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The main reason I got rid of my 2023 Ford f350 6.7 Powerstroke HO

The main reason I got rid of my 2023 Ford f350 6.7 Powerstroke HO https://www.minimaxxtuner.comWell, fellas: here’s the video why I really got rid of that 23 Ford. I had so much good things to say about it and I just want to just want to pull the plug on plug on it. So there’s two main reasons why I got rid of it. The first one was a byproduct of the second one, but the first one was like uh hello, so the transmission started to it’s kind of hard to explain, but a give. There’S a given the transmission.
The first time I noticed it is when I hauled the first heavy load uh, it’s not a shifting issue. That transmission was always learning you know. Sometimes it would shift a bit rough, but it adapted it was. It was as far as adaptions. It was phenomenal.
So there’s uh, I came to a conclusion of the main bushing on the back end, but as you’re taking off it’s not the first initial engagement, it’s literally a split second after young age, meaning you’re taking off there’s like a a slightly swift. Kick it’s not a particular gear um. It’S really noticeable off the line, but on a roll you could. Oh, you could really notice it I’d call it a viscous clutch reaching its end of the life. So it’s not soft in the blow.
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It’S actually, you know Max and uh overpowering and it’s hitting the springs. So initial takeoff isn’t rough or anything. You don’t feel it on a hard takeoff, but nor do you feel it on an easy one. Just your average kind of I’m in a hurry Sprint up. Take off you’d, take off and then half a second to a second later you get a boom right.
No, that’s! Not the torque converter, lock it up. So I started noticing it on my after hauling, my first load towards end of end of the run on the first load. It was pretty heavy and it just still it was there if you look for it, you’ll find it, but it’s not something that stood out to me. Well, as soon as I hold my second heavy load, it became more pronounced uh-huh and all along.
Ever since I bought that truck, I’m like yeah, this thing phenomenal, it is a great truck, but how is it going to stay together? It’S way too much of a hot rod and that swift kick kind of feel it. Just it’s like how how much more, how much more evidence do you need that this thing is just a matter of time to grenade and keep in mind I drove it. Um yeah, I let it do its thing a lot of times I just I know drivers are going to set the cruise and they for the life of them they’re not going to care. A lot of them are not gon na care they’re just gon na.
The main reason I got rid of my 2023 Ford f350 6.7 Powerstroke HO https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
Let that shift up shoved out like do its own thing. It’S just the truth, guys I’m not talking down on my drivers. I love them a lot of them. Watch my videos. God bless you.
I love you guys, but the the truth is stated. A lot of them just don’t have the knowledge they’re, not a mechanic, they don’t understand they. They don’t understand why, with the automaker, create something to self-destruct, if you leave that forward with a heavy load going through the hills that we go through? Oh good luck! Oh, this ain’t, no Middle East!
You know this ain’t, no Missouri Rolling Hills. You know I was out in Missouri recently that’s children’s play when you’re out in the mountains on these little highways and your trucks pulling 20 to 25 000 pounds behind it of a parachute. Not just a flat load of a parachute, all of a sudden, you got to go up a six percent Hill and then you got to go down and then up and a little bit of Rolling Hills like the is freaking lost. This thing went from six to Tenth to Fourth, I mean in rightfully so you know Ford, you know they. They know that that’s right, they gave you the modem to lock it out.
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Are the driver’s gon na lock them out most of them? Yes, some of them won’t so uh. Am I bashing on Ford? Am I bashing on the drivers? No I’m just saying it’s not gon na work.
If I let that do whatever I want by 9800 miles, it would have grenaded like there was some gnarly stuff happening until I intervene on the first trip. Second trip, I just didn’t: let it get that far. My first trip was like: let’s see what this  is gon na. Do, let’s see what the engine’s gon na do guys the engine had zero issues plowing through everything. That thing was a beast: it just went for it for it um.
So what I buy myself, a Ford, a 23 ho4, you best believe I’d love to have one um, but I don’t think I could afford one because there’s so much to be had when I personally Drive the rig that my guys are driving. I work my rig that my guys are working and there’s little nuances that I just fine-tuned adapt. You know most of the stuff’s OEM, but once in a while, you got to purchase something after market to help it. So with that being said, it’s it’d be wise. On my side to test and thoroughly explore the the tools that we’re purchasing we’re buying up for the company – and I mean I’m not a one-man show – I don’t buy the truck and just run it myself.
