https://www.minimaxxtuner.comWhat’s going on, guys? Welcome back to another video. So, today’s video—yes, you saw that thumbnail. No, this is not clickbait. The trucks are going to be here soon. Yes, we’re going to see the first L5P that I have seen deleted, and we’ll get some info and figure out how he did it. And you know what? Maybe if you want to talk about cost—again, I don’t talk pricing on my channel, but you know, we’ll look, we’ll see.


You want to talk about it? You working today, or are you just drinking coffee? You look like you just woke up. It’s like 11 o’clock. It’s 11 o’clock—what the hell? What time did you get here today? Just confirming that today was Monday 9/19. Oh yeah, you’re very outsized. Did you just wake up? Nobody’s here? I said, “Your wife ran off with the kids, man, and the weekends wake up.” And it could be my bedroom. I think she should have opened your bedroom door and beat you at about 7 o’clock, see? And get to work on time.
2003 2007 Powerstroke 6.0L EGR Upgrade Kit 931003 3Nobody’s home? It’s Sunday—that’s why. Oh, okay. No, no problem. Yeah, sure. Everybody’s late. It’s… I don’t know, guys. I think he needs a punishment for being late. Look at jefe, but everybody’s all new. God, look at man. These are coming from the guys that make not enough money over here. They don’t make enough money, but he got his new gun. Oh, and look what Rainbow got. Look at Rainbow’s new toy. Rainbow, where’s… hold on. Which one is it? Oh, the other side. Where is it? Look at that. Jeez. Desiree—oh, way too much money. Rainbow, what are you doing? Actually, what time did you get to work today? Okay, that’s good. So just jefe over there, sleeping until 10 o’clock. Yeah? Okay, no problem.

Alright, guys. They have finally arrived. Yes, you saw the thumbnail—I was not lying. We got an L5P deleted, and yes, you guys probably think it’s just the hood scoop, but we’re gonna confirm. Kyle, this is Kyle. How are you doing, Eddie? Nice to meet you. How are you doing, Joe? Give them a huge shout-out, guys. I will put Kyle’s Instagram down below. They drove all the way out here from… where are you guys from again? Huntington. Huntington Beach. They drove all the way out here, guys.

https://www.minimaxxtuner.comSo first, we’re going to talk about the L5P because that’s what I’m most excited about. Let’s talk about first—what year is this thing? The 2018. Okay, 2018 Chevy Silverado L5P, fully deleted. Fully deleted? Well, how big of an exhaust do you got on there? It’s got a 5-inch FloPro exhaust on there. Okay, and can you pop the hood? Because you know I got to show some proof. You know, just because everybody’s going to say, “Yeah, I don’t know. It might be just a hood swap,” you know? But we’re going to show you. Yeah, we’re going to show you. Not to throw you know, Jack under the bus over here. Yeah, boy. Don’t worry, Jack. We still love your channel.

So look at that, guys. This is L5P, and this is actually the first one that I have seen deleted. I have never—I don’t even know anybody, let alone, that has a deleted L5P. People in California, yeah, in California. I’ve never—I personally don’t even— even on Instagram, when I have, you know, looked up people’s Instagram accounts of it, I can’t find an L5P delete. I think there was only one out there that I personally found. Yeah, we just did a video on that, guys. Don’t fight. Yeah, that’s the only one. Yeah, it’s the only one I’ve seen. So take us through a step-by-step process if somebody wants to, because I get a lot of DMs out there, and the biggest thing is nobody wants to pay five grand for the computer. That’s, you know—and again, I don’t talk numbers on this channel. You don’t have to talk numbers on it. If you want, you could take us through numbers, take us through what you had to do, the process, and the steps of how to get this thing deleted.
Should You Get Rid Of Your 6.7 Powerstroke?Well, the first thing—you got to contact PPEI. That’s what I went through. Okay. They are… that’s the only company I use as far as the ECU swap. They send you one already, and then you just got to send yours back. Okay. As a core, or for them to… we’re charging core charge bucks, but okay. They send it back to you. As far as all the deletes that they offer, they’ll sell you the FloPro, and then all the tunes, and that’s what you have—a 5-inch FloPro. Yes, and I bought all that from PPEI. Okay. I didn’t—you got to get the EGR fix kit through Worley Fab, and let me just get to fix the kit. But for me, I wanted the turbo horn. I wanted all the extra piping that they… yeah, I saw the little goodies on that. You know, that stuff just kind of helped out. So I went with the turbo horn, which ups your horsepower quite a bit, and then also the downpipe. The downpipe is a lot bigger and it’s wrapped. Now, the stock downpipe, does it look like the LML where it’s smashed and where it goes to like a complete 90 and drop? Yes, it does. Okay.


