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6.7 Cummins DPF Delete, EGR Delete Mini Maxx install

6.7 Cummins DPF Delete, EGR Delete Mini Maxx install https://www.minimaxxtuner.comAll right, good morning to everybody it’s a cold morning here and I think I have a little bit of cold myself. I’M going to talk about the the minimax and the DPF to leave for the 6.7 liter Cummins. My vehicle here is a 2008 Dodge six-point-seven Cummins, 6-speed manual transmission and about a 9,000 miles, okay, depending on which one you get, whether it’s the minimax or the Black Max. They basically and saw the same thing.
It’S just bigger head unit. You have a couple options as far as what you want to do with it and and and what you want to do for you. Okay, I have the minimax here relatively simple installation. The black max is the same. I looked at the instructions online.
You got a few things come with it suction cup mount that goes right there to the windshield, and then you got the head unit. This is the HDMI cable plugs into the back. There’S an SD card on the back side of it that you can take out and they have a micro card reader. You can hook up to your computer and you know if you want all this really cool, tunes and stuff like that, you can use it. You know in that way, if you want or not just just you know it’s your choice.
It comes with like a box that comes with velcro, and I what I did with the HDMI cable here, as I just routed it down, pulled the weather stripping back here and I routed it down. You know so it won’t get pinched by the door. Nothing like that under here and then they give you a couple. Cable ties to use, and you know here’s your obd2 plug coming from the box and I had the box hit up under here. I got a Velcro it up under here, pretty easy installation.
6.7 Cummins DPF Delete, EGR Delete Mini Maxx install https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
Now there is a power wire that you can use. It comes with the kit and you know HT Nets. I talked to them and reading the owners – men, you don’t have to install if you don’t want to, but you might as well do it because it’s real simple, the wire I come out from the cab. I got few wires in there anyway, but it’ll come out through the cab and here’s where it will go right here to your fuse box. Now you can open up fuse box, pull this back just a little bit, so you can get it open and that’s paid.
You see right there, that’s what comes with it comes with that there’s the wire coming in the fuse box, and then you use that fuse right there on the five nine Cummins third-gen and these thirteen six point. Seven s you’ll use that blue fuse right there. They got pictures for you to see. Basically, you just slip the little metal Spade over the leg of the fuse, pluck pop the fuse back in and then slip your you use a like some wire crimpers here, crimp that wire – and it’s already it’s already pre-cut for you to do it with it anyway, And just slip that right over top of it and close it back down now, if you’re worried about the batteries being disconnected, it’s not a 12 volt constant plug, so you don’t have to worry about. I didn’t disconnect my batteries because I was interested in saving time but that installation right there took about 20 minutes.
It’S it’s real, real painless. You don’t have to do much once you install it. You got one of one or two options that you can do when it’s when you’re running non deleted. Your first option is going to be close. My fuse box here, your first option will be usually kind of like an edge in sight, whereas it’s just a it’s.
Just a monster for your gauges, okay and that’s all it does doesn’t do anything else. The second thing is, you can use as a non deleted tuner. You know, I tried it out. You know you up tried on the mild in the hot setting and a mild in a wild setting. I mean it’s a little bit noticeable, but honestly, your eg T’s go pretty high and it’s it’s not it’s not really.
6.7 Cummins DPF Delete, EGR Delete Mini Maxx install https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
I don’t know it’s not really that good of a deal I’d you might as well just cut it off, because you’re not gon na get any mpg gains and the power that you do gain will be offset by the amount of sutra’ plugging the filter with. But with that being said, when you do install it, it takes it about 10 minutes or so to program your truck when you do it, so you know when you’re going to do it make sure you have a little bit of time to sit there and do Nothing, it’s kind of like a smarty, probably probably a little bit faster than the smarty, but it takes you a little bit of time now, if you’re planning on deleting in the near future. When I say near future, I mean right after you install it not moving the truck anywhere then go ahead and load it up with the DPF. Remove tuning it’ll. Just save you time later on.
Okay, because once you unplug those sensors, it will start throwing all kinds of check engine lights and, if you haven’t, got the DPF remove tuning in there, it may cause you some problems. Now one of the things you have to do per the owner’s manual when using the DPF delete tuning is you can either remove your EGR or you can unplug it. I chose that it’s not really that big of a deal – and I didn’t have the time and and my knuckles were hurting pretty bad after doing the pipe. So one of the things you may want to consider is just unplugging it for the time being and seeing how you like it all right. You got two plugs here now the owners man is going to show you this one.
h&s mini maxx tuner https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
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Is this one it plugs in here on the front and then the other one that I can’t show you, because on the underneath is underneath this thing here, it’ll tell you what it looks like in the owner’s manual and a little bit later, when I go over The sensors that are in the tailpipe it one of them unplugs the same way. It’S kind of a it’s got, a locking, pin on it or a locking, locking tab that you’re going to have to push best way to get to is from underneath. Now I did the delete on mine, but I decided to go ahead and leave a lot of things stock, at least for the time being. Just so, I can see how things are going now. One of the things I did do is I lift the stock air box in here, but if you open this up right here, my finger is in this black kind of hard plastic thing here there is a turbo baffle that is removable and it looks like this.
Okay turn around now from from right to left on your screen. You’Ll see how it is going from up to down in that in that pipe, okay, you know the air will flow through here and it’s open in the middle. You can see in it. This right here is, like you know, just like foam, and then this is just hard plastic. I mean honestly, I can’t see what it does other than quiet the turbo down.
