Big-Turbo L5P Duramax Gets THICK Wheel & Tire Set Up!

 Big-Turbo L5P Duramax Gets THICK Wheel & Tire Set Up! Giveaway Reveal 00-00-28
I would say good morning, but uh, if it was a good morning, my GMC wouldn’t be out of fuel. So now we got to unload the fourth gen, drive a mile up the road, so then we can have fuel in the GMC and then continue our journey. We’re getting a whole bunch of work done to that. We are dropping off Abby’s transmission, hopefully getting that rebuilt, and I’m trading that truck for something new.
You’re on the highway, someone’s broke down, move the  over, please. Facts.
2003-2007 Powerstroke 6.0L EGR Upgrade Kit (93100)3 dpf delete kit https://www.minimaxxtuner.comI hate all these people. Get over. We’ll be back. Holy  Escape barrel. Alright, let’s see if it starts. Oh , let’s H the gas station. Let’s go to the gas station. In my defense, I was driving, the gas station was 20 miles away as soon as it said, 50 miles till E.
It got to 30 miles till E, and then it just went to low and then started bogging down, and I rolled to a stop right there. Put 2 gallons of fuel into it. Now we’re going to the gas station to fill it all the way up. Obviously got to change the fuel filters when we get home, let everything back up. We are about an hour away from our destination.
 Big-Turbo L5P Duramax Gets THICK Wheel & Tire Set Up! Giveaway Reveal 00-00-28
https://www.minimaxxtuner.comFinally, we’ve been driving all night, and uh, we can get this show on the road. Go that way a little straight. Would it be a normal GF video if it didn’t have a side quest?
No, honestly, I get kind of worried when  goes too right. Loading, we’re due for something very bad to go wrong. We got it out of the way at the beginning of the trip, so now we can have a nice, calm, relaxing Florida vacation. Right? You’re Nick, right? Yep. Did you order two ugly-ass trucks and a black kid? No, he’s Puerto Rican. Racist. I’m going to take the Dodge off, go trade that for something else. Yeah, because he wouldn’t let me take your blue truck. Five grand was the difference between both of us.
dpf delete kits
He cut. Is that really what it was? What’s your shop’s name called? We cut anything to get it off Customs. We cut anything to get it off Customs.
I like that. Damn, not going to lie. We should have grabbed this . Yeah, that thing is nice as hell. This thing with the  little camper thing will be hard as . You are fired for it. It will look. The blue is really nice.
 Big-Turbo L5P Duramax Gets THICK Wheel & Tire Set Up! Giveaway Reveal 00-00-28
I don’t know what’s up with blue lately, but this is dirty. This is filthy. This is dirty. You don’t want to see our driveway. I live on a gravel road. I got a dirt little pit bike track.
The dust gets the truck. I don’t have health insurance, so I can’t. We can’t own that. That’s way too nice, bro. We need to own this something. I would ruin that in like 3 seconds. L key this  would be disgusting. Yeah, you should make it a dually. I don’t like duallys. You don’t like duallys? Like, we’re friends. You fired more for me.
h&s mini maxx tuner
So it’s okay. Why did we bring my Denali all the way down to Florida? So it’s a very good tow truck. It is a very good tow truck. A lot of smoke, as you can see back there. It’s very ugly.
I took this into like a gas station the night that I bought it. I was looking at it, and I was like, you know, it’s such a pretty-ass truck, but there are no lights underneath it. So my boys, the fck light bars, got us taken care of. That is probably the nicest hauling truck we’ve ever owned, ever. So sorry, so inside this box is, I think these are. These would be rock lights, there are 30 rock lights, and then underneath all the other  is 2,000 stars. I have a great time with that.
 Big-Turbo L5P Duramax Gets THICK Wheel & Tire Set Up! Giveaway Reveal 00-00-28
https://www.minimaxxtuner.comHe doesn’t look like Two-Face. I just did one yesterday, literally yesterday. Really, 2,000? No . No, tell I was like, well, how many stars do you think I should put in it? He was like, H, 1,000 would be a lot, and I was like, yeah, probably. And he’s like, I’m going to send you 2,000. I was like, okay, so have a sunroof.
mini maxx V2
Yes, yes, do whatever you want as long as it gets done, uh, and then 30 rock lights. So this thing should be an absolute spaceship. One reach door just fell. I was thinking like stack them on the roof straight out as headlights. It needed more cab lights, so 30 cab lights is basically what we have. It’s just funny. My brown was like in the  roof.
