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How to add 230+ HP to your 6.7 Powerstroke via Ez Lynk Tuner

How to add 230+ HP to your 6.7 Powerstroke via Ez Lynk Tuner https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
hey guys. This is my 2015 f250 power stroke and today we’re gon na be going over this ez link installation and we’re gon na be talking about a couple pros and cons. I also have it mixed with an iPad. It will show you is the connector that you’ll use here. I’Ve got this piece plugged into this obd2 port, and then I’ve got it ran up here so that I can have easy access to it right here.
But it’s super simple. This just comes out plug this. In and then you’re gon na get your mount over here and you’ll plug it in just like so, and then you’ll see these red and blue lights come on. That means that it’s trying to get a signal from this to your truck as soon as those go away, we’re good to go. So that’s the installation super simple, okay, guys now that we’ve got that installed after that super simple process: we’re gon na actually move over to the auto agent app.
How to add 230+ HP to your 6.7 Powerstroke via Ez Lynk Tuner https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
You can download this on Apple, Android or any iOS software, and this is how I used choose to use mine. So this is my iPad. You can do this. Like I said on your phone, you can get mounts that go up here on the dash or anywhere up in your window as well. I chose to do this because I, like the looks of it and I like to watch YouTube blood drive, so you come into here and here’s your auto agent, gon na say connecting so.
h&s mini maxx tuner https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
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The first thing we actually have to do here is you’re, going to go to your settings and you’re going to connect it with Wi-Fi, so you’re going to go here, and it’s going to be the name of your easy list which you can find on the back. Here, that’s how I find the YouTube name right: there come up here and then we’re gon na connect, those and then we’ll move over to the app here mm-hmm. So after this pulls up here. This is gon na, be your gauge dashboard, but the first thing that you’re gon na do when you first open you’re gon na get a little bit of a different screen. So what I have here is it’s connected to my truck.
How to add 230+ HP to your 6.7 Powerstroke via Ez Lynk Tuner https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
So then it has my VIN number in my truck and then the technician that is responsible for updating my tune, so you’re gon na have to buy a tune pack with this, I choose to go through tyrant, diesel and the cool thing about this tuner, and actually, Why I switched, is I like to switch trucks a lot, and so I actually got this one, because I can take this and it’s not synced with my truck, so it can be tuned to this truck and I can actually take it and chin another truck and Plug it in and as many of those as I want and with my km as well it’ll actually go over just some basics in the in the app here in the auto agent. This is kind of what’s gon na, be your handheld tuner. That’S the cool thing about it being on your phone. You don’t have to have a cord, that’s hanging out and if you don’t want to mess with any of this stuff and if having your gauges up is not important to you which to me, it is especially when I’m pulling a big load like my camper and Toy hauler: I want to have my gauges up here, but you can actually unplug this and get it out of the way after the tuners after the tune is uploaded, can install them coming down to data logs here. If you need to send anything in, you can hit this record right here and it’s gon na it’s gon na record the data from how your truck is running and you can actually send that to your agent, that’s responsible for your tuning!
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So that’s how you do data logs there, I’m gon na stop that discard, because we don’t need to run any here vehicle details. So if you change your tire size, you can change it here, your speedometer! You can also change with your tire size and your TPMS. You can either turn that off or adjust it. The reason why you would want to ever adjust it is.
How to add 230+ HP to your 6.7 Powerstroke via Ez Lynk Tuner https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
I I’ve run a 20,000 pound camper. When I have my camper on the back, even with my bags full. I want my tires to kind of absorb some of that shock as well and so I’ll air down my tires to about 65 psi instead of 80. So that way I get a little bit better ride and that’s why you’d want to ever do that. The next cool thing that you can do here is this Diagnostics, and you can actually set your TPMS.
You can reset your whole computer in your truck and you can set the tire size and then here you can have other vehicles so, like I said before, I could unclip this and take it and hook it to my can-am. My can-am would show up right here with the VIN number and everything and then, when I plug it in it would switch over. And then, if I wanted to see any of my vehicles, it would go to their other cool thing that you have here is you? Can read all your trouble codes and you can clear codes as well unless you’re driving on utah highways, then i don’t recommend it, but you can do everything here. You can see all your trouble codes and you can actually read this while you’re driving.
How to add 230+ HP to your 6.7 Powerstroke via Ez Lynk Tuner https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
That’S one cool thing I like about this platform as well, and you can actually chat here with your agent as well. So if my agent was available, I could go in and type a message. Hey. My truck is doing this or hey. I just sent you a data log.
Is there any way that you could go over it and tell me why my trucks doing this or you know if he has any questions or if you want to run a diagnostic, and he wants to see a little bit more? What’S going on that, you can see firsthand and you can connect that to Wi-Fi or if you have internet on your phone, you can just email it straight from your phone or your iPad here. So that’s kind of cool as well. So, anyway, that’s kind of a basic rundown of what this auto agent platform is, and you can go here too, and you can run it and graph. So, while you’re driving actually say you’re going up a hill, you can record while you’re going up a hill and see exactly exactly how you’re running engine coolant temp and you can set all these to whatever you want pretty cool system they’ve got here.
How to add 230+ HP to your 6.7 Powerstroke via Ez Lynk Tuner https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
I really like it. I really don’t have any complaints about the whole platform. The really the only pond that I would say is the downside of it. The the tuner itself is gon na be about 500 bucks and then, if you want to tune for it, you know most tuners are gon na run 250 to 450 for a single tune and then for a pack. You’Re gon na be about $ 5.
9 to $ 7.99. So it’s kind of my installation, video here we’ll do a couple exhaust clips for you guys today will run on the Big Smoke tune and we’ll kind of play around in the snow a little bit here. We go thanks for watching.

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