I Bought THE BEST DIESEL TRUCK On The Market (3rd Gen Dodge Ram 5.9 Cummins)

 I Bought THE BEST DIESEL TRUCK On The Market (3rd Gen Dodge Ram 5.9 Cummins) 00-01-09
https://www.minimaxxtuiner.comHowdy duty today, special day, I think I’m going to upgrade the tow rig and if you’re looking at the thumbnail, then you got an idea. What I’m getting. Hopefully it works out today. Uh got a got a jaunt to get there and I’m going to hop in the car with my buddy. I can’t take my truck cuz.
This is a company vehicle prime example. Why? I need something that I could take a little more long distance but uh yeah. Hopefully it goes well once we pick it up, bring it back I’ll, go through a little more detail of of what it is, what we’re getting ourselves into future projects coming up with it, but the uh main idea with this whole thing is to have a reliable Vehicle so hopefully the trip’s going to be worth it. I think uh, the price that I’m getting it for I’m willing to drive a little bit.
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So let’s hit the road Westbound and Down we’ll. Take you through it. When we get there, my trusty, Steed, baby Indiana, that’s the lamest State sign. I have ever seen in my life. It’S hi, honey, touching horses that you don’t know ill advised, but going to do it anyway, yeah.
Why do they say that you don’t want to get bit oh yeah, which they do be doing that? Well, as you can tell by my mossy oak SE, covers actually, I think they’re Browning they’re coming off, but anyway uh we got. The truck runs drives nice! No! Better way to test it out than jamming her on the interstate, so I’m not going to sit here and talk on my phone we’re going to get moving uh.
 I Bought THE BEST DIESEL TRUCK On The Market (3rd Gen Dodge Ram 5.9 Cummins) 00-01-09
We will be making a pit stop, though I’ll update you when we get  there. Here it is this – is where uh my buddy and I went to school. This is now over 10 years ago. We’Re going to drop on by since we’re close enough. I haven’t been back since I graduated uh.
I don’t know if he has or not, but we’re going to pop into town and grab something to eat, maybe something to drink and then we’ll get back on the road be interesting to be back in town. My buddy went on to do some respectable things with his life wow this whole Street’s different wow. I went on to do well much less things like buy a vehicle with 200,000 M on on it and call it my reliable vehicle. So anyway, I’m going to run down the street here, we’re going to find a place to Gra, you. What are these little Rovers that you’re seeing around here all right?
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Little throwback Thursday, this is where I lived my freshman year in the exact spot, where there’s a picture in the paper, the BG paper, whatever that was called uh with my sister and myself, carrying in my stuff, that was my freshman year dorm hands down the nicest Place that I lived while I was going to school here, if you uh, if you enrolled early enough when um you were going into your freshman year, which I didn’t go to any college tours or anything. If you enrolled early enough, you were able to get into whatever dorm you wanted to, and that was a brand new one. It was the first year second year it was open when I was there, so of course, I elected to go there. What are these things? It’S like an automated snack machine.
I don’t know Library, I spent some time there, but it was only to study for finals with girls that I thought I had a chance with, but that was about it. What oh, what a loser? Wow wow! I was just talking to my buddy, it’s like we’re driving through here and there’s like there’s so much that’s the same, but there’s just so much that’s different and we were thinking about like oh well. What were you doing with all of our tuition money?
 I Bought THE BEST DIESEL TRUCK On The Market (3rd Gen Dodge Ram 5.9 Cummins) 00-01-09
Because it doesn’t seem like any of it was going to education, it was was all going to site improvements, which is fine. I guess regardless I’m driving past uh. The old golf course that used to be it’s no longer there since torn down for new building but uh. My friend that I’m with we used to golf there every every week. That’S pretty much where I learned how to golf taught myself still a hobby that I enjoyed today so anyway.
Here we go. Let’S, let’s get on to what’s called freckers, all right! It’S dark we’re on our way home dinner was good. I wish I took a picture of it, but this waitress had a shirt on which was like a company given shirt and it said on her chest: I’m fighting the W I’m fighting for the war. In my rack, I looked at her I’m like jeez.
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I don’t think it was supposed to be meant in like a progressive way. I think it was for lack of better terms solely about her her rack I around. Where I live it just it. It wouldn’t fly per se, maybe at Town Hall, if you’re into that sort of thing, and just like that, we made it I’m about to pull down my street here 250 miles, and I am impressed for what I paid. I was expecting some uh skeletons in the closet and nothing that I can tell a few quirks here and there which I’ll go through, but as of right now I mean just absolutely flawless.