What I’m too tired for ! This are those the drop shafts, they’re Bluetooth drop shafts. Is there anything here I can’t film?
No. Alright, good. Give you guys a little walk around of the shop. They got Aluma Duty F450 on some 30-inch JTXs. Holy . I need that in my life. It’s kind of hard to tell. It’s like a little game. They ain’t got a front end. So you got to like guess what they are.
 Big-Turbo L5P Duramax Gets THICK Wheel & Tire Set Up! Giveaway Reveal 00-00-28
https://www.minimaxxtuner.comThat’s the 2020 plus GMC on some American forces and a freaking limited. I don’t know what it is about the limited interior lately, but I’m obsessed with them. Lift kits on lift kits. I like that. Nothing too crazy. I don’t know. These Aluma Duty are starting to grow on me.
I haven’t had one yet. Can’t decide what color I want. I like this blue. That would look cool as an F450 dually, a black one on some 30s like this one, would be freaking baller. I need a tow rig, the GMC is cool, but a 450 would be even better. That’s pretty cool! I like those, those are sick, damn, and a six.
dpf delete pipe
So it’s almost like you know what you’re doing a little bit, only done like 6 months. Howdy, howdy, watch eyes. Sit down. Yeah, it’s a, it’s a trans, junk trans, so we’re here at Kyle, famous Camaro Kyle. He’s not here right now, he’s in Texas because he bought another house. Yeah, we’re going to drop off the trans. I guess he’s taking it to the guy that built the trans, he’s going to take all the insides out and replace it with new .
So then it works. We don’t want C6s. I love C6s, though. I think I just got a really bad apple. Broke like five times, and I do want one of those. That  is nasty, but look at that steering wheel. That’s just hard as , it’s an auto. It’s the only problem.
 Big-Turbo L5P Duramax Gets THICK Wheel & Tire Set Up! Giveaway Reveal 00-00-28
https://www.minimaxxtuner.comI need the speed manual. God, damn. Hey! No, we’ll get you that. We’ll get an LT4 supercharger, another C6. That that’s the nice C6, and then we have a massive jeep that isn’t really a Jeep because it has a six in it. I think an LS2 with a Procharger. If I was to like a Jeep, I’d like this one. I do like this one, one of the only ones, it’s nasty. I wonder if they can, can I start it?
Can I start the Jeep? The keys are in it. Okay, there’s no step or anything. It’s like you just got to jump, and the towers are so up forward. Oh my God, it’s got a  V6. Oh my God, sir.
I’m getting out of that before I spend money. Just buy it. It’s, it’s. It’s got my favorite color too. It’s got pink. I can’t afford that.
I’ll ask my dad, but I don’t think he’ll be for it. He doesn’t like Jeeps. Did you hear the Procharger? Yep. You can definitely hear it. New Edge, uh, Trans Am, and I think that’s a 350 or a 370Z with an LS back there. H definitely 350 with no motor.
 Big-Turbo L5P Duramax Gets THICK Wheel & Tire Set Up! Giveaway Reveal 00-00-28
https://www.minimaxxtuner.comIt has no motor, but it will have an LS in it because this is a car. When I bought my 370Z, he was like, yeah, don’t build those Motors because I built one AKA this car, and then he blew it up on the test drive. So, and KY convinced him to put an LS in it. Should we LS swap the 370Z? No, no light on fire?
We probably have an Aventador body, light it on fire. We can throw a V12 in it, throw a V12 in it, an Aventador V12. $500,000 in a $10,000 car. I asked him what does he do here whenever Kyle’s not here, and he says work, and he said he just finished the C7. You want to hear it? Duh, it’s probably stock, that’s what they all say.
Oh my God, that is stupid stock. What the ? It’s got the same like rumble as the Camaro did, just way nastier. LT4. I had a, I had a fake LT4. This is nasty as  for my R8.
