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Hey y’all: this is Bill here , I’m going to talk to you about 6-0 replacement motor sale, okay, one of the things that happens in our world when we build one of these big dog Ultra excursions that we end up with a lot of extra parts. Okay, um, you know, first of all, the older axles that come out of these. They get tossed out uh the truck that we bring in that we get the axles. Out of you know, there’s body parts, there’s there’s engine and transmission uh and there’s a lot of extra parts laying on well.
What do you do with all this stuff? You know because we’re in a spot where we don’t have a lot of land. It’S not like. I’M out 100 acres out in the country, or I can just let this stuff pile up and just be the king redneck in the neighborhood. So we have to.
We have to work through it and recycle it uh and reuse it as quickly as we can. All the trucks that we use to cut up, that we use to for the axles is usually good running trucks, but they’re a regular cab or extended cab, or they they have body damage or something like this. I don’t like wrecks. Okay, I don’t like to mess with the racks because it lots of times it’ll bend the axle suspensions, especially the front axle, which is becoming more and more difficult to find. So I don’t like wrecks I like good running trucks that are just you know.
h&s mini maxx tuner https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
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They got a head gasket problem or the people don’t want to spend the money on them. That’S just usually where I end up, and I don’t like high mile. I don’t like anything over 150 000 miles. I, like lower mile trucks, we’ve run into problems where you know bearings and things of that nature and the different rentals requires us to scrap. You know it’s Parts, because people didn’t keep boiling them or they blew a seal or something so anyway, they’re good running engines.
This is the thing the engine is running good, but I can’t sell a used engine. I can’t I won’t sell used engine because I can’t stand behind it. There’S always a hassle with it. I mean always every time I’ve ever installed a used engine ever well. This injector this that and it’s leaking from here and it’s like no, no, so we build them.
We build them into viable engines with with new heads and uh head studs and we do the whole thing to it. So this is a truck that we’re using as a donor truck as you can see, there’s some Rust. Okay. I can’t sell this truck in the market uh. This isn’t one that I can sell.
6 0L POWERSTROKE REPLACEMENT ENGINE SALE https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
It has some good parts on it uh, but you know we’re going to extract the motor and transmission out of this uh, but I can’t sell it as a as a running truck and it runs great. I mean the truck runs great, it’s actually. Interior was almost Immaculate in it, uh 145 000 mile truck, and so we you know we’re going to cut this up and make an Excursion with the axles and the rest of the part. So the motors end up over here in the pile complete and I’m not going to sell them, because you know, even if it does run good, it’s like well. How long is it going to run good, and then you know, I learned a long time ago that anytime something goes wrong and somebody buys from you whether you gave it to them or used or whatever uh it’s like well where’d.
You get that. Why did it break down well Bill Hewitt sold it to me, so I just don’t sell it unless I’m absolutely sure that that I’ve that I’ve done everything I possibly can to make it run right. I won’t do anything that jeopardize the Integrity of the reputation of powerstroke’s facility of powerstrokehelp.com. I learned the hard way I’ve been kicking the ball so many times trying to help some [ __ ] out has no appreciation for what I do and run my name into the ground when I tried to help them out, so we don’t sell used engines good Morning, Mikey hey good morning, so we have one section of the operation here, that’s dedicated just to Building engines, the young man that does this work has been working here since he was a teenager when he was a helper with his father he’s in his 20s.
Now he goes to Georgia, Tech. He comes here at night. He builds engines, I pay him so that he can live his life without having to take student loans, which I have a tremendous amount of respect for the engines that we built are built to 2005 spec. In other words, we don’t use the old high pressure oil system uh, the uh we take the aluminum pump out, we put the iron pump in everything is upgraded. The Late Model, it’s the heavy duty castings in the heads.
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A lot of people didn’t know that, once by 2005 um all the head, the head cylinder head, cracking problems that they had in the o3s, no fours. All that was taken care of these castings weigh 10 to 12 pounds more than than the previous uh uh generation of castings, but everything’s done. Okay, the only thing in this engine that is not brand new uh is the Pistons and the board, but they’ve been inspected. They’Ve been checked, uh, like I say these engines were good running engines. When we started with all this, we resealed the bottom end.
We put new Main and rod bearings. We put a new oil pump, we reseal the front and back covers reseal the bed plate. We resell the front cover um new. Over, like I say, new oil pump, big dog cylinder heads head, studs, there’s going to be a new oil cooler coming EGR cooler is installed if you want it deleted, we’ll delete it. If you want it, if you’ve got to be emissions compliant in California, we can do that too um new turbo.
This is one that’s complete, ready to drop in New turbo new new Ford injectors. This is a truly a drop in engine. This is ready to go now. Like Mikey said earlier, we’re not going to sell you one of these engines right, I’m Mikey. We are going to install it for you.
