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2012 Ram 2500 H&S Mini Maxx 2 Month review

2012 Ram 2500 H&S Mini Maxx 2 Month review https://www.minimaxxtuner.comAlright H & S minimax, it’s been about two months since I’ve had it I’ve driven about 7,000 miles with it. So in a 2012 ram, 2500 6-7 Cummins. It is fully deleted. I did the Sinister [ Music ] EGR, delete and throttle valve early. I did do exhaust, but I only did the DPF to lead just that just that one piece, so my cat is still there in the downpipe and then I still have a muffler.

So when you look at my exhaust from the back, it looks completely stuck truck. Has 119 thousand miles? That’S your average right now, that’s just driving around town, which has been pretty doing pretty good on the highway. I’Ve been averaging about 20 20 and a half something like that. I got the delete the day before we took a road trip to Colorado, and that was a thousand miles one way about a thousand miles there, driving through the mountains and then a thousand miles back so 3,000 miles the day after I deleted it and put the Minimax on and it went great the whole time.
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I brought my tool bag just in case because you know no telling what could happen, but I never had an issue with it. I did once I got to Colorado. I went through the engine and just made sure everything was still tight. Everything was the minimax hum when you first get it and you plug it in. I got this screen saying I don’t know I can’t remember now, but basically it seemed like it wasn’t.
Working like it was searching for a vehicle and then, when you, when you that was when you just turned the key in to the on position, but once you physically turn the key on us to start, and you start the truck it had. It’S like program directly to like an f250, so you actually have to go in and change the vehicle first and once you do that, then you can let it do its thing and really it is follow the prompts. I was kind of confused. The book. Didn’T have a lot of information, I couldn’t find very much information or installing it, but it really is plug-and-play.
2012 Ram 2500 H&S Mini Maxx 2 Month review https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
You follow the prompts and do this has I’ve changed. You know when you hit these little buttons. It brings up on the large display like what you’re viewing so like there’s, booze and trans champ and coolant intake. I had speed up there for a little while, but it’s it works pretty good. I was really surprised with the size and like look at my hand like these, it’s tiny you know, but I thought I wanted bigger, but it really is conveniently small if it was any bigger and would take a lot, take up a lot more room on the Dash, I really put it in this place just because this was the most convenient and quickest place.
To put it, I wanted to put it down here up under the dash. I wanted to mount it in gear, so it’d be hidden, but I thought I didn’t because I’m strolling something else there so two months in works great, it sounds good. I keep it on Street the stock tune. The transmission doesn’t shift like you would expect it to it’s. Just funny.
h&s mini maxx tuner https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
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Toe toe works good. I drove it in tow for a long time Street I Drive it on Street. Daily still works great. You can drive it in performance daily, no problem. You know I I’d get on a little bit here and there, but you really don’t get on it very much.
You know you’re, just driving it’ll put it out a little black smoke when you really get on it, but you know I try not to do that. The turbo does sound good because I only did the DPF delete. I don’t have that constant groan. I put a lot of highway miles on this thing and it works great [, Music, ] I’ll, probably get the trans tuning on this. I know what guy that has it.
2012 Ram 2500 H&S Mini Maxx 2 Month review https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
He said it does make a big difference, so I’ll probably end up doing that, put a deep transmission pan on it, just because I’m gon na be doing a lot more towing other than that I’ve had. I haven’t had any issues things I would change about it, I’m not really sure the lighting, the backlighting is fine. The blue has other colors, but I think I know a green for sure, but it looks stupid. It didn’t come out. Very clear.
Blue is the best options to meet you. One thing I did set is the the D fuel levels it’s set at 30 psi. So when you get on it and you hit 30 psi, it’s gon na start beeping at you and then that tune is actually going to go to the next level down to so. If it’s at Street it’ll go to toe once it starts beeping you’re hitting your boost limit. I just said it at 30.
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I like to drive my truck. I don’t want to blow it up or break anything. I have any issues for me being stupid and just stomped on it. Trans temp has been pretty good, it’s convenient because when we’re in Colorado we went up to the top of Pikes Peak and he got up to about 230. So it really makes you aware.
You know what you’re doing to your truck, but I think I’m just gon na keep it on here for a while, I saved all my delete stuff. The delete really isn’t that hard to do. I know a lot of people say: oh those bolts in the back of the VG are cool or tough. It really is it if you just got the basic tools, you know, you’ve got dim metric for sure get everything metric. One of the hard bolts is there’s that crossover pipe that goes in front of the engine from your EGR valve to the side of your EGR cooler.
2012 Ram 2500 H&S Mini Maxx 2 Month review https://www.minimaxxtuner.comThere’S a little bitty bolt in the very front of the engine and that’s hard to get to that holds that pipe together. So that really was the toughest just cuz. It’S a pain in the button. It’S tiny other than that everything comes apart, quick and easy had. No other issues – [ Music, ], so yeah, I’m about to cross the ferry.
I live here in Texas just trying to get to the other side, so I can get on the road GPS said this is the fastest way and it doesn’t seem to be that I can’t believe they only have two ferries running on spring break I’ll. Keep you updated once I get that trans tuning and I put some more miles on it, I’m going Louisiana and then I’ll come back and go to Indiana. So it’s I’m gon na put quite a bit of miles on it really quickly.

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