2024 Silverado Duramax vs 2024 Ram Cummins vs 2024 Ford Power Stroke: Which Diesel Is Best?

2024 Silverado Duramax vs 2024 Ram Cummins vs 2024 Ford Power Stroke Which Diesel Is Best 00-00-03
https://www.minimaxxtuner.comHey everyone it’s Ben Hardy here and today’s video is going to be a diesel battle. We are comparing the high output cuming to the Duramax to the high output power stroke and all these trucks are actually similar when it comes to packaging. We’Ve got a Lariat, an LTZ and a laramy before we get into this video. I want to give a huge shout out and thank you to the lar Miller Ford here in Provo, the ram here in Provo and the Chevy here in Provo, for giving me some time with all three trucks. I’Ll include a link to all their websites.
In the description down below also include a link to my carbine guide in the description down below as well. Let’S get into it powering the Ford. Is the high output Power Stroke. It’S a 6.7 L turbo diesel V8.
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That goes to a 10 speed. It puts out 500 horsepower and then 12200 lb feet of torque now powering the Chevy is the Duramax 6.6 L turbo diesel V8. That also goes through a 10-speed automatic transmission. This puts out 470 horsepower and then 975 lb Fe of torque and then powering the ram is the high output cumins.
It’S a turbo diesel 6.7 L inline 6, that goes through a six-speed automatic transmission. It puts up 420 horsepower and then 1,075 lb Fe of torque. Now, before we move forward with this comparison, I do want to mention. If, if you want to see more videos just like this, then I recommend you subscribe, because I post content every single day now.
2024 Silverado Duramax vs 2024 Ram Cummins vs 2024 Ford Power Stroke Which Diesel Is Best 00-00-03
This video is mainly going to focus on the powertrains, how they drive and all that, but I do want to mention like I said, these are all comparable, so you’ve got Lariat, LTZ and lari, and it’s interesting to see the design differences with the trucks, especially the Front end I mean the Ford has like a huge air dam, whereas the other two a little bit more reasonably sized with the air dams. Now I do want to talk about suspension at this point, so they obviously all have HD Springs, but the RAM has a solid front ACC, whereas the Chevy has independent front suspension and then the Ford just like the ram, has a solid front axle and funny enough. The Ford and the Chevy both have bedside steps, but the Ford has like a double step system, so yeah kind of interesting on that and in the back we got leaf, springs and a solid rear axle with the Ford we’ve got leaf, springs and a solid rear Axle with the Chevy and guess what the ram has leaf springs and a solid rear axle. Now, when it comes to bed features, you can see the ram has a bed liner. We’Ve got LED lights here in the bed.
You can see. You’Ve got a full power outlet in the bed. This one has a fifth wheel prep, so it has a decent amount of amenities, and this is easy to get up now with the Chevy um, you can get an auto raise and auto lower tailgate with them. Uh LED lights, Outlet, fifth wheel, prep, just like the ram so similar with the bed stuff, but a little bit fancier with the tailgate cuz it automatically raises up and then with the Ford just like with the the Chevy you have the auto, rais and lower. I don’t know why that didn’t get my hand the first time guess what led lights, Outlet.
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Fifth wheel, Prep Bed Liner now this Ford’s an 8ft bed, so makes this comparison a little bit wishy-washy cuz. Those both have 6 and 1/2t boxes. But regardless you can see the amenities with them are pretty similar when you compare the trucks back to back. Oh, I guess this one’s, not the automatic up so got to lift that up and then take a look at the receiver hit. You can see with the Ford here at the hitch and then comparing that to the Chevy, it’s interesting to see how the loops are a little bit different on the hitches, so the RAM and the Chevy have like the same one.