6 0L POWERSTROKE REPLACEMENT ENGINE SALE https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
This is part of the deal. We don’t let anybody install our engines because mechanics by their very nature, don’t like to be responsible for anything because they end up working for free, which is a pain in the ass. If they just be truthful, they probably could just go ahead and charge a customer. Anyway, but truth is very, very difficult in this business, and the truth is: is that I’m not going to sell you this motor for you to go and it up, trying to put it in and damage something and try to blame us and send It back and want your money back, I’m not going to play that game. That’S just not going to happen so these engines uh, if you want us to install one of these engines in your truck at sixteen thousand dollars.
Okay, that includes coolant. That includes oil change, fuel filters tuning, the only thing it doesn’t include would be hoses belts. Things of that nature, but everything that you see here is is included. I mean new glow plugs new glow, plug harnesses new thermostat coolant bypass lines. Um I mean this.
Is it right here and you know we got, I don’t know half a dozen of these things ready to go. These are the engines that we install on our used trucks for sale, and it saves you about six thousand dollars off of a full replacement engine because uh you don’t have to pay the the money to get a factory Ford short block. We could not find engine builders uh that could no longer Supply the built short blocks, built to the Precision that we need. They would be oil burners or they would have problems. If so, we don’t, we don’t use any other rebuilt short blocks from anybody other than Ford.
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That’S it! That’S all we use, because it’s the only thing we found the reliability with or we’ll use engines like these, which are lower mile well cared for running engines. But it’s not something that was sitting out in the junkyard for six years that you had to pound the Pistons out. You know with a hammer because they were rusted in there. This is not that situation.
These are good running engines to begin with, we’re refreshing the bottom end, uh we’re um and we’re checking them to make sure that they’re viable and then assembling them with all new parts on the upper end and resealing everything. And it’s it’s a hell of a deal. Sixteen thousand dollars, if you’re going to pay with a check, would give a thousand dollars discount for cash. You know get your truck to us. Give me give me a call or send me an email, uh bill at powerstrokehelp.
om or 770-931-4070 and I’ll be happy to talk to you about when we can get your truck and get this done. But this is the best low-cost alternative out there for a viable engine that you can put in your truck and go a couple 300 000 miles in absolutely with no trouble. I mean we’ve proven this over and over again it comes with a lifetime head. Gasket warranty comes with a 90-day warranty on the bottom end of the engine, but I’m here to tell you, after we’re, done test driving your truck after it’s put back together and make sure everything’s just right, you’re not going to have any trouble with these engines. This is not just something that’s cobbled together out of a bunch of junk parts.
6 0L POWERSTROKE REPLACEMENT ENGINE SALE https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
These were running viable engines, good engines when we started so Mike. Tell me what all procedure we go through when we, when we build one of these short blocks. Well, I just want to say there’s so many issues with these engines going out and just finding a used motor in the junkyard does not work. It’S been proven over and over. They come in here.
It’S something someone plucked out of something they have head. Gasket problems, oil leaks, uh, just just just all kinds of high pressure oil problems right. So the only way to do this right is to completely go through this engine. Look at everything take it apart. Inspect the cam put new lifters in it reseal the whole motor new injectors new Turbo, like he said, the better pump for the h-pop and and then we got something to start with.
We want to install it because I’m going to make sure the fan works if it needs a hose put on it for coolant, which is why you’re here coolant problems. Um, it’s going to get a hose um and so once that’s all checked and running and and then there’s your truck right so tell us about the inspection process, so the short block when we have it apart Mike. Well, we just take the whole thing apart and and the uh the cam gets inspected, all the lifters come out. We put the shorter push rods in the the uh. The boards have to be looked at closely um yeah, because if you have any vertical lines, if you have any vertical scratches in these in these bores, the damn engine will burn oil.
We figured that out a little years ago. It has to be right if it doesn’t show cross hatches if it doesn’t look good and the engine hadn’t been well cared for and and hadn’t been overheated uh it will pass muster. I mean we scrap a lot of these. I mean, I would say we probably out of these engines that even good running engines, we probably still have a 30 40 scrap rate on the short blocks. Uh, and you know it makes big piles of stuff that we just throw out.
I mean we just throw stuff out because we don’t we’re not going to put anything out there on the road. That’S not going to pass uh. You know Mikey’s inspection process. I mean this. This this thing gets looked at hard and that combined with us installing it ensures that you have a good engine that will run for a very long time.
So we don’t sell this as a crate engine. It’S sixteen thousand dollars installed, plus any little extra parts. We don’t charge any extra labor unless you want us to you, know: uh, do your brakes your front end or your transmission? That’S all that’s a separate animal, but the engine work is sixteen thousand dollars. If you pay in cash, it’s uh.
It’S 15 , so anything else, you won’t say mine, look we’re here to help you any way we can. If you have a truck, that’s got a bunch of miles on it. Your engine’s burning oil. It’S just gotten to a point where it’s where it’s it just needs a refresh. Okay, a replacement engine put in it um.
You know, please give us a call 770-931-4070 or just email me Bill powershellcalp, 
Com I’ll be happy to send you the entire build sheet of exactly what we do to this engine. Thank you for making Power, Stroke, specialty and powerstrokehelp.com the number one stop for the power stroke owner and Enthusiast on the internet.

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