The main reason I got rid of my 2023 Ford f350 6.7 Powerstroke HO https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
That would be a whole different ball game. That’S why I said I think I said the beginning of this video. It’S going to be a link table now, if I was a one-man show, would I dare quote unquote to buy this Ford? I would really consider the sport, because here’s the truth, if those running hills were controlled by the driver that bushing, would have never been as more out as it was. It was literally a 300 mile run if that, if that, through the mountains out of those 300, I probably left the do its own thing for 220, 250 Um, that’s just the truth of it.
You know, that’s just the truth of it. Now what I uh, let a driver drive one of these. No, absolutely not um. There’S no reason why your your toe Pig, your your toe rig, should be a hot rod. That’S stupid!
You’Re gon na blow through tires you’re gon na blow through fuel you’re gon na blow through and possibly engines. There’S there’s just no logic in it. Uh, I have to say Ford, did tune down the aggression when you, when you put it in the tow haul, you know better, it was better adapted and all that, but still there was so much power in that truck last word stuff. Now, if you’re out in the flats, okay – let’s just say you don’t have any Rolling Hills and all this crazy nonsense right and you’re out in the flats and you’re doing your thing. Yeah stay out of it, get up to gear or get up to speed, set your cruise and you’re good to go.
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It just didn’t work out for me and I don’t see it as a as a smart purchase for for us. You know we’re out of Washington. We’Re surrounded by Hills and a lot of our deliveries are in a little little towns. You know outside of town other side of Idaho. You know another side of Montana.
What I mean on the other side, because we’re surrounded by Hills on the other side of the hill in Montana um. My question is: why do you employ drivers that are quote unquote, careless they’re? Not careless, they’re, good people. They just don’t understand, mechanics, you think. That’S bad.
I had a guy, I sat down and talked to him like I don’t get it. Why is your transmission fluid so burnt to crap like you’re such an easy guy on the truck he’s like I don’t get it either man this thing heats up. So bad, so we started talking about it, I’m like so we got to climbing Hills. This poor old man, climbs Hills at 15 miles an hour because he doesn’t want the truck to heat up. He doesn’t understand.
 He is the cause. Why that truck’s heating up? It’S? That bad, if, if a guy, what you know, if they don’t get it, they don’t get it like. What can you expect of it?
The main reason I got rid of my 2023 Ford f350 6.7 Powerstroke HO https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
Ain’T? No, but not all people, not all drivers are mechanics and that’s the truth, and I don’t I’m not Downing anyone. I’M just saying the truth: I’m talking about a truth from my side as a company owner, so I’m like brother. You got to keep in mind this guy’s in his 60s. I’M like please, when you’re, climbing Hills just give it half throttle, Let It Lock and Load.
We need the transmission to lock up and we need that engine to work and we need it to push it’s like. Oh, that’s abuse, that’s abusing the equipment, I’m like no, no you’re abusing that equipment by you know Feathering that throttle having your flashers on you’re, a safety hazard on the road 15 miles an hour, climbing Hills, it’s a cat. It gets so hot! I’M like yes, because you’re not moving enough air through those radiators you’re, not locking up that transmission. A fourth gen can’t lock up at 15 miles an hour you’re going to burn this thing to the ground.
That’S all you did I’m like. Please give me my give me your word that you will push this truck and his theory and his opinion he’s pushing the truck I’m like half throttle. Whatever the truck could do in half throttle, I’m telling you it’s probably going to do 45 50 miles an hour up these Hills and half throttle okay. So we never have that issue okay, so it what you have to do as a company owner is set up. Your vehicle, as close as possible to a perfect case scenario, meaning the vehicle knows exactly what’s going on.
Why do you think the manufacturers hold on hold on? Why do you think the OEM manufacturers give you less power on cabin chassis? Thank you. Thank us for warranty. Claims specific Ally for warranty claims drivers get in tapping chassis or worked rigs right from hauling in the bed of the truck to you know: service beds, flatbeds to hauling trailers.