You also will need the SCR at the back of the turbo as well. That’s completely gone now. Oh, what’s that? Yeah, the downpipe, yeah, it’s a 3-inch, and then, you know, it’s straight all back with the 5-inch. Okay, now, you didn’t have to do anything lift pump-wise, or did you add a FASS lift pump on here? Because I know these come with a lift pump already. Yeah, I know it comes with one, so I didn’t—I didn’t even try. I mean, I did call FASS, and they don’t offer anything for the L5P. Okay, that’s how I figured. Right now, it seems to be getting fuel pretty decent. Okay. Her talked to Corey, and he said this is set right now to 165 tune, and he said as long as you don’t go above that, you don’t really need anything. Stock will handle it, no problem. Okay. And now, does this have a DSP5 switch in it, or is it just a one-stage? They sell you a couple different tunes, like 60 horsepower, 80, 160, 180. Okay. You just pick which one you want to go. Okay. 220 now. Okay. Now, does this have an AutoCal on it where you plug into the OBD to program it, or is that all strictly in the computer? Yeah, it’s the MPVI2, I believe they call it. Okay.

https://www.minimaxxtuner.comSo, the process, though—the main thing is it still has an AutoCal, you still plug into the OBD to download it, but the biggest thing is you got to pull your computer out, send it to Corey, and have him do his thing. No. Oh, no, I already have all the tunes already. They were all sent to me programmed in the AutoCal. Okay. So all I have to do is just plug it in, wait my ten minutes, and I can have whatever tune I want. Okay. The ones I’ve already paid for. Yeah, it basically asks you for your VIN, so he sets up that new computer that he sent to you. He sends you a computer first. Okay. You’ve been attached to it, and then you automatically hook it up, and it’s your choice if you want to send your computer back or not. You can keep it as a core charge. Right. Oh, right. So then—and then he sends you all the tunes for yours. You tell him what size tires you have and all that stuff, so it’s very preset. Okay. Perfect. And basically, just flash it. Okay. If you want to say it again, you don’t have to mention it—what does it cost if somebody were to delete this? If you want to say. What do you spend? About the Worley? Well, yeah, just if somebody wants to just delete an L5P? Yeah, probably around five to six. It just depends on how much Worley Fab stuff you’re going to get, and if you want it all painted. Okay.