It’S the Fords. That’S a little bit different with the hitch in the back, so this brings us to towing capacities now Max towing capacity with all these trucks, if they were. A du is crazy that one’s like 40,000 lb and these two are like mid 30,000 lb, but realistically in the real uh world, with trucks that most of you are going to buy single rear wheel trucks um with the ram you’re looking at you know, kind of, Like in closer to the mid 20s, not quite there uh with the Silverado they’re, always around about 20,000 lb and then with the Ford uh mid 20s. So basically the Ford TOS, the most the Ram’s, the second most and then the Silverado is the third with that. And then this brings us to payloads.
2024 Silverado Duramax vs 2024 Ram Cummins vs 2024 Ford Power Stroke Which Diesel Is Best 00-00-03
So the ram has 3,454 lbs of payload capacity and then I’ll give you guys a quick look at the interior with the ram laramy. You can see. You’Ve got that big gauge cluster. Got these nice seats as well. You can see huge infotainment system and then, when it comes of Towing, we do have trailer brake controls.
This one has rear air suspension, so you’ve got that for the alternate trailer height diesel exhaust brake. We’Ve got a two-speed transfer case as well. So it’s got all the toe stuff. You need now with the Silverado 386 lb of payload capacity and then taking a look at the LTZ interior here see here with the seats and all of that uh we’ve got a better four- drive system than the ram I’d say because it’s got four-wheel Auto as Well, as a two-speed transfer case stuff, and then you can see Traer brake controls with this. We also have a diesel exhaust Brak uh, just like the Ram uh.
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So it doesn’t have the rear air suspension. But still has you know the important Towing stuff and then taking a look at the Ford 398 lb of payload and here’s kind of the Interior with the larat got nice material use, uh and uh funny enough. Nothing here like on the other trucks um, but anyways. You can see with this. We just have a traditional two-speed transfer case, just like the ram actually has re, locking differential, which is cool um.
We also of our trailer brake controls and then diesel exhaust brakes up top uh no rear air suspension. So the ram is the only one with that. Now when it comes to pricing, the high output Power Stroke is 12,495 bucks, and this truck has equipped $ 92,400 kind of hard to see because of the snow um, but with the Silverado. The price of the Duramax is 9,490 bucks and then the total MSRP on this is 84365 and then finishing things up with the ram the price of the high output Commons. I think it’s lower down on this.
2024 Silverado Duramax vs 2024 Ram Cummins vs 2024 Ford Power Stroke Which Diesel Is Best 00-00-03
There we go 12,595 Bucks $ 106,900. The ram definitely has the longest preheat out of all the trucks, but here’s quick look at visibility. I will say I do love the sound of the cumins. It’S just. It’S got that old school diesel Rumble that I just absolutely love just listen to that.
Just chug chug ch, ch ch, really cool sound and see what the torque is like when we get acceleration. Also talk about. You know the rest of the truck right, like you know, seat Comfort, which, in the ram, is really good and then suspension Comfort which, in the ram it’s it’s a little bit it’s a little bit harsh it’s a little bit. Bumpier definitely drives like an HD truck gosh 175lb feet of torque. This thing is a monster.
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It is an absolute monster. It’S pretty well insulated. It’S uh! You know. Storms are starting to kind of roll in right now, and so you can kind of see the closet in the background.
It’S it’s. It’S gotten a little bit windy, but it’s pretty solid in terms of the insulation with the truck. So I think that’s something. That’S impressive! Little bit of lag, but once you once you’re able to get on it, I mean this thing is: is powerful?
2024 Silverado Duramax vs 2024 Ram Cummins vs 2024 Ford Power Stroke Which Diesel Is Best 00-00-03
It’S not it’s not. I wouldn’t call it fast, but it just. It feels brutish. It’S really cool yeah, smooth, so yeah with the ram it. It definitely drives like an HD truck with the solid axles leaf springs.
You feel it in the suspension, but the seats really comfortable. Really nice interior super usable center console uh Rams Ram’s done a good job with. I I think, designing this interior. I think it still might be my favorite interior in terms of user friendliness out of the trucks. So let’s go pop into the Silverado.
