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2008 6.7L Cummins Delete with H&S Mini Maxx Tuner Install

2008 6.7L Cummins Delete with H&S Mini Maxx Tuner Install https://www.minimaxxtuner.comAlready guys we’re getting underway here, we just got that weird shroud thing took it off here. It’S for eight millimeters here here here and here it’s pretty simple, take those out jiggle it around, and you have to take off your dipstick when you do it. But if you put that back in now, aside from that, I believe we got some ten or twelve millimeter bolts holding on these V clamps. When you, let me know for the crossover tube. I think this is deep enough.
Buddy switch to the these things. Never come there. Neo up. Okay, we’ve got this plate. I believe you too impatient.
I’M excited guys, oh here truck, but I got these a might do the trick. No, that’s big man here on this channel, we’re all used to work on like a TBD jeeps and stuff and having our tools together and not covered in Christmas stuff, a little crazy after holidays. Folks, there’s no break it. There’S no break it nice. It feels like it’s twisting on it: [ Music ] come on Billy.
This is do-it-yourselfers gon na help the Enders to do hi, Billy huh, no nothing’s ever met a party trucks like what are you doing to me. [ Music ], I’m trying to twist yeah kneeling, is not exactly yeah. This is really in my way. There we go it’s spray. Yeah, that’s gon na spray handle it yeah she’s gon na squeak.
2008 6.7L Cummins Delete with H&S Mini Maxx Tuner Install https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
When she starts hey, okay, whoo gosh, it started with the exhaust a walkie dope, 8-millimeter yeah. You got that probably just a regular old ratchet of work. Do nice trash thing ever you guys ever put this back on sure. If I can see it give me something longer, I can’t get this on there. I’M gon na drop it yeah.
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What’S up wrong yeah, that’s what we’re getting rid of this truck only has a hundred and twenty thousand miles on. Oh, my god, that’s thick teeth! I don’t this thing is gon na breathe so much better? Well, I think that would help is that this would have been done. The day came off the showroom floor, but people don’t have that option.
2008 6.7L Cummins Delete with H&S Mini Maxx Tuner Install https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
Always people are enticed by factories. Warranties – and I say it breaks within a hundred thousand miles – you bought the wrong vehicle if you can’t fix it yourself, so here we are seeming to go along pretty well here. I think we’re gon na take a little break here, clean up some of this point and then we’ll come back to when it’s time to take off the actual EGR and unit and any of this piping over here. If necessary. I know we got to do the want bypass.
It’S gon na be fun. It’S gon na be eventful. I got to make sure that I try and include everything necessary in here for you guys, so you guys can do this yourselves step by step without any questions, or you know, worries as to what you’re doing is may harm your truck or anything like that. So, like I said, I got this truck on my own, so if I heard it it’s on me, I’m stuck with it and I got to make the payments so we’re gon na be really cautious as we proceed to make sure that we do everything right. I’M really absolutely pretty amazed at just how much it has built up in this point to what I’ve seen in my 238,000 miles ox truck with a 5.
h&s mini maxx tuner https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
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liter turbo diesel, and this is just insane on that particular truck. I was able to block off the ER and not throw any codes so that keeping always crap out of my liver to the best. I can so with that. We’Re gon na try to supply the same principle here and allow this motor to provide us long term power 30 years to come. Thanks again guys stay tuned.
All right we’re back. We need to take off this air intake to access some of these bolts, because all this crap needs hose clamp for the air intake go into the turbo down here. There’S also a looks like a vacuum tube that runs to that intake. Just before the turbo and up to the valve cover there and we have to take off the hard pack for suppose we take out this turbo I’ll. Do the same thing here just give me those actually some of these hard lines for your AC in the way here, it’s gon na be a little bit difficult to get to this one and break it loose, but saved me from replacing my intake is necessary.
2008 6.7L Cummins Delete with H&S Mini Maxx Tuner Install https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
That’S pretty close here inside okay, that’s another good thing to mention part of the reason that stationary still is because there’s a bracket with a 10 millimeter. Now we should be able to move it around, get that hard pipe off of there. So we can pull this intake. Okay. Another thing is I like to do when I take anything apart.