But with exhaust, computer, AutoCal, it was like 4,600, and then you got to add the EGR delete from Worley with all the extras. What, like, what? 650? 600, 700. 700 or something like that? Yeah. And you have to do that—have to do the EGR delete because that’s where all the block-off plates are. I mean, you could see one plate right here, and then you can see some hosing. I mean, just looking at it here, it looks really easy, but the amount of labor that went into it was very intensive. So, all the parts out—you have to take the whole turbo off, the Y-bridge had to come off, and then you had to, you know, remove the EGR cooler, upper and lower EGR. Wow. It was a lot of parts. I mean, I’m like 500 plus pounds of parts. You see my garage. So did you do the work yourself? I did it all myself. You did? Okay. So you saved a lot of money—a ton of money in labor then. Yeah, I was going to say. Yeah. You’re working on a $70,000 truck. Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah, after all the tunes went in, you know, you turn the ignition and it started off.
dpf delete kits https://www.minimaxxtuner.comAlright, guys, so he’s going to show you guys what he’s talking about because I’ve never even heard of this, nor do I even know. Okay, so this right here—this is the module that was underneath the DEF tank, and it’s now mounted here to the stock wiring harness. So you have to have this on. Let me show the other nice—look at that. Joe is going to just continue this vlog for me. It’s perfect. There’s—okay, so you see this right here? This was connected to the DPF, and as you can see the hose, it had its circle back. This has to be on. This is what scans—this is what will remove the tank and make it say empty. And you can see one of the sensors right there. In the instructions, it said something about a blue tab on it too, and they weren’t there. So if someone does it, they’re going to be looking for that tab like we were, and we’re like, where’s that tab?

It looks like what I’m going to do is I’m going to just put both of their Instagrams down in the description, and you guys can DM them if you have any questions. Clearly, he knows a lot about this. Well, because he did—that’s another good thing is, you know, finding people that deleted their own truck, worked on their own truck, because they know, you know, what they’re doing. They know the problems they ran into, and if you ask them a question, they’ll understand, you know, okay, this is what you’re talking about. Because you guys asked me—I haven’t deleted an L5P yet, so I have no idea. Joe is going to explain to you guys some more, I guess, insight on what you need to pay attention to when deleting your L5P. There you go, Joe.

https://www.minimaxxtuner.comOkay, so as you can see, this hose right here goes back to the heater core. When you take off the stock hose, basically there’s going to be a little white clip that’s still attached to the portion of the aluminum hose that’s coming off the firewall. Now, that was kind of a stumble because Worley Fab gives you a hose that basically connects to that, and it doesn’t plug in unless you take off that little plastic piece that’ll still be connected to it. So that’s a real good point that you’re going to bump into. So just take the little white piece of cap off, and then that Worley Fab hose that they give you in the kit will plug right in. Both these hoses, as you can see here, are also more of the hoses that are connected. This is where all the EGR stuff was. The SCR, you can see the downpipe right there. I ended up with a coolant pipe, the hot pipe down, that’s an S&B air intake, and then here’s another sensor right here. That sensor that goes—that’s a NOx sensor that goes right to the top of the SCR, and you have to leave that sensor on. And here it is just sitting right here. If you take that off, once again, it’s not going to work. So that’s got to stay on too.


But this, you won’t plug that—get rid of it. The truck’s going to say, hey, yeah, you know, it’s not going to work. So now, when this was connected to it, basically you can’t get it off, no matter what kind of wrench you use. You have to remove the whole box from this portion and unplug it, then you have to put it back on later on. So just remember to put that back on—that’s pretty important. And besides that, I mean, that’s pretty much it. I mean, this makes it look easy compared to the amount of labor that went into it with you guys—three full, like, eight-hour days. Eight to ten-hour days? Yes. That’s crazy, guys. This stuff, you know, when you guys asked me, yeah, is it easy to delete an LML? An LML, yes. There is nowhere near this much work now for an L5P. What I’m just finding out right now, there’s a lot more work involved in it, and a lot more—like you said, that’s pretty incredible. You’ve got to keep that sensor on, and all the other ones underneath, and you know, for this thing so it doesn’t go haywire.