Let’S talk about visibility here in the Silverado over the hood, both the mirrors throughout the rear and Silverado away right off the bat. The independent front suspension definitely makes a difference with the steering weight and also turning radius. This feels like it turns a little bit sharper than that Ram. Suspension also seems to be a little bit more comfortable seats, though, are not as comfortable as the Rams powertrains, smoother 10-speed versus the six-speed and big V8 diesel versus an inline 6. I this is a higher horsepower engine.
You can feel it. You can feel the difference. It’S very smooth braking is similar to the Rams. All of them have those kind of like spongy HD truck brakes takes a little bit to get used to, but once you get used to it, it’s fine um again. I like this inter console, Design’s fine, but I think the Rams solution for storage is superior, but I do like the build quality in the new Chevys is is really good.
2024 Silverado Duramax vs 2024 Ram Cummins vs 2024 Ford Power Stroke Which Diesel Is Best 00-00-03
It’S very tight. The RAM does feel tight too. It’S the Ford, that’s kind of the loosest on that front, but it’s not bad. It actually doesn’t really feel faster than the ram it’s smoother, but it doesn’t really yeah. It doesn’t really feel faster.
It’S similar surprisingly, I’m sure it’s 0 to 60. This has to be faster because it’s got more horsepower, even though it has less torque but yeah. I think I think the torque deficit is what makes this not feel you know necessarily faster than the ram, because it doesn’t have as big of a punch, even though it’s got more horsepower to kind of keep it going. So yeah Silverado done. Let’S check out the Ford: let’s talk about visibility before we set off here’s visibility over the hood, both the mirrors, that’s rest, the rear and for away ooh there’s a raptor r, that’s cool it’s in between in terms of sound, the Duramax is the quietest.
This is not as rumbly as it Cummins, but it’s it’s it’s rumbler, suspense ension seems to be more similar to Silverado. I mean it’s got a solid front axle like the ram, but it’s more comfortable than the ram actually, which is pretty cool wof. It’S got some. It’S got some power yeah I mean compared to the other two right off the bat, this just man. It pushes hard it pushes hard I’d say: the seats are the most comfortable in this, but the pretty close to the Rams uh.
This one actually has a bench seat which is kind of a weird thing, but even with the center console design, I still think the ram kind of wins with that with their storage solution inside uh. But overall I mean the interior on the F150. It’S not quite as like tight as the Ram or as the Chevys. It’S just kind of like a Ford thing I feel like. But it’s not bad.
2024 Silverado Duramax vs 2024 Ram Cummins vs 2024 Ford Power Stroke Which Diesel Is Best 00-00-03
U by any means it’s just kind of interesting. How they’ve done things differently here in the Ford but should be able to get our yeah should be able to get our acceleration in just a moment. Here got let a couple people here cross there we go should be good. Now let see what this High output’s all about, who yeah 1,200 lound Fe torque 500 horsepower it’s crazy this this this I mean the other two. You know they’re quick.
This thing broke those rear tires loose like it’s nobody’s business, so definitely the craziest powertrain. So to cap things off I you know I’ve said this before and you know I know a lot of people kind of agree with me. I wish we could combine certain elements from the truck so uh. I know the independent front suspension not isn’t necessarily the best for certain Towing circumstances, but the turning radius of the independent front suspension from the Chevy, the smooth ride, quality from the Chevy. With that too um I’d, say the interior layout of the Ram with the storage and everything the seats, probably from the Ford um.
What else would we? What else would we combine with our crazy truck when it comes to powertrain man if they could put that cumin with a 10speed that’d, be so cool but yeah the high of Power Stroke, it’s so crazy, but the Chevys is also really smooth. It’S not nearly as powerful, but it’s powerful enough. So let me know which truck you would like out of the three but i’ say the Ford has the craziest power Trin and then the Chevy’s smooth and then the ram is it’s got that old school Rumble that you know you just you just got to love In a diesel 

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