Is I like to keep the bolt or the nut with whatever piece its associated to some? Once I get this off, I’m gon na go ahead and pop this. Let’S bolt back through the bracket, [ Music ] – this might just use those on this hose. While I break the pipe loose inside, [ Applause ] tear up the hose, I haven’t smarted up for any button. I just need to break it loose being that it’s closer to that Mach and the turbos higher heats down hairs gon na make it a little bit hurt deal with, might be a mood attempt remote point rather because it’ll come up with the intake, so steer our Attention back towards the hose clamps down here, rather, I can’t clamp down there on the turbo side right there, so we’re gon na take that off and then this whole tube will come with it.
So we don’t even have to worry about that anymore. So this all like so there’s your cherry bow. Anyone that’s wondering if you should remove your turbo silencer ring this piece right here: no cool, it’ll, sound cool it’ll also harm the flow and the actual natural turbulence of how things flow into the center of your turbo. Don’T break your vgt or you’ll be buying a new turbo. It’S gon na sound good plenty good as soon as we do the rest of this delete, so I’m actually leaving this guy alone.
2008 6.7L Cummins Delete with H&S Mini Maxx Tuner Install https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
I’Ve heard of guys that take him out and they put him back in so they lose a pound and a half to two pounds of boost just by removing this, because things don’t flow as aerodynamically. So another point I’m gon na mention, while we’re on the topic. People want you to remove this dump bill. Looking thing in here with the foam around it, there’s a lot of wishy-washy things about it. Take the foam off of it.
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Put the duckbill back in there that scoop at the end is gon na funnel this air towards the center of return boat. Appropriately till you get the best top and oops when you’re doing 80 90 down the freeway, so old fart on the You Tube actually pointed that out on a bunch of charts one day, so I actually adapted my own fix of that. So now we’re gon na spend money on an intake, and you want some better flow here, but you don’t want to lose anything valuable towards your turbo click that duck go back in there with no foam on it. I love it. It does sound better you’ll be happy, so here you go.
2008 6.7L Cummins Delete with H&S Mini Maxx Tuner Install https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
Would you set up that to the side? For me, please buddy, all right guys, we’re back show you some of the progress we’ve made here. Clayton had to go to his half-day school thing for his new job and Mikey is a sick bump, so he left for the day other than that we’ve removed the four 10 millimeter bolts that hold on the EGR okay. So that’s off unplugged. In addition to that, you saw we’ve already removed the crossover tube over this way.
We moved for the air box and intake tube connected to it up to the vacuum. Through the head, you saw that we removed the actual air intake via from the turbo [ Music ]. I have disconnected this I’ve taken off the nut that was holding down this dipstick tube to this bracket to the EGR cooler, which will be the roof next, that nuts right there. I also disconnected our we banned for our turbo back exhaust, so that’s already waived. So I’m gon na have to start working on some from rear to front start, disconnecting the exhaust and start pulling things off.
2008 6.7L Cummins Delete with H&S Mini Maxx Tuner Install https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
Sequentially that’ll be the easiest way to get that front section off of that front. Hanger at that point we’ll be ready to install the new exhaust coming back to the EGR cooler. I’Ve already moved back this ring, or this pinch clamp here, sent to the side. We’Re gon na have to reuse these clamps, probably for the Sinister bypass coolant hose, which will be running from this coolant runner back here to the back of the EGR cooler from the motor to here back to here. This right here, going up to the back of the EGR cooler, will be rerouted over to here, so we’ll just be bypassing the EGR cooler.
6.7 Cummins DPF Delete, EGR Delete Mini Maxx install https://www.minimaxxtuner.com
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As far as what to look at bolts, wise, there’s a couple here on this side, ten millimeters holding on this bracket. The same thing: on the other side, this portion comes up as well as there’s one two, three four five six and the two hard ones to get to in the back here. Holding that on and then there might be might be one or two up front here. I’Ll have to see when we get this off, but we’re gon na tune back in here as soon as we get the majority of this junk off here show you guys what our progress is: stay tuned,

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