I guess as well as this is also the PCV reroute right here, you can see it. So this used to go into the stock turbo horn, which is located here, but I opted to get the turbo, the reroute, and that just goes all the way down into the frame. And that was through Worley Fab. Once again, they did a great job. They’re very, very great. Yeah, that’s all your little bells and whistles that you got. I see there it’s all from Worley Fab. Okay. And you get to pick what colors you want. You know, I just went with grey to kind of match the rims. Nice. And then there’s the sensor. Wow. Alright. Well, I got to say, this is pretty incredible. I mean, this thing looks ten times better just, you know, because you don’t have that stupid tank hanging down. And I see you put the 1500—yeah, that looks, you know, ten times better. One thing about GM is, I don’t know why, and yeah, yeah, they finally removed it, guys. They finally, on the new ones, 2020s, they didn’t put it there. But one thing about these L5Ps is they have a bigger tank than the LML. So on this truck, if the tank was still on it, it’s massive, and it looks horrific, especially when you have AMP steps on there. But I mean, this thing looks right now without the tank just amazing.


Now, everybody’s going to, you know, ask me and DM me, “Eddie, can you have the guy start it up?” Because we’ve got to hear this thing. Yeah, let’s find you a picture of all the crap we took off. No problem, no problem. We’re going to have to start it up real quick, guys. No worries. Here you go, guys. I will show you. Oh, I always got a muffler under there too. He had a straight pipe at first. It was too loud. Wow, this thing is very quiet right now. At idle, you can’t even hear it. Barely. Look at that, guys. There’s only the 165 tune in the middle. Yeah, they’re big time.
https://www.minimaxxtuner.comHow was your fuel mileage with this being deleted now? Well, around the streets, I used to get about 13 miles per gallon. Now, I’m averaging probably around—jeez, what am I at right now? 18.9. Wow, that’s crazy. A lot of you guys asked me about fuel mileage in the trucks, and they do get really good fuel mileage when they are deleted because, you know, you got to remember a diesel—it’s like an air compressor. It’s gotta breathe. And when you just plug it up like that, I mean, it’s not breathing. It’s plain and simple. These things, you know, need to get some air. They need to breathe to get that good gas mileage. Clearly, he’s getting almost 20 miles to the gallon, so that’s pretty damn incredible.

We’re going to try to find a back road out here in Mexico, see if we can get on it for you guys real quick. Does this have a transmission tune on it? No. No? So it’s just stock tranny right now? Just stock. Okay. Alright, guys. I am now in the driver’s seat, so he’s going to be my new cameraman. There you go. So I’m pretty damn excited because this is my first time driving a deleted L5P. Now, I’m not going to smash on it too hard, guys, just because it’s not my truck, and I don’t want to—we got another one. I’m going to smash. I want you to smash on her. I’ll give it a little bit, but I don’t want to get too aggressive with her. But I’ll be able to tell right away, like, my throttle—I mean, right away with throttle response, that feels like the turbo’s up and just ready to go. So I’ll wait till the torque converter locks real quick.

Alright, guys. So I’m going to try this in manual mode just so I can keep the torque converter locked. What do you think? I mean, this thing for sure will destroy an LML. That’s hands down. The response in this is incredible. This thing has zero lag. It’s instant. Yeah. Whatsoever. It is instantly—that’s pretty freaky for a truck. That’s…

And Joe, if they want to follow you on Instagram, what is your Instagram? Or do you even have Instagram? Oh, you don’t have Instagram. Okay. If anybody wants to get a hold of you, or if you want to talk to anybody, do you have any social media? Nothing? Okay. I was going to say, so Joe wants to stay under the radar, guys. So he said he wants to stay secretive. Now, you go way back. Okay, guys. I’ll put Kyle’s Instagram below. Kyle, what’s your Instagram? It’s wunderlich_kyle. So w-u-n-d-e-r-l-i-c-h underscore kyle. It’s common spelling. That’s it. Perfect. You guys will see that. I’ll pop it up right here, and you guys can give him a follow because if you have questions, ask Kyle, and then he will relay it back to Joe.
https://www.minimaxxtuner.comSo there you have it, guys. That’s all we got for you today. Let me know what you guys think of this L5P delete, you know? And let me know if there’s anybody else out there that has a deleted L5P. Thank you guys for watching this video. If you liked this video, hit that thumbs up button and don’t forget to click subscribe.

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