6.7 Cummins DPF Delete, EGR Delete Mini Maxx install https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
I can’t really see that it’s going to push air through in any more efficient manner than it just kind of going flute through there. It does when you take it out, it does the turbo does whistle louder and it might be what you’re going for, but I think at a minimum just getting it out because of the foam here, because that’s going to break down mine kind of already started to Break down, if you specially get a high mileage rigored, you kind of in a dry climate you, you may really want to consider getting that thing out of there, just even if you’re not deleting or doing anything else. So that’s all that piece right there. Now this section of pipe is what I use or what I took off. Okay, now start from the back here and and I’ll talk about each different piece.
Now that right, there is your muffler, but honestly, if you’re used to the old dodges, it’s not a real muffler, because it’s not about four or five feet long, and you know honestly it’s straight through these uh you, you probably won’t notice. If you decide that you want to leave it on for whatever the reason you probably won’t notice the difference in sound you might, but if you’re going to do a straight through exhaust, your mother just get it off there anyway, it’s not, it doesn’t do anything either Way, I don’t think alright, here’s your two cans here now you got. You got five sensors that plug into the vehicle, and then you have two pressure sensors here now these pressure sensors were probably the most difficult ones to get off because of where they’re located I’ll show you a little bit later. You know if you have a 6-7 Commons and you’re used to seeing that real, clean tailpipe. Well, that’s the that’s the that’s the beginning!
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Coming from from like right there, where the down pipe is so it’s nice and black and then, as you get back to here to your to your muffler, nothing, okay, so the system works somewhat, but I don’t think it was ever designed to be a system that Was designed to last like the truck West, all right these pressure, sensors here they’ve got a they’ve, got little squeeze clamps on them, Neil nose, pliers, get them off and I’ll show you where they’re located. You can just leave them connected to the pipe. Alright, your first two sensors here are going to be an o2 and a EGT probe right there in the pipe I cut here on the pipe, and if you look it’s gotten kind of rotted, I think by with all that extra heat coming for this. It’S probably going to rot the pipe right there, a whole lot more, a whole lot faster. So you may want to look at yours anyway.
As far as like an inspection goes and kind of look at it and see it might be leaking. Okay, then you’ve got your downstream egt here and your downstream o2, and then you have another egt your pressure lines. As you can see them, one of them is going to go right there. The next one is going to go here to kind of see that the system is working. I don’t like the system one bit just to let you know all right now.
6.7 Cummins DPF Delete, EGR Delete Mini Maxx install https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
As far as the pipe is concerned, I just left the stock pipe there. It means a 4-inch pipe, I’m not into big performance right now, I’m going to see how I like this setup and then I’ll start changing it up and honestly it was just a matter of speed. So that’s where I did the weld here at the back end of the pipe and it’s just basically a piece of straight pipe. It goes all the way forward right there and that’s where you’re doing it. Now your sensors as you unplug them, I got one.
That’S hid up in here. Here’S another one, yours unplugging, you’re, not having to cut wires for these this. This yellow piece here pulls back out of the sensor and then you push down on the back end of it right there. Okay, now, when I was talking about the EGR earlier, the way that sensor on the back side is is very similar to the way this one is. It has this red tab and it indexes that way when it’s locked and that way when it’s unlocked, so you’re not going to be able to get undone unless you got it pushed over I’m going to pending on the climate of your truck or where you live.
These things make it a little bit hard to go and done they make it rocks and dirt in them. So get some compressed air out and use them. And then you just push down on that thing and it gets it’s come undone, okay and then there’s a couple more of those just like that, they’re all along this passenger side here kind of under this fender, that’s where they’re at so you can kind of look At it, alright, so that’s where the weld was made for the pipe and, like I said it, kind of had gotten rotten right about there. So took me a little bit longer. Well that I know it looks like [ __ ], but it kept punching holes and I didn’t have any more pipe all right.
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Your pressure lines. If you can see that one try to get a little bit more light right, there and kind of like the center of the camera, see those two nipples kind of next there’s a transmission right there and there it’s easier to take this one on the right off. First and then the left, but if your truck is like mine, my my squeeze clamps were this one with the one to the furthest to the towards the transmission was indexed this way and this one was indexed the same way. So it was hard to get to it, so I took off that one first and then that one I chose to leave the catalytic converter on for those of you that decide that you want a lot of sound. I’M sure the catalytic converter probably makes the most probably muffles at the most.
But if you look here, it is probably the hardest one to get to unless you’re going to do unless you’re going to do a like a turbo back. Something like that. But you are probably going to have to take off this crossmember down here to get to it and then there’s your there’s, your exhaust uh there’s your hanger right there and I couldn’t imagine trying to get that off. I just didn’t have the time I didn’t feel. Like it but uh yeah, all in all this project, I didn’t have anybody helping me with it at all.
Just people like you know, watching and seeing what I was doing it took me about two hours, like I said, probably 20 minutes for the for the minimax, because I just had to put the wires away and then you know just doing the exhaust once I got It up, it was a relatively simple: the sensors came, the sensors were probably the hardest part, is getting those things, undone and then dropping the pipe out welding, the other one up and then try not to mess up the weld. But if you got any questions or comments, just let me know and I’ll try to answer them as best as I can.

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