I could have two of these. Yeah, ask that guy if he wants an R8, make my pockets a little more heavy, and we could definitely work something out. Howdy, my back’s broken. Your back’s broken? You’re up till 6:00 a.m.
 Big-Turbo L5P Duramax Gets THICK Wheel & Tire Set Up! Giveaway Reveal 00-00-28
https://www.minimaxxtuner.com600 in the morning? Jesus Christ.
How are you alive right now? You drink Monster Energy? Monster Energy, you’re a monster guy. That is no windshield. I didn’t know you had to take the windshield out to do stars easier. Oh yeah, I bet. Jeez,
 that’s what it looks like with no headliner in it.
Oh wow, oh the sunroof. I lied. It’s not 2,000 stars, it’s 2,000 plus 420 for the shooting stars. I got the 2000 laid. I just ran out of glue, so I just had DJ run to go get epoxy for it. Sick, sheesh!
Oh my gravy. Yeah! That’s a lot of fun! You glue down every single one? No! Not yet!
Right now? Oh, you’re going to glue down every. I see. That’s sick clean as . I ordered two when you texted me, but they didn’t come in yet, so if your little gun, you just get in there, little needle and oh, that’s sick, but don’t come out, and then they turn out nice. Yeah, and this epoxy is flexible and stuff.
So when the truck’s vibrating, it’s not going to snap the fiber. Some people use like super glue, and if you use super glue, it makes them turn into like raw spaghetti. That’s clean as ! That’s going to look really nice! I’m excited. Signature, always sign it, man. I see every single one. Damn, that’s worth every dollar. That’s 100 grand right there, so half of them are powered up right now.
 Big-Turbo L5P Duramax Gets THICK Wheel & Tire Set Up! Giveaway Reveal 00-00-28
That’s like, that’s a little sneak! That’s like 15 for sun. It’s that bright! That’s as much as most people’s trucks, so on the white, people use it. I don’t know, some people don’t know, but there are two different modes on white.
So you have like a, that’s the regular white, but you can click white again. It turns like a brighter like off white. Oh, I see. Yeah. Oh, that’s  sick. Oh, wow! I did not know that.
Oh my God, that’s going to be  sick. What a guy. He already has everything loaded up and everything. Damn, don’t look much different in the daytime, but it is definitely different. Can you see the lights in the daytime? Nearly good. Holy , damn. Yeah, damn. Yeah, that’s going to be crazy at night. Jesus. Rock light switch.
I got right up in this pocket right here, hidden away. Oh, sweet! That’s like my favorite place. Rock lights, that’s baller! As , that’s going to make the drive home way more enjoyable! Oh, I’m going to be like the delivery man looks a little bit different today. Brian here has a package for me. Well, packages, and I’m really excited about them. Ooh.
 Big-Turbo L5P Duramax Gets THICK Wheel & Tire Set Up! Giveaway Reveal 00-00-28
https://www.minimaxxtuner.comI can kind of see one. Long time, done. See? Yeah. What do you got for me? Chicken nuggets. Chicken nuggets. I love chicken. Oh my God.
Those are some big chicken nuggets. Damn, yeah. Those are definitely 26s. It’s funny because I got this like hovercraft mod sitting over here. H and it’s even funnier because those are not for that truck at all.
Those are going on the GMC today. Those are  massive. They’re like huge in person. It probably doesn’t do justice on camera, but these wheels are  huge, and they’re 33s. Every old man watching this YouTube video right now is going to be very upset. Actual rubber band tires right now, but the JTX has got to take those KG1s off. Those are, but those Xs on there are going to look mint. That’s nasty! That’s, that’s one hell of a difference. So we went from 24x12s and 33s to 26x14s and 33s with two-inch spacers. Yeah, on a level truck. A 26 is like ginormous, looks perfect, and they’re JTXs, so you know it’s a win-win. They’re rotating the right direction. They are, yes. When you have directional wheels, please put them on the right way.
Just use like one minor brain cell, one extra second, just to make sure they’re rotating the right way, and then Gabe doesn’t have to make fun of you on the internet. They do look really good, yeah. Okay, I’m going to get the rest of them both on, and I’m going to torque them down with this torque wrench. The wheel doesn’t fall off. I don’t really know how it works.