Manufacturers know that. That’S why it’s cabin chassis, it’s a specialty vehicle, so they give you less power, less less power to blow through things. So all you guys saying oh Paul you’re full of this you’re full of that one. You know, I guess it’s your money go go! Do what you got to do so to sum up this video biggest problem, I see with the Ford they they need to do something with that tuning as soon as you put it in tow haul, for it to dumb itself down with the aggression, downshift subshifts.
I know everybody wants to go fast and I know all this whole numbers came. I do respect Duramax for what they did. They don’t give a flying fly. What this numbers were, they have their own schedule and they’re doing their own thing, and if you look at the real world results, the difference is nowhere as big as the numbers are look. What a Duramax is climbing these Hills.
The main reason I got rid of my 2023 Ford f350 6.7 Powerstroke HO https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
I’Ll do a video. I have several buddies that bought these 24s Denali Altimas, those GMC’s phenomenal trucks, not a truck I’d, buy but they’re phenomenal trucks for what they use them. They just put putting around town and hook up a gooseneck, a camper, their their sleds their side. Besides once in a while, they just they like the image anyways, that’s a topic for another time. Those trucks have their purpose and their wonderful trucks.
The Ford. Why would I buy myself a fort shoot? I’M the first guy to say I love me some Power. I wan na go I wan na move, you know so the the real things that matter with these fours. They are fuel efficient, black golly, they’re, fuel fishing.
This is fuel efficiency and Ford. Don’T belong in the same sentence, but hey, it is what it is, and it is how it is that four to that Ford is efficient for the power that it produces. The gas the fuel mileage is just phenomenal. Um has plenty of power. If anything has too much power uh, I know I quote-unquote blame the tuning of Ford.
It’S not that you can’t have Best of Both Worlds. You know you can’t have the most powerful truck and I’ll have the brains how to operate it. Um. I did mention in one of my videos. I wasn’t happy the way the the dealership handled the situation.
I brought that truck to the dealership. I negotiated with them and I left them the truck and I said, y’all better fix that. As far as I know, they haven’t done a damn thing to that sucks, you know sucks um, so anyways Falls the the concerning factors, suspension all that it’s hard to say and what I mean it’s hard to say like I’ve had so many issues With Fords – and I I have so many arguments right prior to this 23 with the Fords – there’s – not a whole lot besides, it’s good, but it’s bad. In my case, it has too much power for its own good. It will self-destruct um man, this neighborhood’s, beautiful guys, you’ll find me uh.
Sometimes I need to unwind I’ll just get in my truck and all the way for the Curious ones. I’M driving my Terex um I’ll jump on my truck and I’ll go Seven Mile, off-roader for a minute or I’ll just cruise and make videos anyways. So a gentleman thinking about the fort phenomenal Ford has, if you’re gon na, compare apples to apples, Ford has the most room in the cap, they’re they’re very efficient with their spacing. They have smaller seats. Are they uncomfortable?
The main reason I got rid of my 2023 Ford f350 6.7 Powerstroke HO https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
No typically right? If you have less cushion it’s a it’s a less comfortable, so you know, I can’t say that the Ford has decently comfortable seats but they’re just less padding on them. They’Re, smaller, more compact seat, um. So the cap it has more usable space. If you want to argue with me bust your measuring tape out next time you’re, you know you got to forward it around sitting next to each other measure them up now, I’m that geeky, sometimes I will bust out a measuring tape and nitty-gritty with things anyways
Oh, you know: GM just doesn’t have the cab space well, a lot of guys don’t care about that cap space. They do nothing but drive that truck as a passenger vehicle or haul just them themselves or them and the partner their other half. You know they don’t care about the back. How true my ass does it have enough room for the dogs? Yes, okay and that works, but to me as a father of four you know: I need the most space I can and I’m biased towards the mega cap, but no other manufacturer has a mega cap right.
So um, if you want a crew cab, Ford definitely has the most room. Now with that being said, um Ford has decent suspension. You know and certain things it’s worse than RAM and other things it’s better, but to make a long story short, no, no turn offs on the suspension. Yeah Ford was never known to be something ridiculously rough or anything about, but you know from experience from a guy that zoned all three, oh obviously Jam shines with their suspension, but um it’s kind of a wash with the ram with the new Rams versus the Fords Um the things that really matter visibility. You know visibility is pretty good with that Ford, maneuverability turning radius, it’s a longer truck.