I am super super pleased. Thank you to my buddy Teter, who uh came along with me: um, not Teeter, as in Yellowstone. We had that nickname for each other well before that show happened, also realized that I didn’t introduce him on this trip, but I’ll insert a picture here. Also, thank you to my other buddy jrod, who I’ve brought up on this channel before I wasn’t expecting him to be here, but I just pulled in at my house. He looks like he’s still here taking care of my dog for me.
 I Bought THE BEST DIESEL TRUCK On The Market (3rd Gen Dodge Ram 5.9 Cummins) 00-01-09
I will catch you all up in the morning, but successful successful trip happy to be, home, so similar, yet so different. So behind me are now my two tow rigs, but this one is meant to replace this one. If you aren’t familiar with the channel, this is my main means of of Towing. It is a 1986 F350 with the 69i diesel in it made by International Harvester uh. It does have a Banks turbo on it.
I love that truck and I will never get rid of it. So don’t worry if you’re a fan of this here truck or if you want to buy it’s just never going to happen that I love that truck. But I don’t want to rely on it as a um, reliable, tow vehicle, especially being I’ve. I’Ve hauled a lot of things behind that truck and the tough part is it’s just you know it’s. The technolog is outdated.
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It’S old! It’S tired! I can only go if I’m hauling a a decent sized car behind it. I can only go 50 on the highway uh that Mercury turnpik cruiser, I trailered home behind the F350, and I think that was like a 3-hour road trip, uh down Southern Ohio uh, and it did just fine. It was just slow and you know it’s just a little nerve-wracking.
You don’t want to break down at night on the side of the road. Needless to say, that’s the reason why I picked this old girl up here, and I say old because it is is still pretty dated, but here’s why? Let’S take a little walk around this is a 2003 Dodge Ram. 2500. It’S got the 59 cumin in it.
 I Bought THE BEST DIESEL TRUCK On The Market (3rd Gen Dodge Ram 5.9 Cummins) 00-01-09
A bigger turbo, supposedly uh straight piped other than that it’s pretty much stock uh, oh smarty, tuner on it, which I think is you know pretty pretty standard for anybody. That’S going to do anything to these old 59 common rails. I have zero experience with any diesel engines really outside of power. Strokes, Internationals, which are you know, kind of one and the same uh. I’Ve always been a Ford guy.
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I still am, however, for this specific vehicle. Sorry, it’s pretty windy. Let me set up here behind the trucks anyway, for this specific truck. My full attention was on not necessarily what I want in looks with a truck and Nostalgia, but solely based on reliability, ease of Maintenance, Towing capabilities, the whole nine. I was really looking for a truck that was just going to be a good, solid Workhorse for me – and this was the answer and so far I haven’t towed anything with it, but so far just you know ticks all my boxes.
That 59 cumin is a inline. Six, rather than a V8, which is what these old 69 were, engine bay, is just a lot less cluttered. I I’m really looking forward to. If I have to when I have to work on this thing, I don’t have to be crammed for space everywhere that I’m turning a wrench. So that’s going to be a huge plus.
The following Behind These cuming engines is just you know the guys that eat sleep and breed these things. They eat sleep and breathe them. They can’t stop talking about them, and I can see why I can understand it. Ford has it’s quirks, you know there. There aren’t a lot of great things about Ford engines there, but I’m a fan, you know, so I’m not going to bash them.
 I Bought THE BEST DIESEL TRUCK On The Market (3rd Gen Dodge Ram 5.9 Cummins) 00-01-09
It’S just that. You know the the cummin engines are just better sorry. This guy stinks anyway, this particular truck it’s from Indiana. I bought it off of a kid. I say kid: he was 24.
He said that uh. You know the part of Indiana that I was in. I kind of had a sneaky suspicion that uh it’s heavily populated with Amish folk, which I know quite a few Amish people. So I I asked them. I said you know.
What’S the story, you broken you English, you know. What’S what’s the deal he said yeah at 17 I broke off from the church. I asked him, you know, what’s the what’s the reason for selling and he said that he’s actually rejoining the church in order to do that, you can’t drive so uh kudos to him, for you know finding the Lord turn around and tell those people I am delivered. However, for my purposes I I fell into a a pretty good deal here again Indiana Truck. However, you look underneath it and you look at the paint.
