ve never had an issue with the steering going straight down the road.
It’S just when I was turning hard to one side under throttle coming back to center. It would bind up and keep pulling real hard that One Direction and I have to actually go back the opposite way to correct it right, which is why we figured U-joints but uh issues, I’m glad this worked in and actually uh I’m just today. We were talking on the phone because he was going to bring it over here, so we can close this video out and I was just like you know it’s like it. It just never fails. You know you fix one thing on one of these trucks and then just like shortly after that or even before that you knew something was going on and it just gets worse and worse and you think you fixed something, and it’s like he’s.
The second law of Thermodynamics man, it’s like why everything falls apart. There should be a rule like do you have ten thousand dollars in the bank, account actually in a separate bank account just so you can fix your truck dude. That’S what I tell everybody like you. Go on Facebook and you see these kids who are like. I just was looking at diesels for my first truck.
Do you have 10 grand in your savings account, and do you have a job that pays more than 50 Grand a year yeah and it’s like? Can you afford the truck payment plus right the repairs, monthly? It’S nuts, it’s maintenance, I mean driving thousand miles a week. Maintenance is expensive on any vehicle, but more so on a diesel for sure absolutely. But then I also have the farm and we use this and the Excursion with the 7-3.
More Problems With The $27,000 6.7L Powerstroke! REGRET’S IT’S BAD
It’S a haul the horse, all the time, hey everything, yeah horses, hey random trailers. My flatbed sounds good, no more boost leaks, so this is the uh Journey that we’re having. I know I’m kind of waiting on. Actually, let me just tell you, since you’ve waited this far into the video I’m waiting on tuning for the wife Max. I’M also waiting on a few other little parts to come in and then we’re gon na go ahead and close that out.
I know some of you guys have been just hounded me about that truck and trust me. I want it done just as badly as you do so definitely uh subscribe to his channel. He just started a YouTube channel like yesterday. He’S only got two subscribers. I will be his third subscriber uh.
It’S called diesel Ranch I’ll leave that link in the description or in the comments below whatever and also before. I let you guys go, definitely get entered in to win that Turbo Man. I think it’s sweet. Yes, yeah that nine blade everyone’s wanting one. Even if you don’t own a diesel get into it, anyways, because you could just sell the thing for like two grand it’s a super nice turbo.
It’S part of the history of my channel. It used to be my old turbo and the thing is sweet now and then also uh. The second place winner will win that uh already diag 800 BT. It’S a pretty sweet scan tool, so there will be two winners, so get entered in Link in the description. Truckmasterdiesel.
om again, I do appreciate your time as always give me some feedback on the uh. What was it twenty six thousand dollars on this truck? You spent 27 yeah, twenty seven thousand dollars. Was it worth it was it not? Would you pay that much for it?
It does have some perform some modifications that were done of some pretty high dollar. If you will um, if you guys catch my drift and uh, this thing would spank my l5p. I think, but either way it’s it’s not a bad price, but with all the issues that these trucks have, I don’t know if it would be worth it. I know it’s got a rebuilt motor 24 000 miles on the motor now. Well, hopefully, we can work out the Kinks, You know yeah.Well, the chassis is 254 000 miles old. It’S crazy! So yeah it’s, but I mean these. These trucks will go for a long time, they’re, not too worried about it. Keeping up on the maintenance.
It’S got to keep fixing the little things as they come up. Yo well, we’ll see on the next one subscribe on your way out: stay tuned, oh yeah, we’re ready to go! 

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