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6.7 Powerstroke Best Year

My name is Jared, Today, we’re talking about our 6.7 Power Stroke and actually, we’re going to be discussing which year of the 6.7 Power Stroke you should buy if you’re in the market.which year of the 6.7 Power Stroke do you favor?
Right before we get into the rest of this, I’m going to separate this into basically three generations: first, second, and third. The third generation being the 17 and newer. We’re going to exclude the 2020 6.7 for now because I haven’t had time to research it enough prior to making this video. I do plan to continue to update this and make more videos about this topic for those that are in the market looking for them, along with a comparison of what I think about the 6.7versus the 6.0 Power Stroke in the future. 
So, the first generation 6.7 we’re going to cover is from 2011 to 2014. The second is from 2015 to 2016, and then the third is from 2017 and newer.
Again, the 2020s have some changes coming, and I didn’t get time to educate myself enough on those before this video, so stay tuned for that update. 
6.7 Powerstroke Best Year https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
Now, first, we’re going to talk about some of the unique features that all of the 6.7 Power Strokes to date have. One, these new trucks all have VGT turbos. They have exhaust brakes integrated into the system from the factory.
They also have a unique exhaust and intake manifold setup, whereas the exhaust manifold is on the inside of the V and the intake manifold is actually basically the valve cover and inserts into the cylinder head where you would typically have an exhaust manifold. Also, this is Ford’s first in-house built diesel, so that is unique to the 6.7. The 6.4, 6.7, and 7.3 Power Strokes were all built by International Navistar, so this is Ford’s first attempt, and they seem to have hit a big home run. 
Now, the fuel injection system on this truck is a common rail injection. It features a factory lift pump, which other manufacturers do not do at this point yet. Those are upgraded options from the aftermarket for those trucks.
So, it has a factory lift pump, which goes to a CP4 pump. 
6.7 Powerstroke Best Year https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
As for emissions equipment, this is a big topic, and we’re not going to get into delete versus not delete, legality, RPM act, all those things right now. I have another video on that if you’re interested in hearing about that, and I do plan to do an update in the near future. But for emissions, we have EGR cooler, we have a DPF, and we have SCR, which is the exhaust treatment that goes into it. So, this does use DEF fluid.
In the Fords, the DEF tank is right by the fuel tank. Unfortunately, some early 6.7 owners mixed up the two and had some pretty costly repairs. Injection systems on these can go upwards of ten thousand dollars, including labor, all installed. So, very expensive injection system.
Now, some problems starting with the problem that is every 6.7 Power Stroke and a lot of the Duramax, the newer Duramax as well, the CP4 pump is known to fail. What happens when a CP4 pump fails is it then takes metal shavings through the rest of your fuel system. So, you need to do fuel logs, fuel lines, and your fuel injectors when you replace this, along with the new CP4 pump, and they’re not cheap either. This is a pretty well-documented issue.
Ford does not have near the failure rate, partially due to the factory lift pump supplying fuel to the CP4 pump, helping prevent it from ever running dry. But be very careful about what kind of fuel you run in these things. Bad fuel can start to damage the CP4 pump and give you a costly bill down the road. 
6.7 Powerstroke Best Year https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
Now, as for the other issues we’re talking about to help come to the conclusion of what’s the best year 6.7 Power Stroke, we’re going to go into some year-specific things.
Starting with the 2011 to 2014, the biggest problem here for the 6.7, as many of you probably can already guess or already know, is the 2011. There were valve issues with valves actually breaking and causing catastrophic failure to the engine. A lot of people have had to have whole engines replaced because of this. There was a flaw, from my understanding, in the material actually used to make the valve that caused this failure.
And a lot of people thought it was broken glow plugs that were causing it, but in turn, it’s actually the valve that falls and eventually breaks the glow plug. And that’s why people thought. For 2012, that issue seems to have been pretty much fixed. It doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore. However, something to just be leery of.
My understanding is the cylinder head valve issue was pretty much strictly an 11 issue, but I do believe, and don’t quote me on this, but I think there were continued changes. I know in 2015, there was a revision to the cylinder heads, I think beefing them up a little bit. But by 2015, the problem was completely resolved, and it seems that 13 and 14 also took care of a lot of the issues the 6.7 was already having. 
While we’re talking issues, since this video is mainly issues, the 6.7Power Stroke is a reliable engine. This is a great truck. 
6.7 Powerstroke Best Year https://www.minimaxxtuner.com

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