Ther’S a lot of signs. Cab corners are still there there’s a lot of signs that this was actually. There are a lot of signs that this was actually a southern truck. I wouldn’t be surprised all the paint fading here. Sun fading all the panels aren’t rotted out.
 I Bought THE BEST DIESEL TRUCK On The Market (3rd Gen Dodge Ram 5.9 Cummins) 00-01-09
There are some there’s some rotting that’s going on, but all in all pretty pretty solid truck, so I don’t think it’s spent too much time here in the in the midwest uh, it’s just in it’s in great shape, exterior as a whole, pretty decent. The thing that kind of looks at you and says: hey, I’m ruined is the tailgate she’s pretty well whammied whammy, but that’s okay. I could find a used tailgate on Marketplace for 100 bucks slap, her on and be done with. It came with the original wheels and tires set of four I’ll sell those make some money back there that toolbx in the back I’m going to be yanking out, because I’m actually going to be replacing I’m going to be moving everything from this bed into that one And I have a toolbox back there, so I can make a couple hundred bucks there that’ll be good. The reason why I went with a 2003 was not necessarily just the year 2003, but I wanted somewhere in between an’ 03 and an’ 06, and the reason being is 03 is when the 59 engine had some upgrades to the injection system, uh a little more reliable System and basically the the 59 was the last rendition of a cumin engine that didn’t have emissions control on it.
There’S no DPF, there’s no EGR, you don’t have to deal with any of that crap and that’s what I wanted. I wanted something that was pre-emission, so I didn’t have to deal with the hassle of deleting or or buying a truck that was already deleted, dealing with Ohio eche with a deleted vehicle, blah blah blah, there’s just nothing good about it. I’Ve had a diesel pickup. That was post emission and it was just a pain. I I worried about it every day it was a 64 also, so I kind of bought it and sold it pretty quick.
I also think body style Wise. It’S one of my favorites. I mean the brand new Rams are pretty good looking, but one I can’t afford them and two again all the electronics and all that crap. I didn’t want to deal with it. I just wanted something that was going to be mechanical and simple.
I hope everything’s okay, but also I really wish the siren would just go away. Interior is in great shape, cloth seats all still there uh. I never mentioned. There’S 200,000 Mi on this thing. Actually, I might have mentioned before it’s like 199 uh, just about to roll over, but usually nine times out of 10.
 I Bought THE BEST DIESEL TRUCK On The Market (3rd Gen Dodge Ram 5.9 Cummins) 00-01-09
By that point, the seats are blown out and this center console is just ripped to shreds dashboard’s all there. It’S uh got a cover on it, but that’s all well and good, I’m not mad about that. This is still in great shape. Seats are in great shape. I don’t think those covers that were on it were the covers for the lifetime of the vehicle, but I would venture to Guess that whoever the original owner was probably covered these right away, because these are just in incredible shape for 21 years and 200,000 miles.
So super happy about that. It’S got cruise control, which is way beyond my typical form of luxury with trucks which is great uh I’ll, have to replace that radio that thing’s junk that’s been in there forever. That’S an old gal power windows power locks. That’S another thing! I usually don’t have so that’s great.
I would in here ignore my coffee and water bottle. Uh, usually don’t have a cup holder either. So that’s great um ashtray. Yep cigarettes are in there, those aren’t cool, don’t smoke, kids, the only person that looks cool while smoking cigarettes is JB Mooney. So if you ain’t JB Mooney, don’t be smoking cigarettes or vaping back seat.
I got my dog cover back here, but uh same story with the seats great shape. I brought batteries cuz. He said the batteries in it were dead because it’s been sitting ever since he went back to the church. It didn’t need batteries, it just needed a 3-hour road trip and uh they charge right up. So that’s great another thing that I’m super excited for that I’ve never had before on any of my trucks.
 I Bought THE BEST DIESEL TRUCK On The Market (3rd Gen Dodge Ram 5.9 Cummins) 00-01-09
Is I parked this in my driveway last night with nothing underneath it no drip pans or anything wanted to see where itwas leaking? And I swear God’s honest truth: not a single drip, not under any of the diff cover not under the engine, not under the transmission, no leaks. Now, with all this being said, this truck I’ve been looking. I’Ve been looking at the market for a while. I didn’t necessarily need one right now, but I’ve been keeping my eye out just to feel it out see where it’s at this one popped up and uh.
