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H&S MINIMAX Diesel TUNER Full COMPREHENSIVE Review & FEATURES!!! https://www,minimaxxtuner.com

Hey what’s up everyone I’m nice day, today’s video is a tuner and this video is being made because of this. So this used to just be a problem when it was cold outside but, as you can see, open the truck door today and oh look and when I closed it up, it had on that’s a real, quick I’ll show you how it is wired. What I did just stuff up here, obviously it’s got an HDMI that plugs into the back of it that takes care of the power and all the info that has to go through it. So I took that down in here, smelling to it and settles out of the way it comes down here. I have the excess wire all coiled up here.

This is the module. The module is wired into an accessory wire. These wires here is where I have the power for the switch for the light bar hooked onto pretty simple. That’S grounded, we’ve got the fuse, got the plug HDMI plugs into this. This has another wire that plugs into the OBD.
Oh, my god. We need to port right here now that states plugged in it’s out of the way. You won’t know I’m standing and then it comes with a suction cup mount and it just sticks onto the windshield very poorly, but it does, however, stick there [ Music ] once warm and warm places. You won’t have much trouble with it. We’Re here, it’s minus 30.
H&S MINIMAX Diesel TUNER Full COMPREHENSIVE Review & FEATURES!!! https://www,minimaxxtuner.com
Sometimes that just falls off all the time, the rubber that feels it gets hard and comes off the windshield. You can get more permanent pieces of console that this clips into first things. First, we’re going to get the remote for the drone and yeah. So I’m go down the road, [ Music ], all right good, so I hope you’re enjoying the channel filter. And today, as I mentioned earlier, we are doing a review on the minimax tuner.
It’S I’m liking it so far. I bought it on eBay for 950 dollars from a guy. I believe it was used, but it’s working out pretty good following it’s been a really good machine. It’S been completely reliable. I’Ve got the few hundred hours put on now it works.
h&s mini maxx tuner https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
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Well, I mean it’s doing what it’s supposed to do, so I got really no complaints better. That way now this particular one it’s nice, because you can monitor everything. You monitor your throttle, you’re, giving it trans temp all temp coolant, temp your Pyro’s, which is your exhaust temperature. It lets you monitor whatever you want for two months. It gives you a speed.
It allows you to correct speed for tire size. It can. You can turn your TPMS off the tire pressure monitoring system. You can turn that off. It’S like you’re like me, especially in the winter where I air down my tires.
H&S MINIMAX Diesel TUNER Full COMPREHENSIVE Review & FEATURES!!! https://www,minimaxxtuner.com
A lot gives you more traction, a better service area. So that’s nice you’re able to shift on the fly. It’S got two big buckles on the right side of it and what that allows you to do is let’s say: you’re running in a mile tune like stock or tow, there’s stock, tow Street and performance on this. One, let’s say: you’re running mild, you’re going stock or tow and let’s say you want to pass Pacific, you know, but we really need that power to pass them right, because it’s a turn coming up and go on pass and endanger anyone right. So, of course, you got to use it without use the boss horses stroke.
You click up the button a few times, it’ll make a beat just like that, while you’re driving you have all the power in the world, it’s probably close to 500 horsepower. It sort of feels like mekin testing, follow all that Fanta Tudor on a hop tune. It’S really easy to ship tunes. It’S really easy to use I’ll. Give you a little rundown of have used it.
It has different color options. Kamiya, have it set green in the date on and read at night a nice feature about this is when you turn your lights off. It’Ll give you your daily color switches, green black, as I’ve mentioned, and when you turn your lights on, then it goes to red. So if you have automatic headlights it does all this automatically, which is cool as [ __ ], and if you don’t like me, I don’t have automatic is like it’s not completely basic truck, but it’s missing stuff like like automatic is like, and I like it. I, like that feature, it’s the it comes in handy.
You know people when they’re when they take the screen and monitor tuners are saying something four or five inches long. Now this thing is audience matched identically to a credit card. The toons, my like stock is really stuck, I mean you’re, not gaining anything, and you can feel it toh. I find it wakes it up a little bit hardly noticeable. I think it’s like 20 or 30 horsepower and in seven and eight thousand pound truck you’re not noticing that so now on Street on Street is pretty lively.
H&S MINIMAX Diesel TUNER Full COMPREHENSIVE Review & FEATURES!!! https://www,minimaxxtuner.com
It’S ready to go and you can feel it’s pretty is really peppy the throttle responses there and it’s a Hall. That’S right in performance forget about it. There is not a single Civic out there. That is touching. You, eight thousand pound truck you’ll walk me every done.
How to left on performance once I didn’t notice it I was driving around a little community tires, are spinning everywhere, instant throttle response. I was thrown back into the seat every five seconds. It’S just a lot of power, cific passing power, so displays things like what gear you’re in. If the torque converter is locked, and I find that a good thing to have it shows you would tune your in I’m in tow right now. Tells you what driver here in manual it will say that, if you’re in drive and say that for the gear you’re like, for example, that says we’re in fourth gear that says d4 great, I can’t see it maybe again and it does.
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The torque converter is locked, which makes it possible to do this here. The feature that I really like is the performance testing public roads used above so you have your quarter-mile performance test zero to sixty mile performance test. I will be soon making an acceleration video with this truck. We are going to use this. It’S pretty cool, that’s here.
This is what I have set up right now, throttle if I give it throttle. That’S all the way down to the floor, coolant, temperature and fuel pressure. You can select what you want. The big gauge on. I have that on till pressure you can put on coolant feed throttle so anyways, I’m really happy with a lot about it.
H&S MINIMAX Diesel TUNER Full COMPREHENSIVE Review & FEATURES!!! https://www,minimaxxtuner.com
I’M glad about that one simple to use. It was easy to hook up, it works really well. The whole system is just pause and everything perfectly it’s clean. It’S only got one wire going to look. You leave it plugged in that monitors and tune.
You don’t need to take it out. It was pretty simple and with a good amount to me, the suction cup mounts only temporary and they make it cheap because they know that method properly and you’ll have a pretty good setup there. A clean, looking setup. Well, the weather is turning pretty shitty. I won’t get a nice drone foot the landscape around see.
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I just do bad, but I’ll get it tomorrow. Anyways hope you guys enjoyed this video because well I tried hard. I hope you come back to off more of them. I hope to see you guys again very soon, trying to upload daily now, which is nearly impossible with the internet we have here, but I’m going to give it damn good shot. Ivan histogram, KP danger YouTube, follow that for cool pictures and updates on the channel.
Scrod helps me you’ll get to see all my new videos in case you know a good one. Ever comes in you guys, you guys have a great day. That’S the dog – oh my god. Oh my god.
H&S MINIMAX Diesel TUNER Full COMPREHENSIVE Review & FEATURES!!! https://www,minimaxxtuner.com

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