I wish Ford had a better radius turning radius just just a little bit um. That’S one thing I was kind of not let down, but I just I wish they had more to turn now as far as transmission itself, it’s not a bad transmission. It’S know if that transmission is going to be able to handle that engine and and here’s the issue. It’S like, hey, we’ll turn it down, make it slower, but that’s, what’s so great about the truck it’s so quick to respond, it’s Johnny on the spot. You put that Throttle Down and you scoot those Tran electronic bangs out those gears and you move just can’t have that with a heavy load you’re just tearing up stuff um.
Now another thing is heat um. I know I know the manufacturer has provisions and that’s how they run. I still was kind of cringing on that um, my guy, that runs my shop Ford guy, throwing through he loves Fords, because that’s how he makes a living. He loves sports right boards, make him the most money and he’s a Ford man himself. He drives a F-550.
He loves the Ford and I sat down with him one day kind of caught me off guard in my shop, I’m staring at my you know: 2340s. Okay, what’s going on, I told him about the transmission, so we kind of did a quick diag. He was like yeah, it’s her bushing man, I’m like hell. No, I ain’t messing with that, and we spoke about Temps like the heights like it will and keep in mind this.
The main reason I got rid of my 2023 Ford f350 6.7 Powerstroke HO https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
This gentleman is fairly knowledgeable when it comes to forge he’s knowledgeable about his Allison. Just a knowledgeable, well, well-rounded balance. It’S not just like myself. As far as a mechanic is, I’m very uh, I’m very knowledgeable in the Cummins and the Rams, because that’s what I was forced to dive into through my call career business, but he on the other hand, he just kind of went all out on all diesels educated Himself, thoroughly anyways, so he himself is going to cost us and about sixteen thousand to get the Ford where I would like it to be as far as his understanding goes and I’m like 16 grand for what I’m doing this, so that was an exciting Factor. It’S a good thing, it’s a wonderful thing.
You know how responsive and quick and how that trip wants to go. But to my to me it just tears itself up and can’t there’s no stopping and it’s cool and it’s bad. It’S such a weird scenario, because um end of the day, what is it really? What has it really come down to person is knowledgeable weight? Isn’T the issue?
It’S the way the truck handles the weight so take over start, shifting your own Gears start and putting your own throttle. Don’T just let the cruise control and everything I know how to take over right. But if you were to buy this for a company rig, you know it’s, you know in all reality perfectly fine up to to 20 000 pounds and I’m kind of pushing 20 
You’D be up 15., you fifteen thousand pounds as long as it’s not a parachute, a parachute loads. Really, if you’re, if you’re new to the channel check it out, we do this.
We have this hot shot, operation load on it and often we all very tall containers, IQ 40 Footers. It’S not the point that kills us it’s the resistance and when the Ford wants to get up to speed real fast and has to blow through that brick and wall no aerodynamics whatsoever, that’s where you get caught, that’s where the training suffer. That’S where the forge just blows through it, phenomenal good feel you know just up to speed, but at what cost anyways fellas I got ta catch up with my phone calls uh happy. They could make this video, because this is an oddball video um. I still like those Fords.
I very much would love to have one, but I’m gon na have to stay away from them, because I can’t Implement them in my business is just what is that, if I did not have to buy, buy Ever drivers and nature, I would seriously consider it. The only thing that would hold me back with the Rams, the mega I loved me, my bank account for my kiddos plenty of room um. Yes, the Ford is the biggest cap out of the current caps, but it still doesn’t compete with my account and that’s where that is a lot of good things to say about the Ford, but just to make sense of what really happened. This is it. That’S the whole video take it for what it is.
That’S that’s just the truth of it. Anyways fellas, as always hello bless. You May Almighty fine day and that’s got a thought. Some of you guys are even gon na ask why don’t you just buy Captain chassis? If there’s there’s specifically done for uh for commercial, useful and uh, I have not had good luck with Captain chances, because my pickups get used as pickups just telling goosenecks I’ll struggle to sell them.
It’S a struggle to buy stuff for them. They always do something off, and next thing you know you’re fabricating stuff, so I’m literally swore I’ll never buy a Captain. Jay’S a captain chassis has its own purpose, but I just stay away from all. As always, May Almighty find that, let me know in the comment section what else you want to know about those Sports, while it’s still fresh in my mind, I’ll answer the best of my abilities. 

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