It was already listed at a good price, it’s said or best offer, so you know I inquired how low are you willing to go? You know I didn’t want to didn’t, want to take the guy for ransom or anything, but it’s said or best offer. Okay, that’s what I’m saying stop judging me anyway, I inquired about the price he met me at a very, very reasonable price of $ 6,500. Don’T tell me whether it’s a good deal or it isn’t don’t tell me I robbed the guy. I don’t care.
I asked he agreed. I know it’s a good price. Okay with that said, I was figuring on the way home, hey teer Drive close because I’m probably going to break down and nothing nothing, no issues it. It drove perfectly fine cruise control even worked. Are you kidding?
I’Ve been screwed on a lot of deals. I found some some Gremlins with the amount of vehicles that I’ve purchased this one so far, fingers crossed knock on wood. It’S a winner, so plans with this here gal I’ll. Tell you one thing: first order of business is [ Music ]. This perfect, I don’t know what it is about: Cummins, guys and 60 Power, Stroke, guys and gals.
What is it with these stupid exhaust tips? I don’t understand it anywy. That was driving me nuts. So, first mod to the truck done speaking of exhaust, I have to say: maybe it’s because it’s an inline 6, you kind of got it from my meme earlier something about being over 2,000 RPM. In this thing, the exhaust kind of sounds like an old Civic.
I don’t know what it is: it’s just that that droney annoying sound. Maybe it’s me getting old may, but a Part of Me Part of Me kind of wants to put a muffler back on this thing. I don’t know if I’m going to do it or not. I don’t know cuz, it sounds good otherwise, like at idle anything under 2,000. Rpm sounds great.
It’S really really cool sounding the turbo sounds awesome, but yeah over two ,000, like on the highway, just just drony. Juset I don’t. I don’t know if I really like that, but plans for the engine. I have none we’re going to do. Maintenance uh, make sure I asked about injectors.
He said he doesn’t have any sort of receipt or history of cuz. He gave me a stack of receipts for everything that he did to it. He doesn’t have any sort of Maintenance history on the injectors and it is at 200,000 Mi and I he bought it at 160. So it’s it’s probably due for injectors. So I’m going to make sure that I’m giving it all the fuel additive and putting a really good fuel filter on there might help prolong but I’ll just kind of keep that.
In the back of my mind, transmission was another thing that I was worried about. Shift’S, just fine we’ll keep an eye on that too. Whatever the tune is right now I’ll, be sure to kind of put it as more of an economy if it isn’t already and uh crank it up to a tone type tune. If I have to so yeah engine, no modifications planned paint, definitely going there’s. You know a few Rusty spots, nothing bad down here on the bed that needs to be patched and Rockers cab.
Corners are all there, but Rockers are a little bit rotted out, but again, not too shabby. If I’m going to do that, I’m going to paint it the way that I like it so we’ll do a whole video on paint I’ll show you how I do it and it’s definitely your your backyard type paint job, I’m no professional! When it comes to that business, but I’m thinking put a a lighter, color up top and then all the trim, all the plastic trim and bumpers and the uh lower quarter of the doors and bed doing uh like a dark bronze like the new Rams, have like The expensive ones and painting the wheels that same color, I think, that’ll, look really good. I got some plans for off-road lights to help me with recoveries that’ll, be nice, throw a good radio in it. Backup camera yeah just little things here and there is really all I’m going to do.
I didn’t buy this thing to be working on it every day, one it’s too new for me to stay interested in I mean I I like the older stuff, but there are things that I would like to do to it just to make it mine. You know. So we’ll we’ll do a few things here and there other than that. That’S pretty much it. Let me know what you guys think.
Did I make the right choice? Is this the answer to what I was looking for? If there was another truck that you had in mind for me, let me know I’d love to hear your thoughts, but it’s too late. I’M excited for this thing. I’M going to clean it up, get all my crap from this bed into this one and we’re going to use this thing.
It’S going to be put to work on this channel, I’m really excited for it, but for now that’s all I got for you, so I will see you on the next next one, don’t worry, we got plenty coming up. This is kind of a filler video right now, because I got a lot a lot going on. So do me a favor subscribe to the channel like the video share. It follow me on Instagram at knock Ranch Tik Tok at knock rranch Facebook at knock Ranch. It’S all the same, and with that I will see you all in the next one, but do not forget don’t be afraid to grab that wrench get after it.

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