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H&S mini Maxx Auto tuner Black screen repair

H&S mini Maxx Auto tuner Black screen repair https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
In this repair article, we’re going to be working on an hns mini max lunar that came in for what appears to be a black screen. Let’S read what the customer wrote. I have an hns mini max lunar. The reason i want to send it to because i saw you on youtube from eight months ago – fixing one of these. The problem with mine is the screen.
Just went black now we have no circuit diagrams for this device. We have no board diagrams for this device. So everything is going to be based on our physical inspection. Let’S go ahead and take a look at the board and see if we see anything obvious when i say anything obvious, i mean hole in a chip, burn mark blown component and we use the same procedure with any device tablets. Phones, whatever the case may be, and sometimes by just doing physical inspection, you can tell what the problem is right there.
h&s mini maxx tuner https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
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This component is right next to the hdmi port and based on the labels that i see on here, it appears to be a diode and that’s, what’s probably causing black screen. Let’S continue with the inspection, so you see it only took 20 seconds to figure out the problem and everything looks good on the side of the board. I did not remove the board yet, but maybe i should let’s remove the screw, so we can inspect the board to see if there’s anything obvious on back of the board. I just want to take a look at this side of the board here to see if there is anything obvious. Okay back of the board looks good, looks mint, actually very good condition.
So we only have that burnt component and i do have donor boards for this device, and people ask me: where do you get your donor boards from i buy them? I buy them if somebody’s selling this device used broken, not working, i buy it because i use it for parts. You cannot get those parts from anywhere unless you know what that part is, and it’s always more efficient when you have a donor board in stock, because you can just remove that component from the donor board. Put it on the customer’s board and job is done. You don’t have to order the port wait for it, some of the parts on the board.
H&S mini Maxx Auto tuner Black screen repair https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
We do not even know what that part is so to make life easier and since we’ve done work on those devices before i stock up on donor boards. So in cases like this, i can easily change the component and we’re all good. Let’S start by removing this component. If i want to use hot air, i need to remove the screen from the board right here. So we need to remove that piece of tape and undo the screen from the board right there.
We’Re gon na focus it on this component. Only done okay and now we’re gon na grab the component from the donor board. But before we do so, let’s prop the board and add some solder onto the pads. Okay, now we’re gon na grab. The donor board focus it on that component.
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Only and that’s why we are using this narrow, nozzle, okay and let’s focus it on this area and we’re gon na reflow that component down in place just like that job is done. Okay, so now i put the motherboard inside the casing, but we need to test it. How are we going to test this? The good news is, we do have two other hms tuners that we are fixing. One of them has a bad hdmi port and the other has no power.
One of them came with the cable that hooks up to the vehicle, so i think i’m gon na go outside to the vehicle and test it to see if it’s working and maybe i’ll record that footage on my cell phone, so we can test it together. So we’re gon na go outside to my dad’s vehicle. It’S parked right at the corner here and we’re gon na try and see if it works. Okay, yeah, okay, okay, okay, so, let’s see we’re gon na plug the cable right on the bottom. Here i think that’s the one great we’re going to plug the hdmi cable.
H&S mini Maxx Auto tuner Black screen repair https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
Now, look at that. Look at that. It’S working i just need to clean the screen here. It’S working awesome awesome device is fixed. Let me undo this cable invoice and send this back to the customer.
Okay job is done. I hope you enjoyed the video, don’t forget to like and subscribe and we’ll do something else in the next article.

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