I just click on you, just push that in. Oh my God, you built a truck. Now, when I’m driving down the road, I won’t smoke oncoming traffic, uh, because I can’t see anything out of this mirror. Never know how much you use that blind spot mirror until it’s gone. W A Oh Ta accidentally built like the nastiest GMC ever. Remember that single cab that we had, Ruby? Yeah, well, this is Chile, and uh, Chile definitely gives Ruby a run for its money, because that was one of the baddest Duramaxes ever in my opinion. GMC 2500 Denali.
It’s got a beautiful red paint job. It’s like a maroon, like a maroon. Yeah, I’m color blind, and this is one of my favorite factory GMC colors. I’ve ever seen. I’m not even really a big red guy, but I really like this one. It’s got color match headlights, L5P hood because it is a real L5P. There’s a nasty L5P underneath there. We’ll get to that in a second.
We got these brand new 26×14 JTX Forge wheels wrapped in 33-inch Venom tires. They fit amazing. It’s got two-inch spacers. It’s like the perfect width for this truck. It’s leveled. It’s got powder-coated control arms and Fox shocks. It looks really pretty. Got beautiful Wh Fab traction bars, so then when you’re doing 120 mph burnouts, your rear end stays in one spot. Got airbags in the rear. This thing tows amazing. This is quite possibly one of the best towing trucks I’ve ever had, and that says something because I’ve had a lot of trucks. We went down to Florida. We got a Starlight headliner as well as 30 rock lights littered all over this truck. Color-matched taillights, color-matched bumper, you can never have too much color match. Got a tonneau cover inside the bed, got a gooseneck ball. Thank it’s your other trucks, or you hook up a boat to the trailer hitch or your car. All the above. Possibilities are endless. Inside we got beautiful, Denali leather interior. It’s got the tan leather interior.
You never really see this. 2500 stars. That’s right! I’m going to say that again. 2500 stars. Actually, it’s 2,420 stars. We’re at a clip for nighttime so they can see it. It is immaculate at nighttime.
Actually, I’ve almost crashed this truck five times just because I’m so mesmerized by the stars above my head while I’m driving. It’s got a sunroof as well. It’s very, very comfortable. Heated, cooled leather seats, Apple CarPlay, very enjoyable truck to drive, very fun truck to drive as well. Underneath the hood, this is not no factory L5P. We got an S472 turbo with 100% over injectors.
Here at the GFP compound, we have tested this truck to make sure it is the most fun it could possibly be, and it passed with flying colors. It will do a burnout for as long as the eye can see, or until you run out of diesel fuel. Got a built R, I’m not sure exactly what stage or anything it is, but I’ve been told it’s built to handle 1,000 horsepower. It’s a runner for sure, 100%. This is a perfect balance between daily driver, tow pig, work truck, weekend fun, race truck, race your friends, gap your friends, and hurt their feelings. We are, in fact, giving this truck away.
That’s why I’m telling you all this. For some reason, if you don’t like 26x14s, this weekend, I’m picking up some stocks and grabs to throw in the bed free of charge. So if you don’t like these wheels, you can take them off and sell them and put some grabs on it, or if you want to take them off for the winter and throw on some stocks and grabs, you can do that as well. Everything that you see here could be yours, could be sitting in your driveway. You guys already know the drill.
From now until January 19th, you can enter to win Chile. No stipulations, keys, title in hand, in your name, ready to go, no extra fees or anything like that. All you have to do to get entered is click the link above or in the description below today. Super simple, and for launch week, the next 7 days, we’re doing a 10x entry multiplier. This is the biggest entry multiplier of the entire giveaway. So if you want to get entered to win this truck, if you want your best chances to win this truck, get entered this week. And just like our past dozen winners, on January 19th, I might be giving you a call telling you to come pick up your new Big Turbo L5P. Wouldn’t that be crazy? Wouldn’t that be nuts? That would be pretty crazy. Well, life is kind of insane right now. I’m giving away an L5P right now, like one of our nicest trucks in the driveway. I would legit, if you showed me this truck
 when I was like 16, I would probably cry just to let me sit inside of it. This is an amazing, beautiful truck, and I can’t wait to see where it ends up. It could be your driveway, so get entered.

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